uLust Review — Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before Joining

Claiming that it has nearly 1.9 million members, we couldn’t pass up the chance to take uLust for a spin and see how it delivers. After all, with a tagline like “U Join, U Search, U Score” how could we not sign up and check this site out? Here is our comprehensive uLust Review.

uLust Review

ULust Review Results
  • Popularity - 31
  • Value - 10
  • Features - 64
  • Quality of Members - 15
  • Safety - 66
  • Customer Satisfaction - 17

ULust Review Conclusion

There are many hookup sites that offer better user experiences, are far less expensive to join, and that actually deliver results. We rate uLust as POOR. If you feel the hankering for a hookup, we urge you to look elsewhere.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Very Inviting Homepage
  • Quick Registration Process


  • Full of fake and abandoned profiles
  • Paid Membership is required even though it is marketed as a free site
  • Actual hookups are pretty much impossible to find

— uLust Review —


When you first visit uLust, you will encounter a very plain looking page. If you didn’t know that you were visiting a hookup site (and if it weren’t for the handful of tiled images of scantily clad ladies in various provocative poses) you’d think that you were visiting a general interest blog from 2008.

This page serves as a login page for existing members, as well as a welcome page for prospective new members. Finding the registration button may be a bit of a challenge — especially if it’s late at night, your buzzed and extremely horny. The button is blue and is located on the upper right-hand corner and is labeled as “click here to join for free.” Maybe with nearly 1.9 million “members” uLust feels that making the registration button harder to find will keep their numbers more manageable. Honestly, we don’t know why the registration button isn’t more predominant.

— Registration Process  —

The sign-up process for uLust is short and simple. They only request the barest amount of information from you. You do have to provide a valid email address to verify your registration, but what hookup site doesn’t, right? For our uLust review, we registered in less than three minutes.

uLust profile registration 1

— What About My Profile? —

We realize that you take pride in describing yourself and your near superhero level of sexual prowess. However, uLust makes entering any sort of descriptive information optional. We were able to register without adding a single line to our profile — we didn’t even add a picture.

— Lustful Bots —

If our time reviewing uLust taught us anything, it’s that automated chat-bots and sanctioned fictitious profiles can also be capable of lusting after humans. Yes, from the moment that we first logged in (missing profile and all), we were flooded with chat requests from countless supposed female members.

You see, uLust employs a method which they fully disclose in their terms of service — so it’s all legal — which utilizes these chat-bots to lure you into paying for a membership.

— Cost —

uLust cost

With a price tag of $35.70 per month for what they call a “platinum” membership and $29.95 for a “gold” membership, uLust appears to be lusting after horny people’s money. Normally, we would detail the different features that each membership tier offers — in the case of uLust, however, suffice it to say, JUST DON’T PAY.

The entire site is geared toward luring you into a membership plan, but in the end, there are no real women on the site. Once we paid, the chatbot messages stopped and we never received a single request. Our chat requests also went unanswered.