Chicago Hookups — The 3 Easiest Sites to Score On

Chicago, the “Windy City” — as Sinatra would say, “my kinda town.” Whether you are a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan, there are plenty of reasons to love Chicago. Being a truly iconic city — not just in the U.S. but also worldwide — visiting or living in Chicago is always a blast. Cities that have the organic zeal and appeal that Chicago has also make for great towns to hookup. Indeed, Chicago hookups are as hot and exciting as the city itself.


— Chicago Hookups — So Many Opportunites —

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. There are nearly three million people living in Chicago. If you look at the entire Chicago metropolitan area that number swells to nearly 11 million. That means that there are roughly 8 million adults in the greater Chicago area — over half of them… SINGLE. That is over four million singles looking to mingle and hookup. Looked at from a more practical angle, that’s two million single women in Chicago!

There are few cities in the world where you have more opportunities to hookup and score. Combining the best elements of a cosmopolitan city with the friendliness and charm of a Midwestern city, the attitude of the single men and women of Chicago is superb. Whether you are seeking a one-night stand, someone to spend an entire weekend with, or a like-minded person to really get your freak on — Chicago is the place to hookup and sizzle.

— The 3 Easiest Sites to Score On in Chicago —

While based on its population size and the overall attitude of its single population, the hooking up opportunities in Chicago are enormous, this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t do with a little help. No matter how cool, smooth or good-looking you are, finding a Chicago hookup will go a lot faster if you use one of three hookup sites that really know what the singles scene is like in Chi-Town.

Based on popularity with Chicago locals, verified success rates, and ease of use, these three hookup sites are your best for getting some Chicago action.

1. AdultFriendFinder (AFF)

Chicago Hookup Site #1 - AdultFriendFinder

While going out in Chicago is a lot of fun, it is definitely a hell of a lot more fun going out if you already lined up someone to hookup with before you even step outside. To accomplish this, AdultFriendFinder is one of the best hookup sites to use in Chicago. With over 400,000 active members residing in the Chicago area, AdultFriendFinder (AFF) can set you up with your first Chicago hookup before you even land at O’Hare or Midway.

One of the cool things about AFF is that you can join from anywhere and search for like-minded adults seeking no-strings-attached hookups in Chicago. You see, AFF has one of the best and most customizable search engines for finding partners. If you are sitting in Boise knowing that you will be in Chicago next week, you can hop on your AFF account and search for hot singles in Chicago in the afternoon, be chatting online with prospects that evening, and have one — or several — confirmed hookups before you even get there.

Not only is AdultFriendFinder very effective for finding the hottest and most willing company in Chicago, but it also allows you to find the partner that is exactly into what you like. Yes, many of you are just looking for an openminded adult to have a few laughs and spend a few hours of sexual bliss. However, if you are into something more “unique,” AFF can definitely be your best wingman in Chicago. The same customizable search engine that allows you to hone in on Chicago hotties and hunks also helps you to focus on specific age ranges, sexual fetishes, fantasies, and whatever else stimulates your urges.

AFF is truly an online community of openminded adults who know what they want. You can feel comfortable searching for hookups on its platform. There are no pretentious people — everybody keeps it real.

That’s right, AFF is sincere, customizable, large and therefore — effective. Whether you are moving to Chicago or just visiting, AFF should definitely go with you.

2. InstaBang

Chicago Hookup Site #2 - Instabang

When you are looking for a hookup site that will yield results in a city as large as Chicago, you need to rely on one that has an actively engaged and genuine userbase. If you are a woman you have an easier time at finding eligible and willing men almost anywhere. As a man, however, finding genuine and eligible women is not always as easy. This why the hookup site InstaBang is so useful. The women on this site are there searching for fun — not marriage or long-term spiritual bonding. This means that everybody is on the same page. This removes the awkwardness that can sometimes exist when you are not certain if the woman you just met online is really seeking the same thing you are.

Instabang can be very effective at finding hot women to hookup with anywhere, but in Chicago, it is especially more poignant. You see, in Chicago women have a large pool of men to choose from. That means that the same way that the numbers can work in your favor, they can also work against you. With InstaBang, you are given the opportunity to level out the playing field. You can place yourself in a situation that brings attention to you before some other guy swoops in. Yes, sir — it’s all about timing and exposure when it comes to finding hookups in a large city like Chicago.

Instabang offers a simple but effective search engine. By searching for women in the Chicago area you will be shown those who have joined InstaBang recently as well as those who are currently online. You may even come across women who are just visiting Chicago for a few days. We all know that hooking up when you are an out of towner with another out of towner usually ends up in some of the hottest action that you can have.

