Sweet Discreet Review — Just How Sweet Is It?

When it comes to a hookup site, what do you look for? Discretion, effectiveness, reliability, a large user base? In all likelihood, you probably look for all of these things and more. Many people will take into consideration the type of members that the hookup site has. Others will take into account how many of the members live near them. Hopefully, our Sweet Discreet review will help you decide whether or not this site is right for you.

SweetDiscreet.com Review

Sweet Discreet Review Results
  • Popularity - 48
  • Value - 37
  • Features - 62
  • Quality of Members - 42
  • Safety - 61
  • Customer Satisfaction - 37

Final Word on Sweet Discreet

SweetDiscreet is not a full blown bait to upgrade site. We are convinced that there are legitimate female members on the site. However, their low number and minimal level of activity in comparison to the fictitious profiles also present on the site, render SweetDiscreet as an ineffective hookup option.

We have to rate SweetDiscreet as BELOW AVERAGE — a site that should be avoided.

— Pros and Cons of Sweet Discreet —


  • Fast and easy registration process
  • Site design is dated, but easy to navigate


  • Requires paid membership to reply to messages
  • Fake profiles are present
  • Monthly membership is expensive
  • Response rate from matches is very low

— in-Depth Sweet Discreet Review —

Sweet Discreet

Recently, we came across a hookup site named SweetDiscreet.com. Based on its advertising copy and by the way that it was being promoted by its affiliates, it came across giving an impression that it was a one-stop shop for hookups. This, of course, left us wondering — is Sweet Discreet really that effective? We dug a little deeper into the site and determined that it has been around for at least five years. Why hadn’t it come across our radar before?

While it is not unusual for hookup sites to suddenly be revamped or to rise from obscurity — when it happens — we become curious. In the case of Sweet Discreet, our curiosity was more intense than normal due to the fact that most of the buzz surrounding it came from promotional activity. That means that it wasn’t the average person raving about the site — rather its buzz was being generated by paid advertising and slanted favorable commentaries from individuals with a vested interest in bringing attention to the site.

We felt that the best way to ascertain for our readers where Sweet Discreet stood in the universe of hookup sites was to join the site and test how sweet it really was. This is our Sweet Discreet review.

— First Impression of Sweet Discreet —

One thing that we were able to determine immediately was that Sweet Discreet was an actual hookup site. It was not some convoluted redirect domain designed to send traffic to an entirely different site. When we landed on its welcome page, our hopes were further bolstered by seeing a page that was handsomely and professionally designed. Often times, the welcome pages of hookup sites are lacking in information — being geared almost exclusively at getting visitors to click a “join now” button.

While, obviously, Sweet Discreet was going to have an enrollment button predominantly displayed on its welcome page, it wasn’t the only focus of the page. For those interested in learning more about Sweet Discreet, there were actual succinct descriptions of its services located right below the sign-up button. There was even a navigation footer where users could easily navigate to the about and FAQ sections of the site. Essentially, for those visitors wanting to conduct due diligence on the site, information was readily accessible. In our opinion, that was a good sign — transparency always is.

— Registration Process —

With our confidence boosted by the appearance of Sweet Discreet’s welcome page, we went ahead with registering for an account. By clicking on the “Create Account” button, we were redirected to the site’s sign-up form. It consisted of a single page requesting your gender and the gender of the partner that you were interested in seeking. Further down the page, you also had to enter the age range of the hookup you were looking for, and the type of relationship that you were looking for. Five relationship types are presented for you to choose from. These include: short-term, long-term, cyber/email, taking it slowly, or anything exciting.

Sweet Discreet Registration

Beyond that, it was just a matter of selecting a username and password, entering your location, birth date, and a valid email address. Within seconds of submitting that information, a verification email was sent to our email from which we had to click on a verification link. With that, we were officially welcomed into the Sweet Discreet family.

— The Membership Area —

Initial registration on Sweet Discreet is free. That meant that we got our first taste of the membership area as a free user. A few things came immediately to our attention. First, for reasons that are still inexplicable to us, the overall design and look for the membership area was different than that found on the welcome page. The membership area appeared to be dated — like something from the early 2000s. Second, we started receiving a large number of message invitations. When we opened these messages, we discovered that in order to reply, we needed to upgrade to a paid membership.

It was the second point that caused the hair on the back of our necks to stand on end. From experience, we knew that when messages started arriving so soon after registering, they were usually the result of fictitious profiles being used by the site to entice you to upgrade. By reading through Sweet Discreet’s terms of service, we were disappointed to find out that they too use that tactic.

— Sweet Discreet Paid Membership —

Sweet Discreet Cost

Having slammed our noses up against the paywall with regards to engaging in any sort of communication with other members, we decided to upgrade to gold membership. Sweet Discreet charges $34.99 for a one-month membership. Alternatively, you can choose to pay $68.97 for a three-month membership. For our testing purposes, we used the site’s offer of a two-day trial membership for $9.98.

— Sweet Discreet User Experience —

Armed with a paid membership, we put Sweet Discret through all of the motions to determine how effective of a hookup site it was. The results were less than impressive. As we had already mentioned, there was a large presence of fictitious profiles. Mingled in with the fake profiles, however, were some real profiles. Unfortunately, many of the real profiles were from inactive users or belonged to members living at distances too great to allow for a casual hookup.

We conducted multiple searches throughout the 48 hours of our trial membership. Each time, the most results that we got for members living within 50 miles of our location was one person. Mind you, this is after loosening up our search criteria. By that stage, as long as the person was breathing we were accepting them. The results were an absolute disappointment.

Even the site’s version of swipe-to-match fell flat. Sure, there were plenty of matches that were served to us so we could swipe right or swipe left, but most seemed to be of fake profiles. We never once were notified of having made a swiping match. Trust us, swiping and never getting a response is not fun at all.