Milfaholic Review — is Milfaholic a Scam?

If you’re going be a -holic, might as well be a milfaholic — at least that’s what the site is betting on. A casual dating site focusing on the MILF-seeking demographic, Milfaholic purports to be the place where you can find “sex starved MILFs” in a “private and discreet” manner. In order to determine whether or not these claims are true, and whether or not Milfaholic is a scam,  we conducted this Milfaholic review.

milfaholic review scam

MilfaHolic Review Results
  • Popularity - 41
  • Value - 36
  • Features - 58
  • Quality of Members - 26
  • Safety - 55
  • Customer Satisfaction - 27

Milfaholic Review  is it a Scam? Final Word

We won't go as far as calling a scam site simply because their attempt to lure you in with fake profiles is disclosed in their terms of service. However, a site like offers little which can be recommended. If MILFs are your thing, there are other niche sites that will yield you better results. You can also use more reputable casual dating sites and simply adjust the age range for the women that you search for to comply with MILF parameters.

Milfaholic earns a rating of FAIL

— Pros and Cons of Milfaholic —


  • Fast and easy registration process
  • The site will make you recall all your friends who had hot moms in high school and college


  • Full of fake profiles
  • Automated communication bots try to entice you into purchasing a paid membership

— In-Depth Milfaholic Review —

One thing we’ll say for Milfaholic, their definition of “private and discreet” is different from that found in most dictionaries. At least that’s what we could gather from their homepage which is filled with profile pictures of MILFs in varying degrees of nudity. If you read the small print at the bottom of the page, it will explain how there are “many hot and lonely MILFs in your area just waiting to hear from you.” When they spell it out like that, it becomes your duty as a horny and chivalrous gentleman to join.

— Registration Process —

Registering on Milfaholic is easy. From the homepage, you enter your gender, desired username, desired password and a valid email. In no time at all, you are sent a verification email and once you click on that — you are ready to enter the world of horny and lonely MILFs.

— User Experience —

By now, mental images of the mom of your best friend in high school doing aerobics in the living room while you ate Doritos in the kitchen are probably rushing through your head. All we can say is STOP. No need to get all revved up like that because, unfortunately, Milfaholic is just going to let you down.

When you enter the site immediately after registering, you are going to be flooded by chat requests from supposed MILFs that are members of the site. If you conduct a search, the search results will consist of an incredibly large number of MILFs supposedly dwelling (MILFs dwell, remember that) within a few miles of your location.

How could that be a bad thing? Well, if they were real MILFs it would definitely be “high-five” time. Sadly, these are all what the French would call “faux MILFs.” I don’t know about you, but we prefer our MILFs to be real (call us old fashioned). Essentially all of the profiles on Milfaholic are not from hot and horny MILFs. — they are from “third-party contractors” created for “entertainment and marketing purposes” as it is stipulated on Milfaholic’s terms and conditions. Yes, even those dozens of chat requests that you received — all automated chat-bots — bummer, we know. Who you thought were eager MILFs turn out to be just ploys to entice you to upgrade to a paid membership.

— Cost —

If you are one those eternal optimists and decide that maybe, just maybe, among the hundreds of fake MILF profiles there is just one real MILF in the Milfaholic database, then to be able to communicate with her you would need to pay $29.95 for a one-month membership, or $59.95 for a three-month membership.