Review — Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Is PeachMate’s design an indication of the results you can expect in your search for hookups? Here is our Review.

PeachMate Review

PeachMate Review Results
  • Popularity - 47
  • Value - 35
  • Features - 47
  • Quality of Members - 27
  • Safety - 10
  • Customer Satisfaction - 34

PeachMate Final Verdict

We have never come across a dating site as pathetic as PeachMate. In our opinion, it is insecure and ineffective. We rate it as VERY POOR. Please — no matter how horny you may be — stay away.

— Pros and Cons of —


  • It’s free
  • Did we mention it’s free
  • Oh yeah, it’s free


  • Site, including forms for personal data transmittal, use insecure transfer protocols
  • Has not been updated in two years
  • Very few visitors per day
  • Majority of profiles are abandoned
  • Filled with banner ads

— in-Depth Review

Do you remember the first time that you completed a project in high school wood shop? What about that time when you prepared a complete meal following the recipe from a cooking show? As proud as you were of your accomplishments, you probably didn’t rush out to open your own furniture shop or restaurant. You would figure the same would hold true with someone that had very basic knowledge about building websites — don’t rush to build a hookup site if your web development knowledge is at the novice level.

Well, the people at have a different idea. PeachMate is a hook-up site that literally looks like it was built by somebody in junior high school. Its appearance alone would be enough to keep most people away, however, since we have noticed an uptick in comments about the site, we decided to conduct a full, in-depth, PeachMate review.


— First Impression of PeachMate —

Like we mentioned above, the site looks pathetic. This site looks like something that would have been created in 10 minutes in the 1990s using a do-it-yourself web builder program. Yes, we understand that there are tacky designs, that there are ugly designs, that there are minimalist designs — this design, however, is plain worrisome. It screams out not only of laziness in design, but also of laziness in security. As an example, when you submit your registration information, it is sent through an unsecured protocol. That means that anybody can intercept your personal information. In our opinion that is a deal killer right there.

— What PeachMate Offers —

PeachMate presents itself as a no-frills free hookup site. While the no-frills part of its description is accurate, the effectiveness of PeachMate as a hook-up site is in serious question. The site claims that you can find thousands of local people looking for hookups. That seems rather odd to us, considering that an analysis of its traffic indicates that PeachMate only receives approximately 350 visitors per day. What’s even funnier is that most of this traffic is not from the U.S.

While PeachMate boasts that all its features are free — profile pages, search functions, forums, instant messaging, internal email — it still does not eliminate the fact that there are very few members and that the site itself appears to be highly insecure.

— PeachMate User Experience —

For those of you that say, “to hell with security precautions,” and go forward and register on PeachMate, this is the sort of user experience that you can expect. Very few female profiles — and for those that are present, the vast majority are abandoned. During five days of testing, we could not engage in any sort of communication with anybody on PeachMate. You read correctly — not one person.