Dirty Tinder — Everything You Need to Know

I’ve run into some ads promoting an app called Dirty Tinder. The ads say that the women on the Dirty Tinder app are a lot naughtier than it’s regular counterpart. However, I’ve been unable to find a way to download and use this app. Can someone shed some light on this? Thanks.

Dirty Tinder

It’s great to hear from you again. I’ve gone ahead and done a little research on Dirty Tinder. The information I was able to obtain from outside sources is a little vague, but after digging around myself for a while, I was able to figure out a few things about Dirty Tinder.

— What is Dirty Tinder —

A little while ago, ads started popping up that promoted Dirty Tinder. A lot of these ads would take you to Dirtytinder.com. In the past, this URL simply redirected you to other dating or hookup sites depending on your location. They were basically simple affiliate redirects. They would not lead you to an actual dating site or app. Today, the domain seems to be abandoned and forgotten about. Whether something new replaces the affiliate redirects that were there in the past is unknown. I’m sure something will be done with this domain in the future. Right now, it’s simply parked and they’ve even got a button that you can click to make an offer for the domain dirtytinder.com. Which tells us there are no immediate plans on the owner’s side to do anything with the domain.

— Dirty Tinder App —

I tried to find the Dirty Tinder app on both the official iOS app repository and Google Play. I was unable to locate it on either. It either never existed on them, or is simply no longer available. I was, however, able to locate an APK file of the Dirty Tinder app for Android. The app appears to not have been updated since 2017. As we’ve stated in prior posts, downloading an APK app from outside sources can cause multiple headaches for you and your beloved mobile friend. I personally, did NOT download the app myself, but I did get someone from our team with an old phone they don’t care about to download the app so we can get a better understanding of what this is all about.

— The Reality of the Dirty Tinder App  —

With a tagline like “Become a Superstars”, it’s pretty obvious that the level of professionalism we’re dealing with is subpar to say the least. Upon downloading the Dirty Tinder app, the first thing you’ll notice is that the app does not require you to provide any special access. This includes but is not limited to your GPS location. No dating app whose purpose is to provide actual dates will provide any decent results without knowing where you’re located.

When you’re done downloading and installing the app, the next thing you’ll discover is that this isn’t a dating app at all. It appears to be more of a live cam show site.

We then proceeded to install the app on three separate phones and in every case when we opened the app it “failed to connect to network”. The app has not been updated since 2017, in fact, it’s still operating under version 1.0. With all the updates made to our devices on a weekly basis, it’s no wonder the app did not work at all.

— Conclusion and Alternatives to Find Real Local Sex  —

Basically, the whole Dirty Tinder premise seems to have been nothing more than a marketing gimmick a little while back. I really have nothing more to add.

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