Since the women on InstaBang are genuine — no fakes or gold diggers like on some other sites — you save time. When you come across a profile you like it is easy to transition to an online chat or better still an online video chat.

The video chat feature on Instabang is a powerful tool. No, not just for what you may be thinking, although it is very good for that too(nudge, nudge). Seriously, though, in terms of establishing the trust factor that is is so essential to setting up a real-world hookup up, this video chat feature is great. After all, put yourself in the lady’s spot. There you are — online, looking for some “fun.” What will reassure you that the guy you are going to meet is the real thing as opposed to some ax-wielding maniac than actually spending time with him online — via a video chat? Women will be more prone to accept a real-world meetup after chatting face to face via video. After all, Chicago girls are beautiful, polite and nice, but they are still big city girls and they must take big city precautions. It’s perfectly understandable.

The video chat feature on InstaBang also allows you to verify that the woman you saw on that profile picture is in fact who you will be meeting. Basically, by having video InstaBang keeps everyone honest — the men and the women. Also, it makes it much easier for you to get in front of the competition and score.

3. Instant Hookups

Chicago Hookup Site #3 - InstantHookups

Instant Hookups is one of those hookup sites that is a well-kept secret among the most successful players in Chicago. Mind you, Instant Hookups may not be a household name in every city, but in Chicago, it has a significant presence. Okay, maybe it doesn’t have the name recognition of Michael Jordan in the 90s in Chicago, but it is well known to the people you are interested in — hot Chicago singles.

There are many reasons for this. Instant Hookups attracts members who are open minded, modern, upwardly mobile, and genuine about their interest to meet other adults for casual encounters. As we have already discussed, the population makeup of Chicago fits ideally into the Instant Hookups style of doing things.

If you are serious about lining up Chicago hookups, it is very easy to leverage your Instant Hookups membership into plenty of opportunities for meeting like-minded people eager to make your wishes come true. As a hookup platform, Instant Hookups offers their users a high success rate. Their system of offering strong fundamentals — such as a powerful search engine, smooth user interface, and the highest standards for privacy and discretion — make it ideal for such a large metropolitan area as is Chicago. This is probably why it is so popular there.

If you haven’t heard of Instant Hookups where you are from, we would strongly encourage you to register for an account before your next visit to Chicago. If you are moving to Chicago and are single, we dare say that an Instant Hookups membership would be as vital to you as setting up your electrical and water service in your new home.

Keep in mind that the range of prospects for Chicago hookups is quite diverse. There are singles across a wide range of age groups, economic levels, ethnicities, and sexual desires. InstantHookups is a great tool to find those people with whom you are really compatible. After all, why waste your time or their time, right?

Also, while not officially part of the Instant Hookups business model, in cities such as Chicago it has developed a reputation for being the “go to” hookup site for meeting up with out-of-towners. That means that many Chicago singles frequently used the site specifically to meet out-of-towners for casual encounters. If we are not mistaken, that is just the sort of site that you need.

— From a Hookup Site to the Bedroom —

Whether you found a potential hookup partner through one of the previously mentioned Chicago hookup sites or if you picked somebody up at a bar, your next step, of course, is moving things to the next level. Since we’re talking about a hookup, this obviously does not refer to marriage, a home in the suburbs, and two and a half kids — we’re talking about scoring.

A city such as Chicago makes it a lot easier than many other locations. Most hookups — no matter how casual they may be, no matter how open-minded both people are — will require some sort of preamble. You know, meeting up beforehand in a public place to make sure that everybody is on the same page and that’s the sexual chemistry that you developed online, in fact, exists.

Chicago has a literally thousands of dining and drinking establishments ranging from the elegant to the most down-to-earth. This means that no matter your personal style or budget, finding a place to meet your potential hookup for the first time not difficult at all.

The same holds true for finding a place to have your momentous encounter. Some of the best hotels in the world are located in Chicago. If such luxurious accommodations are simply not within your budget, there are plenty of mid-level hotels, safe and comfortable motels, and Airbnb rentals that will offer the intimacy, privacy, and security that you and your partner will appreciate.

— Conclusion —

Chicago is a marvelous town, I’m sure we all agree on that. Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll realize how marvelous it is for hooking up as well. So, next time you think of Chicago you won’t only think of the Bulls, Bears, deep-dish pizza and a hot dog cushioned on a bed of fries from Superdawg — you will also think of Chicago hookups and the wild times that are waiting to be had.