GreenSingles Review — Your Eco-Friendly Dating Site

GreenSingles is a niche dating site with a small but VERY active community. We took a close look to determine whether or not it’s a good choice for green conscious singles.

greensingles review

Green Singles Review Results
  • Popularity - 29
  • Value - 79
  • Features - 71
  • Quality of Members - 86
  • Safety - 84
  • Customer Satisfaction - 85

Final Word on Green Singles

When it comes to niche dating sites, the important thing is the level of engagement of their users. In the case of GreenSingles, it is small but very active. If you are part of the environmentalist movement and are seeking a long-term relationship, we would highly recommend this site. Just remember, it’s not pretty, but it is effective.

— Pros and Cons of GreenSingles —


  • Been in continuous online operation since 1996
  • Small, but active community
  • Free members can respond to messages


  • Feature-set is routine, comparable to other sites
  • Design and navigation is dated

— in-Depth GreenSingle Review —

greensingles homepage

Let’s face it, your run of the mill dating site may not be suitable for everybody. Just like a generic suit taken off the rack will never fit you as well as a bespoke suit tailored specifically to your measurements, so too will an online dating site designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution disappoint you when you are looking for a compatible partner to start a relationship. You shouldn’t feel bad about this — it’s not your fault. It just so happens that there are certain types of people whose goals and lifestyles don’t adjust so easily to the established norms of society. This doesn’t make you a snob, neither does it make you unusual. It just makes you unique — a trait that deserves to be praised, not lambasted.

Yes, you could make a stronger effort to tweak your profile, send more messages, engage users that don’t necessarily meet your desired criteria, but why should you have to? Think about it — if you begin to modify the true essence of who you are, if you try to pretend to be someone you’re not — what do you really gain? You should never feel that you have to conform to the preconceived notions of others to be successful with online dating. In case you are unaware, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of niche dating sites. Similar in purpose and function as the more well known generic dating sites — niche sites cater to a specific demographic. This could be based on ethnicity, lifestyle, age group — the choices are literally endless.

For those of you that take an Eco-conscious or green lifestyle seriously, you know the struggle that is involved trying to meet people that share your passion. That is why a site known as caught our attention. It is marketed as an online dating site built and maintained by individuals with profound roots in the green movement specifically to help others like them meet new people.

We take niche sites seriously. We are aware that even though the number of users for such sites will never match those found on the more well-known sites, their impact on the communities they serve is far more profound. They truly can make a difference. We reviewed GreenSingles to determine if it is worthy of an environmentalist’s time and effort when seeking to meet someone for a relationship. What follows are the results of our GreenSingles review.

— What is the Target Audience for GreenSingles? —

GreenSingles identifies itself as a serious dating site for those seeking a long-term relationship. They proudly announce that they are open to all people — of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, nationalities, etc. The only parameter that is placed for the creation of their larger community is that those that join be sincere enthusiasts of a green movement. GreenSingles doesn’t dictate a specific environmental philosophy. They welcome conservationists, environmentalists, vegans, social justice warriors, spiritualists — just to name a few. As long as you are serious about the planet, you are welcome to join.

In terms of the community that you will find, 57 percent of the members are women, 53 percent are between the ages of 18 and 49, with 47 percent being 50 and above. To be honest, we would have appreciated it if GreenSingles released greater itemized detail with regard to its members in the 18-49 bracket. It is too broad of an age group to be lumped into a single figure.

— How reliable Is It? —

Incredibly, even though it has not garnered the same level of name recognition as or e-Harmony, GreenSingles is one of the oldest and continuously operating online dating services. It was first launched in 1996. Prior to that, it operated as communal newsletter dating back to 1985. We mention this fact because dating sites that have a solid and stable history usually offer a better user experience.

In terms of practical reliability, during our test, we found that GreenSingles has a small membership base compared to a general audience site. The total number of active members on the site is only 85,000. At first, this low number worried us. After all, how could such a small membership base yield any significant result in terms of compatible matches? What we discovered, however, was that when it comes to such a niche demographic, 85,000 people who are just as serious about finding a partner as they are about the environment are a force to be reckoned with. They are more engaged and more responsive than those on generic sites where millions of users tend to be indifferent or unresponsive. Look at it this way — would you prefer 85,000 active and engaged people or 10 million inactive and unresponsive profiles?

— GreenSingles Registration —

When you register on you’ll be presented with a short questionnaire that will help the site match you with potential partners. The questions are straight forward and the questionnaire shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

greensingles profile questionnaire

You’ll also have to provide some details on your appearance.

greensingles appearance questions

When you’re done, all that’s left is to let the site’s algorithm know which answers you’re okay with concerning your potential partner. You’ll then have to submit a profile pic and wait for approval. That’s all it takes to become a registered member on Green Singles.

— GreenSingles User Experience  —

When we review dating sites we often equate the quality of the user experience with the sleekness of design employed by the site. In the case of GreenSingles, it can best be described as sparse and antiquated in its look. In their case, however, this is not a bad thing. Due to the smaller user base, it is to be expected that they cannot waste their money frivolously on the aesthetics of the site.

Where it counts — in security, privacy and functionality — we found GreenSingles to be a solid and reliable performer. The feature set that it offers includes functions commonly found on most dating sites. A search module, a messaging system to communicate with other members, pre-written ice-beakers known as “halos,” and winks.

If you are yawning now at the feature set that we just described — we understand, GreenSingles will not wow you with features. What we can say is that the value of GreenSingles does not rest on the plainness of its features. GreenSingles earns its value from the quality and type of users that make up its membership. While we were underwhelmed by the design and functions of the site, we found the members that we engaged with to be real, honest and interesting people. We felt as if we were part of a community.

— Cost —

GreenSingles is free to join and allows free members to respond to messages and instant chat requests received from other members. This is a refreshing difference from the vast majority of other sites that sternly limit communication for free users. On Green Singles about the only thing that a free user cannot do is initiate a conversation (you can respond, just not initiate.) If you decide to become a paid member, the membership costs $10.00 to $19.00 per month depending on which package you select. Benefits of upgrading include unlimited PMs, more internal e-mail capability, the ability to upload more photos to your album, and more.