CurvyBBW Review — Plus-Sized Hookups

If you are attracted to plus-sized women and you come across a hookup site that claims to be “the world’s largest BBW dating network,” chances are that you are going to be intrigued. Your interest would be advanced further if this same site were also to suggest that it can help you to “get busy tonight.” We are talking about This is an online hookup site that, as its name suggests, focuses on the BBW niche.

The question is, will this site really be able to help you find plus-sized women for plus-sized action? We reviewed CurvyBBW to find the answer to that question.

CurvyBBW review

CurvyBBW Review Results
  • Popularity - 31
  • Value - 18
  • Features - 28
  • Quality of Members - 9
  • Safety - 29
  • Customer Satisfaction - 16

Final Word on CurvyBBW

The consensus of our testers and editors was that CurvyBBW offers no value whatsoever to anyone that is seeking to use it to find a real partner. Its only value is a peripheral one —it's a good source for seductive and alluring images of BBW's, albeit from fake profiles. If all that you're interested in is sourcing images, CurvyBBW does that pretty well.

As a hookup site, however, we rate CurvyBBW as AWFUL.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Stable desktop browser platform
  • Nice collection of profile images
  • Fast registration process


  • Requires a paid membership for any degree of functionality
  • Lack of advanced search features
  • Lack of native mobile apps
  • Full of fake profiles and chatbots

— In-Depth CurvyBBW Review —


When you first visit the CurvyBBW homepage, you will encounter a simple yet professional looking page. The design of the homepage focuses on getting new users to register. In the area above the fold, the two most prominent features are an image of three lovely young models — that in our opinion are too thin to be considered BBWs — and a large registration box that allows you to create a free account. As far as first impressions go, the CurvyBBW homepage makes a good one.

— Registration Process —

On the homepage, the registration box asks you for your gender and the gender of the partner that you are seeking, your email address, your choice of username and password to access the platform, and your mobile phone number. All but the last item are mandatory. Once you enter your details, you can click on the large blue-colored button that reads “start now.”

CurvyBBW Registration

All that remains is to check your email and click on a confirmation link. Once you do that, your CurvyBBW account is activated and you can access their main platform.

— Accessibility —

CurvyBBW is designed primarily to be accessed via a desktop or laptop browser. The service does not have any native mobile apps.

If you want to access CurvyBBW via your smartphone, you will have to use the mobile version of the website on your phone’s browser. If you entered your mobile phone number at the moment of registration, you will receive via text message a link to the site’s mobile version. If you did not do that, you can access it by using the URL

When our testers accessed the site via a normal web browser, they did not encounter any issues regarding performance and navigation. However, when they tried to access the site via a mobile web browser there were instances when the site would stop functioning. This occurred primarily when our testers were trying to access individual profiles or initiate online chats.

— Platform and Features —

The CurvyBBW platform has a simple but functional design. Since the site does not offer a wide variety of features, they are all easy to find on the top navigation bar. The features offered by CurvyBBW include search, messaging, online chat, friends, favorites, quickies, and newest.

The level of search functionality offered by CurvyBBW is limited. Unlike other hookup sites that allow you to customize results for a wide range of attributes, on CurvyBBW you can only modify your searches for age range, location, and presence of a profile picture.

curvybbw search filters

We found this sort of simplified search to be frustrating and time-consuming.

The messaging and online chat features are standard. You can use them to leave messages for other members to read when they log on. You can also use them to engage in online chats.

The “friends and favorites” feature allows you to store the profiles of members that you like or with whom you have chatted. The “newest” feature is pretty self-explanatory — it displays the newest members of CurvyBBW.

The “quickie” feature is what most people would recognize as a popularity or swipe-discovery game. You are shown 10 images of suggested matches. You must respond “yes” or “no” to the question of whether you would be willing to date that particular person. If both you and the other person reply “yes,” you will both be notified and given the option of chatting privately. In our assessment, the “quickies” feature is nothing more than a crude version of an ordinary discovery feature found on many other sites.

— User Experience —

While we were not impressed by the level of innovation or uniqueness in the feature-set offered by CurvyBBW, we did not hold that immediately against them. After all, even though the features were pretty basic, technically speaking, they were functional.

Where CurvyBBW lost us was in the low regard that it has for its users. After spending just a few minutes on the site all of our testers — before they had even filled out any detail on their profiles — were flooded with incoming online chat messages. All of these messages, unfortunately, originated from what the site refers to as “fantasy cuties.”

We prefer to refer to these sort of profiles for what they truly are — fake profiles. As our testers conducted more thorough searches, it soon became evident that the entirety of the CurvyBBW female user base consisted of abandoned or fake profiles. That means that all of the messaging occurring on the site was being realized by chatbots.

We cannot say that we were entirely surprised. After all, on the bottom of the registration box in fine print, CurvyBBW discloses the fact that it uses “fantasy cuties” who may contact users for entertainment purposes, updates, and offers.

We just didn’t think that they would be so intense and pervasive.


Essentially, the sole purpose of CurvyBBW is to entice new users to respond to these chatbots. Since the only way to send a reply requires a paid membership, that means that the site is more interested in the user’s money than in matching him up with a real BBW.


— Cost —

CurvyBBW Cost

A one-month membership to CurvyBBW has a cost of $29.95. You also have the option of paying for three months in advance for a total of $49.95, or six months in advance for a total of $69.90. The site also has a three-day trial offer with a total cost of $8.90.

In all honesty, we see no value or benefit in obtaining a paid membership to this site.