WantUBad Review — Will You Find What You Want?

We wanted to see for ourselves if the negative reviews published about WantUBad were warranted. We joined and tried the site ourselves for several days to bring you this honest WantUBad review.

WantuBad review

WantUBad Review Results
  • Popularity - 29
  • Value - 24
  • Features - 64
  • Quality of Members - 31
  • Safety - 65
  • Customer Satisfaction - 30

The Bottom Line on WantUBad

The result of our WantUBad review is that it appears to be nothing more than a site designed to provoke compulsive purchases of its paid membership plans. From our experience on the site, there were no real women present — not from our area, nor anywhere else for that matter. We would rate WantUBad as VERY POOR. You will have no trouble finding other hookup and dating sites that will give you a better chance of finding what you really want.

— Full WantUBad Review —

When you want something badly enough, you do whatever you can to get it. This holds true for food, water, money, and — yes, sex. This is what likely motivated the creators of WantUBad.com — a hookup site that appeared on our radar recently. The question from our perspective was, will this site help you to find what you really want? Namely, hot women eager to meet up for casual sex — all within driving distance of your home, of course.

To find the answer to that question — and to have an excuse to roam around the intrepid world of lustful women seeking sex-starved men — we took it upon ourselves to review and evaluate WantUBad.com

— First Impression of WantUBad —


Our first impression of WantUBad had our full attention focused on the image of the seductive young woman on the welcome page. Posed perfectly to incite lustful desires — as well as to direct our attention to the signup form — her image still resonates in our mind. After a few moments of allowing our imagination to have its flights of fancy about how easy it must be to hook up with other hot women just like her, we resigned ourselves to the fact that nothing would come of this unless we first signed up.

— WantUBad Registration Process —

Fortunately, the registration process was extremely fast and easy. WantUBad only requires registrants to select a username, password, verify their birth date and to provide an email address for verification purposes. With the thought of the welcome page hottie still in our heads, we were registered and verified in less than three minutes flat for our WantUBad review.

WantuBad registration

WantuBad registration 2

— Our Expectations Go Boom —

We had hardly entered the membership area when we started receiving message after message from attractive women, supposedly from our area. Could this be real, could it finally be happening — were our manly charms finally being appreciated by hot, sex-hungry women? While our egos, among other things, grew with anticipation — things soon came crashing down.

First, how could it be that without adding a single detail to our profile — not even our location — we were generating such a stir? When we tried to respond to one of these incoming messages everything became clear. In order to reply, we were informed that a paid membership was required. At $24.99 per month, it gave us pause for thought.

We dug deeper and actually read through WantUBad’s terms of service. Sure enough, it stated that the site uses fictitious profiles for marketing purposes. In other words, all of those incoming messages weren’t due to our sexual magnetism — they were automated messages — nothing more than chat-bots!

The longer we stayed connected, the more chat requests, emails and winks we received from WantUBad chat-bots. While we are very open minded, somehow sex with a chatbot is not on our list of things that we want.

— Cost of WantUBad —

Cost of WantuBad

Considering the poor results you can expect with WantUBad, membership is quite pricey. A month of membership will cost you nearly 30$. There are discounted rates for anyone who’s willing to pay for 3 or 6 months in advance.