Senior Sizzle Review — HookUps Don’t End After 40

In order to provide our readers with a clearer picture of what Senior Sizzle offers, our testers joined the site and put it to the test. Can this site help mature adults find the heat they are looking for? Read our following Senior Sizzle review to get the full skinny.

Senior Sizzle Review

Senior Sizzle Review Results
  • Popularity - 68
  • Value - 72
  • Features - 82
  • Quality of Members - 93
  • Safety - 95
  • Customer Satisfaction - 90


SeniorSizzle opens a door to a demographic that is often ignored when it comes to casual hookups. As the population ages, this site should be well positioned to offer consistency in the quality of the matchmaking results that it offers. We found the user experience it offers its members to be beyond satisfactory. The look of the site may seem a bit dated to a younger crowd, but that's not its target demographic. We feel that the user interface is ideal for those mature adults seeking some fun. We rate Senior Sizzle as ABOVE AVERAGE .

— Pros and Cons of Senior Sizzle —


  • Part of the Friend Finder Network
  • There is a free version
  • Large user base
  • Powerful search engine to those with gold membership


  • No dedicated mobile apps

— Full Senior Sizzle Review —

Unlike what your average twentysomething might think, hot steamy casual sex — or at least the desire for it — does not end after you turn 40. If you think about it, with increasing divorce rates, people living longer healthier lives — it would stand to reason that more and more men and women in their forties, fifties, sixties — and, yes, even seventies — are out there wanting to hook up.

Okay, if you are in your twenties and you want to move along — we understand. The thought of a hookup site which your parents or grandparents can use for some no-strings-attached freakiness may be too much for you to bear. If you are over 40, however, please read on.

We came across a hookup site — not a long-term relationship dating site, a bonafide casual hookup site — focused strictly on the mature adult market. It is called Its slogan, “Where Experienced Lovers Hook Up,” explains in a single sentence what the site is about.

— A Little Background on Senior Sizzle —

SeniorSizzle boasts that it has over 77 million active users as of mid-2017. Those figures reflect the site’s worldwide membership. Approximately half of its membership base comes from the United States. Any way you slice it, the user base is huge.

At first, this large number made us suspicious. Upon joining the site and digging around, however, we discovered why the numbers are so high. Approximately one-quarter of the members are below the age of 40. The site is popular among those seeking MILFS and GILFS, as well as the primary demographic served by the site. That partially explains the large number. In our opinion, as long as the majority of the members are over 40 — the more the merrier.

Another contributing factor to its large membership base is the fact that it is a part of the Friend Finder Network. This means that its user base incorporates figures from the larger network. During our tests, we found that nearly all of the users on the site were either above the age of 40 or explicitly looking to hookup with someone over the age of 40. In that sense, Senior Sizzle offers an honest and genuine set of members.

— Senior Sizzle Registration —

To register on SeniorSizzle, you must visit their welcome page. The page itself may seem a tad bit visually strained. In an attempt to highlight the fact that the site is dedicated to sexual hookups for mature adults, the image used on their banner consists of a mature couple engaged in — as our great-great-grandparents would say — sexual congress. That was fine with us, the only comment we have about it is that it consists of a crudely photoshopped image pasting mature faces on twentysomething bodies.

Registering for a standard membership is free. You only need to provide basic information, such as your gender, age, location, and a valid email. Make sure to check your email shortly after registering. An email is sent to you with a validation link that you must click on to finish the registration process.

Senior Sizzle registration 1 Senior Sizzle registration 2 Senior Sizzle registration 3 Senior Sizzle registration 4 Senior Sizzle registration 5

— User Experience and Features —

After you register you can access the members’ area. It has a standard design. If you are a member of another Friend Finder Network site, the layout will look very familiar. In terms of functionality, it offers a panel on the left-side that provides users with quick access to their profiles, incoming messages, friends lists, as well as favorited photos and videos. This is also where users can access lists of who viewed, flirted or hot listed your profile.

The upper portion of the site contains a navigation menu that allows users to access the SeniorSizzle search engine, view members that are currently online, and access the community forums/blogs.

— The Power of Search —

If you are a free member of SeniorSizzle, the criteria that you can apply to your search for potential matches is limited. You are basically confined to broad level searches. If you purchase a silver or gold level membership, you can fine tune your searches. You can tweak search criteria such as age range, miles from your location, specific physical attributes, sexual and relationship-related preferences, etc.

We found the power of the SeniorSizzle search engine for free users to be very weak. The power of search associated with a gold membership, however, was impressive. Our testers were able to find highly compatible matches when filtering their results with a gold membership.

— Cost of Senior Sizzle —


Senior Sizzle cost

The gold plan has a cost of $40 per month. You can lower the average monthly price to $27 if you pay for three months in advance. Paying for an entire year up front will lower the cost of monthly membership to 20$.

While pricey, from our testing we found the three-month gold membership to be a decent value. The added power that you get in search as a gold user was the determining factor for us.

— Extra Features —

Senior Sizzle provides its users with blogs, online magazines, and forums. These are written from the perspective of mature adults. They have a strong following among the site’s users.

One thing that our testers complained about was the absence of dedicated mobile apps for the site. The SeniorSizzle site is “mobile-accessible” only through mobile browsers. This means that depending on your device, the user experience will vary greatly. Those testers that were on devices with smaller screens or slower hardware, experienced poor visibility, lag times and even a few crashes. To get the optimum user experience out of Senior Sizzle, a desktop browser is recommended.