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We here at OnlineHookupSites.com endeavor to seek out the best and the worst that the online dating industry has to offer. We do this for the benefit of our readers. The online dating industry has experienced explosive growth over the last two decades. In that same time period, many online dating and hookup sites have come and gone — while a few have remained and become pillars of the industry. Our goal is to provide our readers with clarity in the ever-changing dating landscape.

In order for dating and hookup sites to be useful, two factors must be present. First, the site must be legitimate and focused on providing their members with a positive user experience. Second, the site must be properly paired with its users. It is not at all unusual to come across an effective online dating site and still have disgruntled members. This usually happens when a person seeking a particular type of match registers with a site that focuses on a different demographic. A good example of this would be people seeking casual sexual encounters joining a long-term relationship site. Obviously, no matter how honest and effective the site is, the members would not find what they seek and they would be upset.

Our mission is not only to evaluate a site but also to place it in the proper context. If a site is good — who is it good for? If a site is bad — why is it bad?

Honest assessments and reviews of online dating sites should play a vital role in any person’s due diligence involving the consideration of a dating site. This is where we come in. Our writing team consists of in-house and outsourced writers all working under the direction of a centralized editorial staff. We scout the internet for dating and hookup sites — from the most popular to the most fringe site imaginable. We do this to be on top of what our readers might encounter when they search for a dating site.

Our reviewers consist of men, women, heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual writers ranging in age from 22 to 56. We feel that this level of diversity provides our readership with the most honest reviews possible. Regardless of the target demographic for the site that we are reviewing, the diversity of our team has the depth of knowledge and lifestyle experience to present our readers with reviews that are practical to them.

The methodology for formulating our reviews is quite thorough. We first form a review team. This consists of a minimum of three individuals. They then join the site to be reviewed and explore it for a period of at least three days. Sometimes our evaluation periods run far longer. Once the review team feels that they have garnered an honest feel for the user experience, they present their notes and observations to the editorial team.

The editorial team reviews the notes and structures a draft of the reviews. From this draft, the original reviewers and the editorial team work in tandem to create the final review. Each review is unique and sets out to not only describe the functionality of the dating site but also to present it from the point of view of an actual user. It is frustrating how many dating reviews exist online that present things solely from a technical or commercial perspective — abandoning the user experience entirely.

Above all, we strive to use an engaging writing style — one that is informative, but also witty and captivating. We know that when a person is researching a hookup site they will go through several reviews. We structure ours so that they are readable, easy to digest, and thorough.

We are also aware that online dating and hookup sites exist for the purpose of bringing people together. Be it for a one-night casual encounter or for eventual marriage — a good dating/hookup site will create matches. It is for this reason that we also provide our readers with useful articles about dating in general, as well as tips on short-term and long-term relationships, etc. We do this to help our readers find their bearing through the minefield that is modern dating.

As proud as we are of our work, we realize that we are not omnipotent masterminds of the universe — except for Fred, one of our editors — he insists on no one making eye contact with him and being addressed as ‘Lord Wonder Nuts’ at all times. For the rest of us mortals, however, we constantly seek out input from our readership. We know that they are the best source for getting a pulse on what people are curious about regarding online dating. We also spend time on social media — reading through posts and engaging users. This we do in order to get a jump on buzz about the latest sites.

We are also very much aware that the world is a dynamic place, especially with anything having to do with the internet. That means that an online dating or hookup site that may have been the “best thing since sliced bread” a year or two ago, may now be as moldy as that piece of pizza crust you found under your couch. This is why we also conduct occasional follow-up reviews. This keeps our readership freshly informed about all of the changes and trends in the online dating industry.

If we had to describe our site in a single phrase it would be, “analytical and entertaining.” We view our mission as being pathfinders for our readership across the online dating landscape. We never take ourselves too seriously, but we never neglect the importance of providing our readers with the best content possible. Toward that end, we proudly work hard researching, analyzing and writing a steady stream of reviews and articles.

Never hesitate to reach out to us if you have a comment about our content, or if you have a suggestion for a review or an article that you would like to see on this site.