Loveaholics Review — Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Our intrepid group of testers took to the online dating universe and did what they do best. They joined, they tested, and they reported. For a full report of what they found on Loveaholics, make sure to check out our Loveaholics review.

Loveaholics Review

Loveaholics Review Results
  • Popularity - 44
  • Value - 36
  • Features - 52
  • Quality of Members - 38
  • Safety - 46
  • Customer Satisfaction - 40

Final Word on Loveaholics

If you were hoping that Loveaholics was going to be that special dating site that was going to change your life and bring you more action than a loose slot machine in Vegas, the reality is going to disappoint you. There simply aren't enough real women on the site to make it worth your time.

We rate Loveaholics as POOR.

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— Pros and Cons —


  • Women can join for free
  • Site navigation is simple
  • Fast registration process


  • Men need a paid subscription to reply to messages
  • Many fake profiles and chatbots
  • Lack of native mobile apps
  • Few, if any, real women on the platform

— Intro to Loveaholics —


Be honest, even if you are currently a paying member of an online dating site that you are happy with, there is still a part of you that is always looking for something better — a different online dating or hookup site that will rock your world. is an online dating site that claims to help people “meet love addicted mates for online dates.”

Hmm, “love addicted mates” — interesting. You can’t tell us that such a prospect doesn’t make you curious.

Then again, if you have gone down the path of trying out every online dating site that came your way, chances are that you have had a mixed bag of experiences. Some great, some so-so, and others… well, let’s just say that nightmares can come true.

So, where does Loveaholics fall in that spectrum? Your best bet to find out would be if you had someone who would take the time to actually join the site, spend days on it testing its platform, interact with its members, and then report back to you. Fortunately for you, we are that “someone.”

— First Impression —

When you first visit the welcome page for Loveaholics, chances are that you will have a neutral reaction. The style does not look antiquated, but it doesn’t provide much information to new users. Our testers referred to it as “bland.” The predominant feature is the registration box and its corresponding large “Start Now” button.

There is also a text bubble that reads, “women message men for free.” On the surface, that sounds quite promising. If you are a woman, that might entice you to register for the service. If you are a man, you probably figure that since women can use the site for free, it must be crawling with lustful women just waiting to get their hands on you.

— Registration Process —

From the welcome screen, you must identify your gender, age, and zip code. You must also provide Loveaholics with a valid email and choose a password to access the site. Once you submit that information, a pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your activation code.


This consists of a four-digit number that is sent to the email that you entered on the registration form. Once you have verified your activation code, you have full access to the Loveaholics platform.

At that stage, you will be prompted to provide some very basic information about yourself to build your personal profile. You may choose a screen name, enter a status update consisting of 140-characters, as well as provide information about your marital status, ethnicity, body type, and hair color. You can also upload a profile picture.

Soon after you register, a message window will pop up from the bottom of the screen from the “site admin.”

loveaholics Intro

It will remind you to upload a photo if you have not done so. It will also contain a link to the site’s search feature and remind you that you can send five messages per day and “flirtcasts” for free. A flirtcast is a preset message that you can send to potential matches in bulk.

— The Platform —

Loveaholics is browser-based. There are no native mobile apps. Although you can access Loveaholics via a mobile browser, depending on the tech specs of your phone, you might experience performance issues.

The layout, design, and navigation of Loveaholics is best suited for a full-sized desktop browser.

loveaholics platform

— Features —

Loveaholics contains a very standard set of features. When you sign in, your home screen will consist of rows of tiled images of suggested matches. Each tile will alert you if the person is online as well as if they have recently joined the site. They also display the age and the approximate distance of the members.

In the upper portion of your home screen, you can modify your search criteria by gender, age range, and location. In our opinion, the search functionality offered by Loveaholics is simplistic.

The communication features offered by the site are equally as sparse. You have an internal email-style messaging system and an online chat module — that’s it.

If a request for a private chat or a message arrives in your inbox while you are online, it will appear as a small pop-up on the bottom of your screen. Any messages that you receive when you are offline will be shown to you by clicking on the message and notification icons on the top navigation bar.

— User Experience Blues —

If you are satisfied with a dating site that offers barebone features, you might think that Loveaholics has potential — at first. However, after you spend a little bit of time attempting to engage on the platform you will realize that the user experience is pathetic.

The site sends you promotional messages and chat requests from profiles belonging to purported females. Since men need a paid membership to be able to respond to these messages, guess what? When you click on those messages you will be prompted to pay for an upgrade. Unfortunately, if you do so, you will only discover that the woman behind the profile was nothing more then a promotional chatbot operated by the site.

Our male testers sent out a total of 75 message requests over a two-day period. Out of all of those they received a whopping zero replies. Yes, zero.

It would seem to us that even though women can make full use of Loveaholics for free, there are few real women on the site.

— Cost —

Loveaholics Cost

A one-month subscription on Loveaholics costs $64.20, three months will run you $65.70, and six months $106.20. Very strange pricing structure indeed!

There is a three-day trial offer for $4.23. This, however, automatically converts to a one-month subscription and charges you accordingly if you do not cancel. A process which the site makes needlessly cumbersome and complicated. Hmmm, we wonder why? (Yes, that was sarcasm).