MissTravel Review — Travel With a Sugar Daddy

Is MissTravel a hookup site? Is it a dating site? A sugar daddy site? What is it and does it work? We reviewed MissTravel and laid out our findings so that you will be able to gauge for yourself if MissTravel is a hit or a miss.

MissTravel Review

MissTravel Review Results
  • Popularity - 61
  • Value - 77
  • Features - 82
  • Quality of Members - 74
  • Safety - 71
  • Customer Satisfaction - 78

Final Word on MissTravel

It was obvious to us that the operators of MissTravel take seriously the service that they offer. It is not overrun by fake profiles or scammers. However, we can see how some nefarious individuals may be able to "game" the system. By this, we mean that due to the fact that the details of trip planning and preparation take place off the site, we can see how some people might take advantage of this and try to scam another member out of travel funds. We feel that users of MissTravel should be more attentive than usual when using the site.

MissTravel may not be for everybody but in general terms, it is an interesting online discovery option to have. Overall we would rate MissTravel as ABOVE AVERAGE.

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— Pros and Cons —


  • Women have full-featured free access
  • Available for desktop as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Men must pay for premium membership to send messages
  • Susceptible to “gaming of the system”

— In-Depth MissTravel Review —


Have you ever wanted to visit Paris, Shanghai, or Rome? What about just jetting out for a weekend in Vegas?

Travel is wonderful, but it is also expensive. Imagine being able to visit the greatest spots on Earth and not having to pay for it. That is exactly what the dating site MissTravel purports to help you do.

If you are an attractive and willing young woman itching to see the world on a sugar daddy’s dime, MissTravel might be for you. Likewise, if you are a gentleman of means wanting to travel in the company of a hot woman, MissTravel could also be for you.

— The Concept and Backstory—

MissTravel is part sugar daddy site and part travel site. That is the best way to succinctly explain what the site is meant to do.

The site has been in operation since late 2010, but it was not until 2012 when the version that we are familiar with today went online. The initial reception of MissTravel was quite impressive. The site was written about and reported on by established media outlets from around the world. Flash forward to the present, and MissTravel has lost some of its name recognition. This is probably due to the fact that in the passing years, MissTravel has received a small but steady drip of negative commentary from individuals who claim to have been former members of the site.

In field testing MissTravel, we took measures to evaluate those areas most frequently mentioned by disgruntled former members. These include the presence of fake profiles, male members that lie about their income, and females that scam male members out of money and luxury gifts.

As of late 2017, MissTravel has just over 600,000 registered members. By analyzing internet traffic patterns, we deduced that only approximately ten percent of those who are registered are active users of the site.

— Available Platforms —

MissTravel is accessible on desktop browsers via its website. It can also be accessed through native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The MissTravel app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

— Registration Process —

In order to register for an account on MissTravel, you must select a username and password.

MissTravel Registration 1

You must also provide some basic information about yourself, such as your gender, date of birth, location, ethnicity, body type, and current relationship status. You must also indicate what you are looking to get out of the site. The options are dating, friendship, long-term relationship, travel partner, discreet affair, and casual dating. You must choose at least one of these categories and are free to select as many as you feel necessary.

MissTravel Registration 2


On MissTravel, building your profile is part of the registration process. This is why you are expected to write a brief note about yourself. You also have the option to specify your height, weight, education, religion, the presence of children, smoking habits, drinking habits and reasons why you want to travel.

Miss Travel Registration 3

Miss Travel Registration 4

Our testers averaged 12 minutes in completing the registration process.

— User Interface —

On both the mobile app and desktop version of MissTravel, the user interface is elegantly presented using a minimalist design. It is easy and intuitive to navigate.

— Features —

Since MissTravel is not your ordinary dating or hookup site, the features commonly found on such sites are modified to accommodate the service that MissTravel offers.

The all-important discovery function is tackled in two ways by MissTravel. One involves a traditional search method in which you search for potential matches according to your own search criteria.

MissTravel Search Filters

The other method requires users to post a trip invitation or request. These trip postings must include a destination and dates of travel. They should also indicate who will pay for the trip or if expenses will be evenly split between both parties. Other users can then ask to “join” these trips.


Over 95 percent of the trip invitations are posted by male members. This is what gives MissTravel the “sugar daddy” feel.

— Member Interaction —

The primary method for members to interact with each other on MissTravel involves using its messaging and online chat feature. This can be accessed directly from the profile page of any member. However, male members can only send or respond to messages when they have a premium membership. Female members can access all features, including messaging, for free.

There really isn’t much to tell about the messaging feature found on MissTravel. It is lean and efficient. We feel that it is more prudent to discuss the dynamic of the interaction that is to be expected on MissTravel between two members. For the most part, members will use the messaging platform to establish some form of subsequent external communication. This could be via telephone, email, or text.

You must keep in mind that MissTravel only serves to bring two people together to discuss the possibility of traveling jointly. MissTravel does not make any reservations or itinerary preparations of any kind. It is the members responsibility to plan, schedule, book, and pay for any trip. This is why so many members transition out of the internal messaging platform rather quickly. It is simply easier to plan a trip and make the necessary financial arrangements to meet via phone.

— Cost —

MissTravel Cost

Women have access to the full features of MissTravel for free. Men wishing to purchase a premium membership can obtain one for $39.95 per month. They also have the option to pay for three months in advance at a monthly rate of $34.95 or $29.95 per month for 6 months in advance.