Whim Dating App Review — Cut to the… Date

The concept behind Whim sounds intriguing. However, does it really fulfill its promise? Will joining Whim result in real dates faster than other apps? We conducted a full review of the Whim app to determine how good it really is. Take a moment and read it so you can decide for yourself.

whim dating app review

Whim Dating App Review Results
  • Popularity - 64
  • Value - 77
  • Features - 71
  • Quality of Members - 78
  • Safety - 81
  • Customer Satisfaction - 76

Final Word on Whim

Whim is a refreshing change from other dating apps. This does not mean that traditional dating apps have lost their purpose or functionality in our eyes. Just that Whim offers an interesting alternative.

For those individuals who often find themselves hesitating to make the first move in asking for a first date, for those who are shy, or for those who are just tired of online conversations that lead to nowhere — Whim makes for a great choice.

We would rate Whim as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Powerful free version
  • Focuses on real dates, not online chat
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Only available for iOS devices
  • Lack of messaging feature might seem odd to some

— In-Depth Whim Dating App Review —


There is no doubt that dating apps have revolutionized the way we meet people. They have made finding a compatible partner convenient and have also removed much of the awkwardness that is involved.

Even so, there is room for improvement. A dating app known as Whim is attempting to move the performance of dating apps to the next level.

Unlike other dating apps that result in protracted moments of online communication which many times lead to nothing — Whim does everything to bring about a real-world date as fast as possible. As Whim puts it, they’re all about “dating not texting.”

— Introduction to Whim —

To properly understand the Whim app, it is important to be aware of the fundamental differences that it has with other dating apps. Other apps use a combination of search and messaging features to bring people together. However, studies indicate that less than 5 percent of mutually matched online conversations end up in a real date. Put another way, that means that 95 percent of the potential matches that you engage with on other apps turn out to be a waste of your time. When you include the statistic that 80 percent of speculative messages go unanswered, that adds up to a ton of wasted time.

To combat this, Whim removes the messaging component entirely. You read that correctly, the Whim app does not have a messaging feature. You cannot engage in an online chat with prospective matches.

— How Does Whim Create Matches? —

You may be wondering how people meet on Whim if there is no messaging feature. Whim requires their members to complete a profile that provides a robust image of who they are. It takes into account everything from your physical attributes to those of your personality, habits, and outlook on life. Users must also provide the dates and times that they are available for a date.


The Whim algorithm first uses this information to show users the profiles of prospective matches. Each user indicates who they find to be good “dating material.” When there is mutual interest among users, Whim then takes the scheduling availability of those users and if that coincides, both users are notified and a dating location and time is set.

— Dynamic of a Whim Date —

When Whim creates a date for two of its members the notification that is sent to both parties includes the profile image of the other member as well as the name and address of the public venue where they will meet. It also includes the cell number of the member.


Even though Whim does not have an internal messaging system, it does require members to register their cell numbers. This, however, is only revealed during the date scheduling phase.

The purpose for this is so that both members can be assured that they will be present at the location and time indicated. Whim encourages its members not to use their time on the phone for anything beyond confirming that they will be there. Whim advocates that members use their face-to-face time during the date to get to know each other better — as opposed to over the phone.

Whim validates this methodology by citing an online dating statistic that indicates that first dates on other online dating platforms only result in relationships less than 11 percent of the time. Whim claims that their first dates result in relationships 70 percent of the time.

— Post-Date Evaluation —

In order to provide a top level of service to their members, Whim has a post-date evaluation procedure. The day following a scheduled date, Whim sends an evaluation request to both members. It asks the member how they would rate the date. There are four options for them to choose — “ugh,” “yay,” “okay,” and “wow.” Additionally, there is a text field where they can write their own comment about the date. Also, there are check boxes to report if the other person did not show up or if they engaged in inappropriate behavior.


Members that stand up their dates or that are reported to act inappropriately, face removal from the system. This further adds to the quality of the user experience as this tends to eliminate trolls and others who are not serious about dating.

— The Platform —

Whim is only available as a mobile app for iOS devices. It is not available for Android or desktop use. There is a companion website found at the URL joinwhim.com. There, users can find information about the app inclusive of a FAQ section.

When our testers downloaded and installed the app, they reported that its operation was fast and smooth. The navigation was described as intuitive. The overall aesthetic is clean and fresh. It has a white and turquoise motif that is pleasant on the eyes.

— Cost —

The free version of Whim is quite powerful. In our opinion, most people will be able to get by on the free version alone. However, a premium version is available at a cost of $19.99 per month. With the premium version, users are allowed to set up their own dates with prospective matches even if their available dates and times do not coincide initially.

— Safety —

With apps such as Whim that rely on a first date philosophy, safety is a legitimate concern. Fortunately, Whim takes great effort to properly vet their members. The profiles of new users are all reviewed by Whim staff to ensure that they meet the rigorous standards for authenticity and safety.