Fling.com Review — Does It Still Work?

Fling.com is a hookup site that has been around since 2004. In the past, it has provided its user base with solid results. In the present day, it is doubling down on its legacy of performance by offering a three-month performance guarantee. How does it measure up today? We conducted a thorough Fling.com review to get you those answers and more.

Fling.com Review

Fling.com Review Results
  • Popularity - 81
  • Value - 87
  • Features - 82
  • Quality of Members - 84
  • Safety - 85
  • Customer Satisfaction - 88

Final Word on Fling.com

It is refreshing to find a hookup site that has managed to stick to the basics and to offer consistent results to their users.

We feel that Fling.com offers an excellent value to its members and we would rate it as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons —


  • In continuous operation since 2004
  • Large number of active users
  • Powerful and effective search engine for matches
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Mobile access via mobile site
  • Three-month guarantee


  • Site design aesthetics could be modernized
  • Lack of native mobile apps

— In-Depth Fling.com Review —


A lot has happened since 2004. Many hookup sites have come and gone in that time period. That is why a site that has been in continuous operation for all of that time — such as Fling.com — must have something resoundingly positive going for it.

Unlike other modern-day hookup sites, Fling does not drown you in gimmicky tricks and features designed to detract you from their less than lackluster performance. To the contrary, Fling keeps its design and user interface simple and easy to navigate. They do this to permit the user to focus on why they are on the site in the first place — to find like minded adults for casual flings and no-strings-attached sexual encounters.

This openness and sincerity of purpose are quite refreshing. It is what the majority of users love about Fling. There are no false pretenses. Whether you are a man or woman, straight, gay or bi — Fling welcomes you and helps you find a match in your area.

— User Base —

Due to its time in the industry and its inclusive business model, the number of active users on Fling is estimated to be over 30 million people. Mind you, these are active users, not some inflated aggregate that includes hollow and abandoned profiles. This means that Fling ranks in the top 20 for active users among hookup sites in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Not only that, but Fling also has one of the best retention rates among its members. The industry average for hookup sites is less than 10 percent for member retention lasting more than one year. Fling surpasses that industry benchmark nearly three-times over. That speaks volumes for the level of customer satisfaction offered by Fling.

From experience, we can tell you that the larger the active user base and the longer the level of membership retention, the better performing the hookup site will be.

— What Fling.com Offers You —

As we have already stated, Fling.com is not going to dazzle you with gimmicks. The site, however, does offer its users a strong set of features designed to help you find real matches in your area. Think of Fling as a tried and tested toolkit for finding action fast.

Specifically, we found the matchmaking search engine on Fling to be its most impressive feature. While other sites rely on complex algorithms that attempt to read their members psyche to pair them up, Fling keeps it real and gets better results. The Fling search engine relies on parity metrics. Basically, they take your personal attributes and the criteria that you have selected as important for a match and feeds you results based on those parameters.

Fling Search Filters

Fling Advanced Search

Additionally, Fling “learns” from your search patterns and — more importantly — from the profiles of members that have liked or chatted with you. This improves your search results even more. In other words, the more you use Fling, the more accurate it is in finding you a hookup.

— Communication Between Members —

Fling.com offers its users communication options that include an internal email platform as well as a live chat module. The latter now includes video chat. That means that you can use the power of video to get to know each other better or to arrive at your own “video-based” hookup.

On the desktop version, we found the video chat feature to work fluidly. Since Fling relies on a mobile website instead of native mobile apps, we feared that the video chat function would suffer when accessed from a smartphone. Incredibly, it worked fabulously — no stuttering or frozen frames. This held true even in areas that only had 3G coverage.

— Privacy and Security —

Fling has a healthy 60-40 male to female ratio for its user base. We feel that there are so many real women on the site not only due to its powerful search engine but also due to Fling’s strong dedication to privacy and security.

While everybody wants a place to let loose and find like-minded people for adult fun, nobody wants their private life to become public. Fling is aware of this and offers a powerful set of privacy and security features that include 128-bit encryption of all customer data. They also offer discreet billing. that way if another person stumbles upon your credit card statement they will not know that you have paid for a Fling subscription. Fling also allows users to switch to “safe mode.” This blocks all explicit images in case you are browsing in an area susceptible to prying eyes. You can also make your personal profile discreet. This makes you only visible to members you pre-select. We found this to be a really useful feature if you have an established circle of “hookup friends” on Fling and are using the platform simply to organize bootie calls.

— Cost and Guarantee —

Fling Cost

Joining Fling is free. The free version allows you to look around the site and see for yourself how powerful it can be. However, in order to communicate with other members and enjoy the full power of Fling you do need to purchase a membership.

A one-month membership costs $34.95, but you can lower this to $6.67 per month if you pay for one year in advance. Rarely do we recommend these “advanced purchases,” but in the case of Fling, we feel that the results that you can obtain are worth it.

Of course, your opinion might vary from our own, Fortunately, Fling also offers a two-day trial membership for only 99 cents. In case you doubt our enthusiasm for the site you can see for yourselves for less than a dollar.

Additionally, Fling offers its members a three-month guarantee. If in three months you do not find a hookup on the site, they will extend your membership for an additional three months for free.