Average Number of Sexual Partners by Age 30?

Average Number of Sexual Partners by Age 30I’m turning 30 next week and want know if I am considered experienced enough at my age. What’s the average number of sexual partners by age 30? I’ve been with 9 different women. Is this low or high?

Experience isn’t really defined by the number of sex partners you’ve had, but rather by the experiences you’ve had, hence the word “experience”. Someone who’s had 5o partners may not be nearly as experienced as someone who’s had 3 but has made an effort to try new things with those 3 women.  Another major factor that determines how experienced a man is in bed is the women he’s slept with. Some women will pass on tons of experience while some encounters may not amount to any. Being open-minded in bed means leaving your comfort zone. Doing so allows you to enjoy new and exciting things.

As for the “average” number of sexual partners men have had by age 30, I took a look at multiple sources and combined their data. At the age of 30, men on average, have slept with 6 different people. If you’re basing this solely on the number of women you’ve slept with, you’ve had sex with 3 women more than the average man has. Way to go! Happy birthday in advance. Turning thirty is a wonderful milestone in one’s life. Always keep an open mind.