SPdate Review — Click for Dates or Clickbait?

“Smart dating” and “real people.” Those are words which sound refreshing when applied to the online dating scene. After all, we have all had our fair share of encounters with sites and apps that are less than ingenious.

How lovely it must be to enter an online world of genuine men and women all seeking to partner up for casual or long-term bliss. Yes, an online dating utopia indeed.

Well, a dating site known as SPdate.com promotes itself as a platform for “smart dating” for “real people.”

Could it be that the ultimate solution to finding love, passion, and sex online is to be found on SPdate?

We must admit, we were intrigued. After years of digging deep into what the online dating industry has to offer, we have encountered some gems just as we have encountered some giant t*rds.

Could SPdate make all of that previous effort mute? Could it be that we have finally arrived at the ultimate solution for everyone’s online dating needs? Will our humble information and review site no longer be needed?

Okay, with such a build up you know that one of two things are coming. Either we will bow down before the online dating gods in gratitude for giving us SPdate — or — we will ravage them by unleashing the might and furor of our most sarcastic of review writers upon them.

Either way, it will be a fun ride and an even funnier read. So be sure to check out our SPdate review.

SPdate Review

SPdate Review Results
  • Popularity - 32
  • Value - 14
  • Features - 31
  • Quality of Members - 15
  • Safety - 12
  • Customer Satisfaction - 18

Final Word on SPdate

SPdate touts that it is a platform to meet "real people." Well, unless "real people" are defined as fake profiles and messaging bots, SPdate falls way short of what it suggests.

We rate SPdate as a huge FAIL.

— Pros and Cons —

Pros (with a nudge and a wink)

  • Great place to find ads for questionable and dubious third-party sites
  • Most of the fake profile pics are pretty hot
  • You won’t encounter direct upsells


  • Lack of real women on the site
  • Floods you with fake messages
  • Full of clickbait-type ads
  • Utterly ineffective for meeting real people

— The Welcome Page —


Let’s start things off nice and easy. Like a solo jazz saxophonist easing everybody in the club into his groove.

When you first arrive at the welcome page for SPdate that is how you feel. It uses one of those “less is more” designs. A solid black background with minimal messaging in a white-colored font and a registration box. Yeah, baby —it definitely looks cool. It is successful in building up anticipation from those who land on it.

Since the only action that you can take on the welcome page is to register, that’s what our testers did. No, they’re not gullible goofs — they’re just doing their jobs, dammit.

— The Registration Process —

All of us here at OnlineHookupSites have scoured the internet high and low. In all of our digital travels, we have never come across a registration process that was as fast or as undemanding as that of SPdate.

Sure, some sites offer new users a “short-form” up front but eventually, you must provide some additional information or confirm your account via email or Facebook. This is not the case with SPdate. Our testers only had to enter their names, an email address, their gender, and age — and that was it. One click on the “Create Account” button and everyone was in. No nag screens to verify your account, no reminders to upload photos or a bio — none of that. It was as if SPdate could telepathically know who we were and what sort of person we were seeking to meet. Kinda spooky in a way. Some of our testers even thought that it might have been some of that AI-technology crap that they have heard so much about.

— The SPdate Initial Experience —

Pleasantly surprised by how fast the registration process was, our testers weren’t even given the time to celebrate properly before their elation soon turned to euphoria. Literally in microseconds from entering the main platform SPdate notified each of our testers that they had an “incoming call.” Yes, an online call — plus — they had their choice of answering in voice-only mode or in video chat mode.

spdate incoming call

“Be still our beating hearts,” they all said with the exception of Fred, one of our senior editors who feels lucky each time his heart takes another beat after a lifelong addiction to fatty foods and cigarettes. Nevertheless, receiving an INCOMING CALL from a hot looking chick when you have been on a site for less than a second is mind-blowing.

Not only that, but some of our testers also noticed that their inboxes had multiple messages from different women. Many consisted of the message, “nice photo,” even if our testers hadn’t had the chance to upload one or were too self-conscious to do so even if given the chance.

Man, SPdate sure seemed sweet. Why couldn’t all dating and hookup sites be that way?

— The SPdate Letdown —

As thoughts of live online wickedness and debauchery filled the heads of each of our testers as they were clicking on the “answer” button to their respective incoming calls… something unpleasant happened. It was like witnessing a truckload of cute puppies and kittens dressed up in little bows get struck by a runaway train. It really broke our testers’ hearts.

Each time they tried to answer their call they were directed to a newly opened window on their browser. This kept happening over and over again. In the case of Fred, brave and dedicated soul that he his, it happened 27 consecutive times.

Our testers were being redirected to third-party sites with names like:

Please-Fill-Me, F*ck-Us-Now, Wet-Her, and Wet-Date.

What sort of sorcery could be causing that? Could a jealous competitor have hacked the good folks at SPdate and be redirecting traffic to such sites?

Well, the answer is not as outlandish as that. It is, however, rather disappointing. Those redirects are a ploy used by SPdate to redirect traffic to other sites from which they are likely taking a cut of the action.

— SPdate is More Clickbait Than Anything —

To be honest the whole SPdate site appears to be geared as a huge clickbait farm. There are banner ads with taglines that read, “want a f*ck buddy?” and “f*ck a slut today!” Now, as enticing as those offers sound, unfortunately, all lead to third-party sites that seem of a dubious origin.

All of the profiles on the site appear to be fake as are the incoming messages and calls. It is as if the entire SPdate platform were some shallow shell to make you click on ads.

The most original aspect about SPdate was that our testers did not encounter direct upselling efforts. The fine print on the site indicates that SPdate has a “premium” paid version. However, it was never directly promoted to our testers and navigating through the site did not get us to an upgrade or payment page. That, admittedly, seemed very odd to us. Whether SPdate was undergoing some changes that day or if it is set up by design to be exclusively an ad serving site, only the online dating gods know for sure.