NSA Finder Review — Effective or Annoying?

NSAFinder has been the subject of several unkind reviews. In order to determine what the real story is, we conducted our own NSAFinder review. Here are the results.

Nsa Finder Review

NsaFinder Review Results
  • Popularity - 41
  • Value - 28
  • Features - 39
  • Quality of Members - 25
  • Safety - 49
  • Customer Satisfaction - 29

Final Word on NSAFinder

Unfortunately, based on our Nsa Finder Review, there isn't much that we can recommend about NSA Finder. The biggest killer for us were the intrusive fake profiles. They ruin the user experience and honestly, can leave users with an impression that the site is not legit, even though it is. Like we stated earlier, they fully disclose and label the fake profiles — but that isn't the point.

We believe that there are other casual hookup sites that are far superior. There is no objective path that would permit us to recommend this site.

The verdict on our Nsa Finder review: WAY BELOW AVERAGE.

— Pros and Cons of NSAFinder—


  • Familiar and intuitive user interface


  • Pricey
  • Free version has minimal functionality
  • Fake profiles are prevalent and intrusive
  • Use of feeder brands confusing for some


— Full NSAFinder Review —

The online dating site NSA Finder is one that is designed to bring people together who are in search of casual encounters. The name of the site itself sheds a clearer light as to the purpose of its existence. The “NSA” in the title stands for “no strings attached.”

— First Impression — (Definitely a Casual Hookup Site)

When you open the NSA Finder homepage you are greeted by a standard landing page featuring an attractive young woman, dressed in nothing but lingerie, in a compromising pose on top of a man. In the middle of the page is the call to action box which visitors can use to initiate the registration process. At least the intended purpose of the site is quite clear from the beginning. (this is not the place to find a future spouse)

— Legit Site or Feeder Site — (Feeder)

One of the biggest complaints that circulate about NSAfinder is that it is not a real dating site. From what we can deduce, NSAfinder.com functions as a feeder site, or branded overlay, for Xmeets. In fact, when you initiate the registration process with NSA Finder, you are redirected to Xmeets to furnish your personal information in order to build your profile and register.

Most of the negative comments that we encountered online inferred that NSA Finder was some sort of “dummy” or “scam” site. This misconception probably arose due to the public’s misunderstanding of the purpose of feeder sites. Essentially, NSAfinder’s purpose is to send qualified traffic to Xmeets. The site that collects and safeguards your data is Xmeets, not NSA Finder. The same is true for the features and functionality of the site — they all belong to Xmeets.

We can understand why this may be deemed deceptive by some, although it is perfectly legitimate. This fact is revealed in the terms and conditions of both sites.

— Registration Process — (Standard and Routine)

The initial registration is free for NSA Finder/Xmeets. You are required to provide your name and basic information such as gender, age, location, etc. You also need to include an email where a validation link will be sent to complete the process.

— Features — (Pretty Standard Except for XXX Movies)

The features offered on NSA Finder include:

  • Search – This is a standard search feature that members can use to find profiles.
  • Messaging – This is the member’s inbox. This is where incoming messages are received from other members.
  • Send SMS – This feature permits you to send an SMS message to another user. The feature acts as a privacy buffer. The sender writes the message on the platform, which in turn sends it to the registered mobile number of the recipient. At no time is the recipient’s mobile number revealed to the sender.
  • Scan Newest – This is a quick link to access a display of the newest members to the site.
  • Chat – This is the site’s instant messaging platform.
  • XXX Movies – This section provides access to a library of adult movies than can be accessed online through the site. We suppose that if you were unsuccessful in finding a hookup they provide this collection of porn movies as a consolation prize.

— Free vs Paid — (Pay to Play; Free Version Very Limited)

With the exception of the search feature, all of the other features require that you pay for a subscription in order to unlock their functionality. We are not trying to be purposefully negative, but with this site, we were not surprised by this.

— NSAFinder Cost — (A Bit High)

A 3-day trial subscription costs you $8.91. During our testing, we had some issues with this specific subscription type. While it is identified as being good for three days, in our testing, out of three sign ups, two lasted the full 72 hours, but the third one ended a good four hours before it was due to expire. We were unable to isolate any technical flaw on our end that would have caused this.

A one-month subscription costs $34.95, a three-month subscription costs $83.97, and a six-month subscription costs $119.94. Payment must be made with a credit or debit card. There is no other form of payment that is accepted.

— NsaFinder Fake Profiles — (Intrusive and Annoying)

We had heard about the presence of fake profiles on NSA Finder, however, we had no idea how prevalent they were until we started our evaluation during our Nsa Finder review. When you conduct a search, for us at least, over 85 percent of the profiles served to us were these fake profiles.

Before we delve deeper into this, we must explain that these fake profiles are called “fantasy cuties” by the site. NSA Finder fully discloses their existence in the terms and conditions. They are also labeled with a yellow star to indicate that they do not belong to a real person.

Some people might view that as dishonest or deceptive. In our opinion, it is sneaky but legal. They do disclose it — so technically speaking they are in the clear.

What we find bothersome about these fake profiles is how much more intrusive they are when compared to other sites that use similar “fantasy profiles.” In both the free and paid version, you are constantly bombarded by messages and chat invitations sent by these computer generated profiles.

Most of these fake messages from fake profiles are computer generated, others are written by what the terms and conditions section calls “independent contractors.” In the same section, NSA Finder describes the purpose of these actions is to provide “entertainment” and “pleasure” to their member base.

During our tests we found these communications to be annoying and painfully obvious that their sole intent is to get you to switch to a paid membership, or to titillate you enough to validate your purchase for those that have already paid.