Christian Cafe Review — Online Dating and Faith

Christian Cafe has been bringing Christian singles together for nearly two decades. Is it still an effective dating site after such a long run? We turned our attention to to bring you this detailed review.

Christian Cafe Review

Christian Cafe Review Results
  • Popularity - 78
  • Value - 74
  • Features - 79
  • Quality of Members - 84
  • Safety - 92
  • Customer Satisfaction - 85


If you are at a stage in your life where you are serious about settling down. If you are a person that takes faith seriously. If you want a venue to find like-minded people, then Christiancafe should work nicely for you. We would rate ChristianCafe as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons of Christian Cafe —


  • Has been in operation since 1999
  • 10-day free trial version available
  • Dedicated and authentic user base


  • Costly monthly membership
  • No mobile apps
  • No online text or video chat; communication is limited to email messaging

— Full Christian Cafe Review —

Christian Cafe

Online dating sites that focus on bringing people together for wholesome and long-term relationships are not as plentiful as sites dedicated to more casual pursuits, but they do exist. Usually, these types of sites are well-established and have a solid reputation.

Some dating sites dedicated to long-term relationships focus on a general audience, others concentrate on a particular niche. This can be based on age range, ethnicity or religious persuasion. This sort of segmentation is done based on the maxim that the majority of individuals — when the time comes for them to settle down — will usually seek some sort of fundamental commonality with their future partner.

It is under this paradigm that the online dating site came to be in 1999. Yes, Christian Cafe has been in existence longer than the majority of dating and hookup sites currently online. Obviously, with such durability, they must be doing something right. Seeking to find what their secret is, what benefits they bring to their members — we conducted a full evaluation and review of ChristianCafe.

— Christian Cafe Target Demographic —

In terms of age, race, or location, Christian Cafe is a broad reaching site. It openly welcomes people of all ages — from millennials to seniors. Likewise with ethnicity and location. You can find members of Christain Cafe from nearly every corner of the globe. The thread of commonality that binds all of the members of Christian Cafe together is one of faith. While the site does not promote nor endorse one specific denomination, the majority of its members are actively involved in their religion.

When we browsed through the profiles of members, we discovered that being “involved in their faith” did not equate to being obsessed with it. Over 90 percent of the profiles we analyzed were from men and women who expressed an appreciation for religion, that viewed their faith as a fundamental element of their lives, but for whom it was a guiding force, not an overriding compulsion. In other words, you will find kind-hearted people seeking to find partners that share their core values.

For those of you that are curious, the site does welcome those who have gone through a divorce. Based on the profiles we encountered during our review, approximately 15 percent of the profiles we saw were from people who are divorced. The key word here is “divorced.” ChristianCafe does not welcome people who are still married — in other words, “separated and looking.” A disclaimer to this effect is shown to all users before they register.


— Registration Process —

The welcome page for Christian Cafe is not going to blow you away with modernity of design. It is, however, presentable and informational. Just by scrolling through the page you can get a feel for what the site offers. Registration starts by clicking on the green “Sign Up for a Free Trial” button on the top of the page.

The information that you are asked for starts with the basics: the username and password you want for the site, a valid email, gender, age, location, etc. A confirmation email will be sent to you from which you will have to click on a validation link to confirm your registration.

Christian Cafe Registration 1 Christian Cafe Registration 2 Christian Cafe Registration 3

As you progress through the registration screens you will also have to answer a few questionnaires. You can select your answers from drop-down menus. The questions involve your personality, outlook on life and — of course — your faith. The section on faith covers your denomination, how strong your commitment to your faith is, how often you go to Church, etc. You can choose to skip any of these questions. However, the more questions you respond to, the better the Christian Cafe algorithm will be able to find potential matches for you.

Christian Cafe Questionnaire

In our testing, registering and completing the initial profile questions took an average of 20 minutes.

— User Experience —

In the case of Christian Cafe, the user experience is quite positive. The discovery features of the site lead the way in making this so. While the member’s area is not glitzy, it is functional and geared toward making discovering potential matches a simple and intuitive process. Users can access the search module to fine-tune their search criteria. Search results can be sorted by proximity to your location, age and other factors that you can customize.

The most interesting way to find potential matches on Christian Cafe, however, is through its “QuickMatch” feature. This uses the site’s algorithm to serve users with a list of potential matches. The anticipated level of compatibility is posted next to each profile in the form of a percentage. The closer to 100 percent, the greater the compatibility.

Christian Cafe QuickMatch

Another way to interact with members is via the site’s forums. There are many date and faith-based topics on these forums that can spark group interaction and that can lead to individual conversations.

Communication between members is handled via the site’s direct email feature. Online chat is not available.

— Cost of Using Christian Cafe  —

Christian Cafe cost

You should be aware that Christian Cafe is not a free online dating site. It requires a paid membership that costs $39.95 per month. The average monthly cost can be lowered by paying $99.95 for six months in advance.

There is a free trial version that is available. It provides users with full access to Christian Cafe for a period of seven days. If you post a picture on your profile, the free trial period is extended by an additional three days.

For users who require additional time to test the site, there is a two-week membership that can be purchased when the trial expires. This has a cost of $29.95. In our opinion, if you are willing to pay that amount for two weeks, you’d be better off just paying for a complete month for ten dollars more.