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The online dating world is a wide and varied place. There is literally something for everybody. Adult hookup sites are a prime example. These are sites targeting those that are seeking casual encounters — you know, no strings attached stuff.

These types of sites are not just for singles. Adult hookup sites are used by married swinger couples, married people seeking discreet action on the side, as well as people that are looking for specific sexual fantasies and fetishes. In other words, you can find an adult hookup site to suit your tastes and desires — regardless of what they might be.

— How Do Adult Hookup Sites Work? —

These types of sites work by fostering as large a membership base as possible. The larger the number of registered users, the greater the chances for finding like-minded people that are nearby. Ideally, male to female membership ratios would be evenly split. However, male to female ratios of two to one can still yield satisfactory results. When these two conditions are present, the site will be more likely to offer a positive user experience to their members. When we conduct our site reviews, we take a close look at these two factors when gauging the potential of a hookup site.

Most of these types of sites offer either a free or trial version. This is done to allow those that are curious about a specific site to evaluate it for themselves — a test drive, so to speak. Usually, the free version will not be as powerful as the paid version, but most will allow you to look at the profiles of other members and even conduct searches. While paying for a membership on an adult hookup site will provide you with an improved user experience, you shouldn’t feel that the free version has no value. In fact, we would recommend that you take advantage of the free versions for a day or two before committing to a specific site.

Registering on an adult hookup site will involve creating a user profile. That is how other users on the site will get to know you. The level of detail that you can include on a profile will depend on the site. Some will allow profiles that are fairly thin — with only a username being required. Others will require that new registrants complete personality profiles that will provide other members more insight into your personality, likes, dislikes, etc. The inclusion of a profile picture is not mandatory on all adult hookup sites, but all strongly suggest having one.

The actual magic of an adult hookup site takes place within its search engine. This utilizes different parameters that users enter regarding the sort of match that they are seeking. For example, you could enter that you are seeking a female, that lives within 25 miles of your location, that is between the ages of 25 and 35, that enjoys BDSM, etc. The search engine then scans its user database and matches you to all of the women on the site that fit your specific set of search criteria. This is only a basic example, most adult hookup sites have search engines that are far more complex taking into account information from your profile, usage history, metadata and other sophisticated metrics to improve the quality and suitability of your matches.

— How Do I Know if Adult Hookup Sites Are for Me? —

Hookup sites are for open-minded adults. You should never feel like there is any stigma for joining one. As a matter of fact, the number of people that register for hookup sites has been on the rise since 2007. To give you some perspective, one of the largest adult hookup sites in the U.S. registers 41 million visits per month — believe us, you are not alone.

It’s also not just men that join these sites. If you look at industry figures, in the aggregate, nearly 40 percent of the members of adult hookup sites are women. Age isn’t a limiting factor either. The 25-35 age group makes up 38 percent of hookup site users, with the 35-45 age group constituting 29 percent, the 45-55 age group 21 percent, and those 55 and older 12 percent. These figures are specific to the hookup segment, not for online dating in general. This clearly demonstrates an immense level of popularity for hookup sites as stand alone entities. If you join one, you become one more open-minded individual among millions that have already discovered the fun and convenience of adult hookup sites. There are more people than you realize seeking the same thing that you are seeking. — hookup sites are the best way to find them.

— Some Reasons for Joining a Hookup Site? —

  • You’re tired of the club or bar scene
  • You’re recently divorced wanting to get back in the game
  • You’re seeking extra-marital encounters
  • You live in a small town or rural area where it’s hard to meet like-minded people
  • You’re into swinging
  • You want to broaden your sexual horizon
  • You’re curious
  • You’re looking for your first bisexual, group or same sex experience
  • You’re traveling and want to hookup while your away

Honestly, there are too many reasons to list. That’s the beauty of hookup sites — you can use them as frequently or as occasionally as you wish. You can look upon them as your very own hookup spot. One which you can visit whenever you want. You are not limited to hours of operations, you are not subject to scrutiny — it is your very own place where you can be yourself and find what you are looking for — be that as mild, or as wild, as your passion dictates.

When you find a hookup site that you feel comfortable with you will begin to feel as if you are part of a community — you will feel a sense of belonging. This, in turn, will also help you to loosen up. It’s okay to feel a little tense or awkward when you first join — those feelings soon pass and they are replaced by the joy of finding others that share your tastes and desires. The right site can be quite empowering for your self-confidence and sexual expression.

— Conclusion —

We review all types of dating sites — adult hookup sites included. This direct experience puts us in a unique position to see the value that adult hookup sites can provide to open-minded adults. Obviously, if you are seeking a serious relationship an adult hookup site would not be right for you, but if you just want to keep things casual — hookup sites in the 21st century are the way to go. We do our best to provide our readership with honest reviews of hookup sites — from the biggest to the most specialized focusing on specific niches and fetishes. Obviously, each individual will decide for themselves what site is best for them. However, we hope that our evaluations and guidance will help steer you in the right direction — to find an adult hookup site that fulfills your expectations while avoiding those that do not offer the best user experience. Enough reading, go forth, find a site — and enjoy yourself!