23 Awesome Texts to Send a Girl You Like

Texts to Send a Girl You Like

Texting is an excellent way to let that girl you like know that you’re thinking about her. As opposed to a phone call that requires you to be on your toes every second so as not so say something that might make you sound silly, with a text you are in control. You have time think of what to write, what to respond — texting, done right, can make you sound as cool, romantic or dapper as you want to be.

Sounds great, right? Oh, wait — you’ve been staring at your phone for an hour and the only thing that you’ve entered on your screen is, “hey.”

Don’t worry, help is on the way. These are some texts to send a girl you like that are certain to get you results.

— The One-Liners —

These are texts that are meant to be sent out at any point during the day. They’re intended to let her know that she’s in your thoughts without the pressure of having to give you an immediate reply.

1.) “I just realized… you were the missing ingredient to my happiness”

2.) “Even with unlimited texting, I will never be able to tell you how much you mean to me”

3.) “What I wouldn’t do to be your phone, always by your side”

4.) “The 90s just called, they reminded me to tell you 143”

— The Rapport Builders —

Sometimes you need a text that will get a rapport going. It should be intriguing and witty enough to catch her attention and make her want to reply.

5.) “Now you’ve done it…”

When she asks what you are talking about, reply “now that you’re on my mind, I can’t stop thinking about you”

6.) “You’ll never guess what I dreamt about last night, HINT: you were in it”

7.) “I think my boss hates you”

When she asks why, reply with “because I’d rather think about you than concentrate on work”

— Morning Texts —

A morning text is a great way to let her know that you’re thinking about her from the moment that you start your day. These texts should be structured as salutatory. That means that they shouldn’t directly solicit a reply. Remember, mornings are busy times. You want her to know that she’s in your thoughts, but you don’t want to inconvenience her by making her feel like she has to enter into a text conversation that early in the day. Trust us, making her late for work is not going to be a point in your favor in the long run.

8.) “Good luck at work today, they’re lucky to have you”

This text is perfect for when you know that she has an important meeting or presentation that day.

9.) “Good morning, on behalf of the entire world, thanks for being our sunshine”

10.) “Shhh, don’t text back, just know I’m thinking about you. Have a great day”

11.) “Good morning, what I wouldn’t do to be able to give you a morning kiss right now”

12.) “Knowing that you are a part of my life makes every morning great”

— Casual Date Bait —

While a text should never be used to request a formal date, texting can be used to setup a more casual meeting. Perfect when you want to follow-up on an earlier formal date, or as a prelude to a more romantic date. These texts should be playful, yet enticing.

13.) “Do you know what you need…”

When she replies, respond with “a raspberry cheesecake latte, meet you at Starbucks in 45 min”

14.) “You’re in luck…”

When she inquires why, respond with “I’m available for dinner tonight”

— The “Cold Opening” —

These texts involve you texting a woman whom you barely know but would like to know better. Maybe you got her number at a club, or a mutual friend gave you her number, etc. These texts involve a little more finesse. After all, you wouldn’t want her to think you’re some sort of stalker or weirdo — or would you?

15.) “Remember me? O’Banion’s Bar & Grill, last Friday night. Just wondering if you’d like to meet for coffee?”

Her response will depend on how memorable your first impression was — if there’s no reply, you may try a second text a few hours later or the next day. If she still doesn’t reply — don’t push it, just move on.

16.) “Don’t you hate how awkward first texts can be. How about we discuss it over lunch?”

17.) “Hi, we met at O’Banion’s last Friday. Just wondering, would you like to meet there again tomorrow night?”

18.) “We met at the art gallery last Saturday. I got an invitation for the opening of the Miller exhibit. Care to join me?”

19.) “Of course I was going to text you. The question now is, will you text me back?”

— The Post-Date Text —

There are two theories regarding post-date texting. One says that you should wait one or two days before doing so. Another says that a brief text immediately following the date makes for the perfect wrap — kind of like a good after dinner mint. Regardless of which theory you follow, here are some effective post-date texts.

20.) “Just one more thing… did I mention how stunning you looked tonight?”

Also known as the “Columbo” text, it’s only effective if you made it a point to mention how attractive she looked several times throughout the date. Otherwise, it will sound like complimenting her beauty was just an after thought. Trust us, you don’t want to go there.

21.) “Can’t stop thinking how wonderful last night was, in spite of the soufflé ; )”

This is effective when the both of you had a great time even in spite of something not going quite right during the date. Perhaps the food was bad, the music was lousy, etc. It frames the evening around her and how much you enjoyed spending time with her.

22.) “OK, I’m ready for a rematch. Thursday night sound good to you? ; )”

This text is appropriate if your date involved some sort of friendly competition (pool, darts, bowling, etc.) We’ll take it as a given that you didn’t dominate the competition and let her win. If not, well, that will have to be a topic for a future discussion.

23.) “Promised myself I’d be cool and wait, but I can’t go to sleep without mentioning again how wonderful you are. Have a good night”

This text is longer than most, but for good reason. It should only be used in those instances when the date was truly magical. When you could feel that the both of you had real chemistry. Never use this text if the date was anything less than magnificent. Otherwise, it will make you sound creepy.

— Final Piece of Texting Advice —

Remember, a text has much more lingering value than a voice conversation (unless she’s into recording her voice conversations, in which case you may want to rethink the entire relationship)

If you strike a positive note with your texts, it’s highly likely that she will keep them on her cell for a long time to come. So, think before you text and make sure you send her something that’s worthy of creating a fond memory.