xCheaters Review — Who’s Cheating Here?

Before you rush into joining xCheaters,  you may want to read our review. Remember, just because a site has a catchy name does not mean that it will yield the results that you want. Here is our in-depth, xCheaters review.

xcheaters review

xCheaters Review Results
  • Popularity - 34
  • Value - 26
  • Features - 44
  • Quality of Members - 22
  • Safety - 26
  • Customer Satisfaction - 20

Final Word on xCheaters

xCheaters.com is an online hookup site that in terms of simplicity of design and ease-of-use would earn high marks. Sadly, since it lacks genuineness and authenticity in its user base, it creates a very poor user experience. After all, if you register on a site to find open-minded adults willing to engage in affairs, you do not want to spend your time digging through automated messages and fake profiles only to end your evening alone.

We would rate xCheaters as POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast registration
  • Free version allows for fair evaluation


  • Lacks any form of user authentication
  • Full of fake profiles
  • Sends users automated messages
  • Sends promotional material to your email

— In-Depth xCheaters Review —


There are many ways to hook up. You can go to a club or a singles bar and try to meet people there. You can also join an online hookup site and search for like-minded adults that way. However, when you do decide to hook up, not only must you consider how and where to do it — but also with whom?

In other words, are you looking for like-minded singles, swinging couples, or for someone who is looking for an affair? In the case of the latter, whether you are the one that is cheating, or if you are the one that someone is cheating with, there are hookup sites that focus on bringing cheaters together.

xCheaters.com is one of those sites. Partly due to its branding, it’s easy to remember and could become a “go to” site for those seeking a little action on the side. Unfortunately, names, as you know, can be deceiving.

— Concerns Right off the Bat —

When you first visit the xCheaters.com welcome page, the untrained eye may be intrigued by its appearance. The design is simple but visually captivating. It consists of a minimalistic top banner with the xCheaters logo and a large background image consisting of smaller tiled images of supposed members of the site. In the footer, you will see a counter informing you of the number of active members on the site as well as how many are currently online. During our tests, xCheaters boasted about having over 2.3 million members with over 32,000 online. Smack dab in the center, there is a registration box beckoning new users to “Join now, it’s 100% free.”

Our concerns did not start with the design, which actually looks pretty decent, but rather with what you discover when you look in closer. More specifically, we are talking about what you find in the fine print at the bottom of the registration box. On there, you will find the following statement, “I also agree to receive email newsletters, account updates, special offers and communications from computer-generated virtual profiles, targeted to me and my interests, sent by xCheaters.com.”

xcheaters fake profiles

If that statement isn’t clear enough for you, it basically states that the site uses fake profiles and that they will use your email address to send you advertising. Hmm, maybe that is why they use such a small font in a very light gray color on a white background to “disclose” this information.

— Registration Process —

Xcheaters Registration 1

Xcheaters Registration 2

It is no surprise to us that the registration process for xCheaters is incredibly fast and simple. All that you have to do is provide a valid email, your date of birth, and select a password to access your new account. Following that, all you have to do is check the box confirming that you have read the site’s terms and conditions as well as its privacy policy and then you click on the pink button that reads “register now.”

That’s it. There aren’t any additional mandatory steps to the registration process. You don’t even have to wait for a validation email to click on a confirmation link. Before you begin showing off your celebratory dance, allow us to inform you that these types of expedited registration systems are usually indicative of a poor user experience further down the road. Always take “fast registration” with a grain of salt.

— Platform and Features —


The platform on xCheaters is laid out in an easy to navigate three column layout. On the left column, you have quick access to your recent activity. This reflects how many people you have liked, how many people have liked you, how many people have visited your profile, and how many matches you have. Immediately below that you have quick access to your incoming and sent messages.

The center column takes up the largest portion of the screen and holds a timeline of updates from users on the site. From there, you can also post your own updates.

The right-hand column consists of the “quick match” feature. This contains user profiles that xCheaters suggests to you based on your user profile and any search parameters that you have selected in the past.

Below that, you have two additional sections. One highlights members that are currently online and the other one highlights members that have joined the site recently.

On the top menu bar, you can access the search and discovery features for the site. The search module is very lightweight by online dating site standards. It allows you to filter results based on gender, age, and location, but it does not offer any advanced filtering.

When you first access the xCheaters platform you may find that it seems static. Even when you refresh the page nothing changes. During our test, we discovered that until you begin to add some customization to your user profile, this latency in freshness tends to occur. You can access your profile page by clicking on the upper right-hand portion of the screen where your username appears. From there, on the drop-down menu, simply click on “edit profile.” From that same drop-down menu, you can also upload photos to your profile.

Regarding the type of photos that are accepted by xCheaters, we found a wide variety of images on the site. These included images containing nudity and provocative poses. We did not find any specific clause in the terms of service that forbids users from posting such pictures.

— User Experience —

Taking into consideration that one of the first things that we noticed about the site was the fake profile disclaimer in the registration box, we were expecting to be flooded by automated messages the instant that we accessed the platform. We were pleasantly surprised when that did not happen. However, a few hours after registering, we started receiving promotional emails from xCheaters. When we then accessed the platform again, we found on average eight messages waiting for us from what were obviously automated chatbots.

The reason for these chatbots and fake profiles involves the age-old story of luring new users to pay for a paid membership. In the case of xCheaters.com, a one-month membership will cost you $29.95, a three-month membership $59.95, and a six-month membership has a cost of $99.95.

Xcheaters Cost

Although the platform is somewhat simplistic, that alone would not create a negative user experience. As a matter of fact, some people may enjoy that level of simplicity. What does sour the user experience for us is the presence of fake profiles and chatbots. They constitute the majority of the activity on the site. In other words, real women are very difficult to find on this site.