JustFuckHer Review — Who Really Gets F-ed on This Site?

Thinking of joining JustFuckHer to meet women for casual, no strings attached sex? Our JustFuckHer review reveals why this is a terrible choice.

JustFuckHer Review

JustFuckHer Review Results
  • Popularity - 18
  • Value - 64
  • Features - 47
  • Quality of Members - 39
  • Safety - 68
  • Customer Satisfaction - 37

Final Verdict on JustFuckHer (SlutRoulette)

As long as you are aware that JustFuckHer is a feeder site to SlutRoulette — and if you are fine with visiting a live cam sex site — then we have nothing negative to say about the site. However, if you were expecting a hookup or dating site, then you will be terribly disappointed. If you're just looking for a few minutes of online fun, then you'll probably get your money's worth.

— Pros and Cons of JustFuckHer —


  • Adequate number of professional cam models 24/7


  • No free cams available
  • Cams only, not a hook-up site
  • Use of promotional teaser sites can be misleading

— Full JustFuckHer Review —

The internet is a large place, but even in such vastness, a site with the name of JustFuckHer will catch your attention. Yes, such a site really exists. It is targeted at those who are desperate and that have absolutely no time to waste. Dinner? Drinks? Conversation? A movie? Absolutely, not — time’s a wasting, I just wanna f***!

Many questions came to mind when we discovered the existence of JustFuckHer. Is it really effective? Are there enough real women out there who just want to be f***ed and who are willing to join the site? Those were just some of the questions that motivated us to conduct this full JustFuckHer review.

— Where the Hell am I? —

When you first visit JustFuckHer, you will find that you are redirected to an entirely different website. You will land on a site called SlutRoulette.com. As much trust as you would love to place on a site called JustFuckHer, it unfortunately only serves as a feeder site.

— First Impression of JustFuckHer —

We know, some of you out there might say, “I don’t care, SlutRoulette sounds more promising anyway.”

Unfortunately, as some of you may recall, we’ve encountered SlutRoulette in the past. For those of you that are not aware of it, make sure that the volume is turned off on your device before visiting it. Otherwise, you’re going to startle those around you. The entire welcome page is designed to mimic a functioning sex chat site. There is a video loop consisting of different women engaged in — how should we say it — self-gratification. Rather loud and vociferous self-gratification at that.

There is also a chat box that entices you to enter a text message in the hopes that one of the self-gratifying sluts — sorry, we meant to say “up and coming stars of the screen” will answer you back. Of course, that will never happen as it is just a video loop. The moment you try to send a message, you are redirected to the registration page for SlutRoulette.

— What Is It, Really? —

We may joke about SlutRoulette, but in reality, it serves its purpose. The main issue that we have with the site is how it uses feeder sites — like JustFuckHer — to lure people into visiting the website.

SlutRoulette is legit, but not as a hookup site. Its function is that of a live cam sex site. We are fine with that — sometimes that’s all you need. However, if you were looking for some real flesh and bone action, SlutRoulette has nothing substantive to offer.

— JustFuckHer User Experience —

Registering on SlutRoulette is simple. You only need to validate your registration with an email address or your Google credentials. In our opinion, Google already knows way too much about us. As such, we would recommend registering with a valid email.

After registering, you can access the membership area. There you will find 18 different categories of live cams. We found each category to be adequately served by a minimum of four live cams at any given moment. To spend “quality time” with a cam model, you are charged on a per minute basis. These rates range from one to five dollars per minute.