Review — Is It a Hit or a Slip?

Stumbled Upon and wondering whether or not this is a legit way to meet real singles? Our review is sure to benefit you in your search for real local singles. review Review Results
  • Popularity - 38
  • Value - 36
  • Features - 33
  • Quality of Members - 32
  • Safety - 44
  • Customer Satisfaction - 43

The Final Word on

Allow us to make our final conclusion crystal clear — Slip. CC only serves to redirect you to The latter is nothing more than a bait to upgrade site. It will not get you anywhere near a real married woman looking to have an affair. You'd probably have better luck walking up to a random man on the street and asking him if it's okay for you to have an affair with his wife. We rate — and by extension — as VERY POOR.

— Pros and Cons of —


  • In our honest opinion, there are no pros.


  • is full of fake profiles
  • Expensive monthly membership
  • No practical functionality in free version
  • Search engine returns same matches for different geographic locations

— in-Depth Review —

What is Is it something mysterious? Is it an exclusive dating site worth investigating? Those were the questions that spun in our heads when we first heard of We came across this online dating site in a very roundabout way. We had not heard much buzz about it on social media, neither had we seen any advertising for it. However, we did notice that on some online dating forums, Slip’s name had started appearing with greater frequency in posts.

Usually, when an online dating site starts receiving mentions at the “grassroots” level — that’s a good thing. That is why we decided to visit and conduct a thorough review. Don’t forget to check out our list of the 5 best hookup sites to use in 2024.

— First Impression of — homepage

Upon navigating to the Slip website, our expectations dropped to the floor. We were greeted by a black screen with three lines of simple text informing us that we must click on the link to prove that we were over the age of 18. Normally, we wouldn’t click on such austere looking links. However, in order to conduct the review, we swallowed hard and moved forward. redirect

The link redirected us to an entirely different site. This site was called This site identified itself as a hook-up site where you can meet married women for extra-marital affairs. Registration on AffairAlert was simple enough — requiring only that you identify your gender, select a username and password, and provide a valid email address. As is usually the case, the valid email is where you are sent a validation link which you must click to finish the registration process.

— User Experience —

Unfortunately, AffairAlert displays all of the signs normally associated with a “bait to upgrade” site. In the members’ area, you start receiving emails and message requests from women almost immediately. When you click on these messages, you will discover that in order to reply you must upgrade to a paid membership.

During our review, we conducted searches using two different accounts. Each account was given a different geographic location. Incredibly, when a search for matches was conducted from each individual account, we received the same search results. What’s worse, not only were the member profiles that we were being matched with the same, but they were being represented to us as if they were within a few miles of us. Funny, considering that each of our testing accounts was registered in locations over 1.200 miles apart of each other.

A check of the terms of service for AffairAlert revealed what we suspected. AffairAlert creates fictitious profiles for marketing and entertainment purposes. Stated in a different way, it allows them to use fake profiles to lure you into buying an upgraded membership.

— Paid Membership on — cost

Paid membership on AffairAlert doesn’t come cheap. They have a 3-day trial for $8.90. They also have a 3-month membership for $49.95, a 6-month membership for $69.90, and a VIP membership for $29.95 a month. We attempted to identify what additional features were offered in a VIP membership. Honestly — to this day — it still remains unclear to us what these additional benefits are. Perhaps it’s just the added pride in having VIP status.

This review focuses on a unique dating website that operates primarily as a gateway, directing users to various dating platforms based on their geographical location. This website itself doesn’t offer any direct dating services or features; instead, it serves as an intermediary that connects users to other dating sites . Users have the ability to see which external site they are being redirected to, allowing them the option to return to our site to explore comprehensive evaluations and decide whether the recommended platform is worth their time and effort to sign up for.