Do Men on Hookup Sites Expect Sex on the 1st Date?

do men expect sex on the first date on hookup sitesI’m currently a member of a hookup site. I do want to meet someone for a physical relationship but I don’t give it out until I get to know someone to some extent. I get a lot of REALLY dirty messages from men which, to be honest,  frightens me a little bit. It seems like they’re expecting sex the moment we meet and this is not what I want. Should I be using a regular dating site instead, even though I’m not looking for a long-term relationship?     Jennee

Based on the fact that you’re looking for something casual, you’re on the right track by not using a general dating site. The men on those sites are a lot clingier than you’d like from your new FWB.

I understand where you’re coming from but do keep in mind, a big majority of these men sending you naughty PMs won’t be anything like that in person at first. Most men are quite shy and timid when they’re face to face with a woman they met online.  In my opinion, it’s not a bad thing that they want you to see their sexual side. Their intentions are to turn you on and hopefully score a date with someone looking for a fling or casual encounter. This is why you, and they, joined in the first place. Always remember to take all the precautions you can to keep yourself safe. Most members are decent but there are always a few crazies no matter what site you’re one. As for “giving it up” on the first date, that’s entirely up to you. Do men expect it? Sure, some do, but that shouldn’t affect your decision in any way.