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Casual dating and hookup websites leverage the power of the internet so you can find like-minded adults seeking no-strings-attached fun. While empowering and convenient, sometimes you do not want to be tied down to a computer — even if it is a laptop. Fortunately, most of the top hookup sites offer mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. In fact, some hookup sites exist solely as mobile apps and offer no web browser interface whatsoever.

It is important to know about these distinctions, as the user experience between hookup apps can vary widely. Some will be simple and intuitive to use. Others will be engaging and fun. Others will be slow and clumsy — while yet others will be thorough and complicated. Being honest, one person’s favorite app might be another person’s most hated app. It comes down to your comfort level with technology and what you want to accomplish through the hookup app.

— How Do You Want to Use the Hookup App? —

That is an important question to ask yourself before settling on a hookup app. Stand alone apps, such as Tinder, can only be used as apps. That means that this style of hookup app is designed from the beginning to maximize the mobile experience. Everything from the sign-up procedure, to the functionality of the app is designed exclusively for the mobile user. These hookup apps tend to be more fluid and more conscious of such important side notes as data usage. Yes, there is nothing worse than swiping left and swiping right only to find that you have exceeded your data plan. Fortunately, most of the stand-alone hookup apps are designed to be rich in features while being lean on data consumption. Overall, the stand alone hookup app is ideal for those accustomed to the “mobile lifestyle.”

Of course, not everybody is addicted to their smartphone. Some people still use it solely as a bridge between moments when they have access to their laptop. Fortunately, there are also apps that accommodate those needs. Those hookup apps tend to be the mobile version of hookup sites. They grant you access to your account so you can search for matches or respond to messages from other members. You never know when the ideal hookup match will surface, so having this type of mobile accessibility has its advantages. They are heavier but convenient.

There are also “lean” hookup apps. These offer a truncated user experience based off a hookup site. Usually, their purpose is solely to alert you of incoming messages from other members. These apps are not very robust and still require you to use the browser version to conduct most of your activity. They fill a supplemental role only.

— How We Review Hookup Apps —

Whenever we review a hookup site we always look at whether or not they have a corresponding mobile app. We then download the app to make sure that its functionality is in line with the performance of the parent site. There are times when the app’s performance is inferior or superior to the site itself — we make note of that for you.

When it comes to stand-alone hookup apps, we apply the same thorough review criteria as we do to browser-based sites — adding an extra level of scrutiny for the mobile experience as a whole.

Conscious of how smartphone technology and mobile carrier service can vary in quality and coverage when we analyze hookup apps we strive to do so on a variety of devices and through at least two different carriers to determine the consistency of the app. While most hookup apps are not battery hogs, on the rare occasions that we come across that issue we — mention it in our review.

— Don’t Take App Store Reviews to Heart —

You will find the majority of hookup apps on either the App Store or Google Play. This offers convenience, safety, and familiarity. However, there is one thing that you should be aware of when it comes to the reviews of such apps found on these repositories. Some interject negative commentary — and poor reviews — for reasons totally alien to the functionality of the app itself. We don’t know if this is caused by rogue users, competitors within the dating industry itself, or just clowns with nothing better to do. What we have found, however, is that some of the app reviews on the App Store and Google Play do not match the actual experience that we had with them.

In all likelihood, it is that the reviewers on those repositories were applying metrics that a person seeking a hookup would not. Our reviews use the perspective of an adult seeking fun hookups. This way they provide you a clearer vision of what to expect with each hookup app as a user, not just as a digital techie. We are aware that you would rate highly a hookup app that actually gives you results and that minutiae — such as its color scheme or font selection — are not really that important in that context.

— Diversity of Hookup Apps —

Like their cousins — the hookup sites — hookup apps offer a diverse range of focus. There are those targeting the swinging community, LGBT hookups, cheating spouses, BDSM — if you have a specific lifestyle choice, there is bound to be a hookup app focusing on it.

— Convenience of Hookup Apps —

Perhaps the most cited reason for using a hookup app is the convenience factor. Not only do these apps bring you closer to other adults that share your desire, but they also do so literally from the palm of your hand. Also, your phone is nearly always on your person. This prevents the risk of prying eyes from invading your privacy and discovering your use of hookup sites — as could happen on a computer.

There is also greater ease and opportunity to find your next hookup via a phone app. It could be the middle of the night while you’re in bed, it could be in a quiet moment at work, it could be on the subway — it could be anywhere — a hookup app makes anywhere and anytime a reality.

— Mobile is the Way to Go —

Technology changes, but our needs do not. Presently, hookup apps are — in our opinion — the most convenient and practical way to find a hookup. It best combines your most personal of electronic devices with your most personal of needs and desires.

As more and more hookup apps come online — and as more hookup sites create their own mobile versions — we will be there to help you sort out the good from the bad.