Fuckzy.com – Is this a Scam or is it Legit?

fuckzy.com reviewI was watching some videos on one of the bigger adult tube sites and came accross an ad for fuckzy.com. Do you know if this is a genuine dating site? It claimed that it was perfect for anyone wanting to meet older women. Can you comment on fuckzy?

We did a little digging on Fuckzy after reading your question and here’s what we’ve come up with. Fuckzy isn’t a dating or hookup site. In fact, it’s not a site at all. It’s merely a domain redirecting their traffic to freelifetimefuckbook.com. We did a little more digging into FLTFB to satisfy your query in depth. Our research includes our own experience combined with the many reviews and scam alerts we came across during our search.

For a site that has the word “free” plastered all over their homepage and even at the very beginning of their domain freelifetimefuckbook AKA “Fuckzy” is anything BUT free. A two-day trial membership costs $2.72. A month of membership will cost you $34.50. You’ll get a discounted price if you opt for the 6 month or yearly subscription, $81.90 and $95.40 respectively. There are some hidden costs as well that can drive the costs of using their site to nearly 100$ a month. I strongly advise you to carefully read the terms of service before entering any credit card details.

Another red flag is the obvious use of fake female profiles. Anyone that’s even slightly experienced with the usage of dating sites will spot this immediately.

This Site Has Been Threat Listed by scamadvisor.com and has quite a few complaints from users who feel they were scammed or defrauded.

Do I recommend fuckzy or freelifetimefuckbook? Absolutely not.

Is it a scam? We can’t really call it a “Scam” because anyone who carefully reads their TOS will find all the costs listed in detail. With all the hidden fees buried in the TOS, we’ll go as far as calling it a little sneaky.

Any pros? Sure, you’ll get access to some quality adult video clips with your membership but that’s about it. Don’t expect to actually meet anyone. To hook up with real people, check our post on the best hookup sites and apps