Are Half of Us Sexual Freaks or Are We Just Normal?

During those moments late at night when you’re alone or in the company of another, do your thoughts go to ideas of a particular fetish? Do you enjoy voyeurism? What about sadomasochism? Perhaps, polyamorous encounters?

No, we are not being needlessly nosey. We are simply trying to make a point. That being that ideas which “normal” society likes to classify as “freaky” may be more normal than we are led to believe.

Studies on human sexual behavior indicate that at least 50 percent of people are into some sort of sexual fetish, masochism, voyeurism, or polyamorous encounters.

Are we Sexual Freaks

— What Does This Mean? —

Okay, this means that if we were honest with ourselves we would realize that our natural state of being is not as puritanical as some segments of our society — especially our grandmas — would like us to believe.

Of course, we are not here to attempt to impose moral perspective. We are simply trying to be pragmatic with what comes naturally to us in terms of our sexual desires. By extension, to arrive at what we want to get out of our physical relationships.

— Why Is This Important? —

Obviously, whatever turns somebody on is their own business. We would never want anybody poking around our particular sexual peccadillos. Likewise, we have no interest in poking around the sexual peccadillos of others. However, in order to help you find a path toward finding happy relationships, it is important to clarify that open-minded adult behavior is not something that should be repressed.

Most have heard of the statistics that indicate how over half of marriages end up in divorce. What we do not hear, however, is that in one-third of these divorces, sexual incompatibility is cited as a contributing factor.

Let that sink in for a minute. In one out of every three breakups, the lack of sexual harmony contributes to the dissolution of the relationship. It is ironic that an act that is meant to be so pleasurable, so unifying, so intimate, is the cause of an otherwise strong relationship falling apart. Surely, there must be something that can be done about that, right?

— Be an Adult About Your Desires —

You should be honest about your sexual desires. This means that you should be accepting about what turns you on. As long as it is legal and does not bring harm to another person, there should be no need for you to repress or otherwise feel guilty about what gets your motor going.

Many times, we fall victim to “what will they say” syndrome. We begin to overthink our desires and end up repressing them. Eventually, this will lead to needless stress, frustration, and opportunistic “venting” for relief. All of these can lead to the failure of a relationship

— There Are Others Who Are Into the Same Things as You—

No matter what you’re into — be it a foot fetish, cosplay, swinging activity, etc. — in a world with a population of over seven billion, there are bound to be millions of others who are into the same thing as you. This means that instead of feeling awkward —or worse, embarrassed — about what turns you on, you should be honest about it.

Accepting what floats your boat will not only remove a huge load of stress off your mind, but it will also bring you steps closer to finding a partner who will be into the same thing.

— Online Hookup Sites Can Be a Great Help —

We could write a million words about how being honest about your sexual desires is beneficial. However, if you can’t find other people to share and enjoy your desires the whole exercise would be moot. Fortunately, we live in a time when technology makes finding like-minded adults extremely easy.

We are talking of course about online hookup sites and apps. Available from the comfort of your smartphone or computer, they allow you to search for other adults who are into the same things that you are.

Some people are under the mistaken notion that dating sites are all one and the same. In other words, that their sole purpose is to meet people in the most generic way possible. Others believe that the only purpose of dating sites is for long-term romance. The reality is that, yes, there are many dating sites that work under that paradigm. However, there is also an equal number of dating sites that specialize in more casual encounters. These are referred to as adult online hookup sites. These can be further subdivided into more specific niche sites.

You can find niche online hookup platforms that cater to every sexual fetish imaginable. These are platforms that allow you to be free and open about your particular sexual desires free of outside criticism. They allow you to be yourself and to find others who are seeking the same things that you are.

— But I Don’t Want Something Casual —

As convenient as online hookup apps are for finding open-minded adults who share your sexual desires, it is understandable that going the casual route may not be for everybody. There will likely come a moment when you will want to find someone with whom to establish a long-term relationship but you do not want to compromise that which titillates and excites you. Likewise, you may find yourself in a relationship with a like-minded partner and you both may want to experiment with other people, either individually or as a couple.

Fortunately, there are online hookup platforms that cater to those types of situations as well. Sites such as Adult Friend Finder and are two good examples of adult-oriented hookup platforms that serve singles as well as couples. Some singles who have met on those sites have even gone on to establish not only energetic and satisfactory sexual relationships but also long-term romantic ones. Meeting under the auspices of sexual openness does not oblige you to remain casual if a more profound chemistry is present.

— Seek, Find, and Enjoy —

The main takeaway from all of this should be knowing that you are not alone. Being fond of a particular sexual fetish is nothing strange. As a matter of fact, being that at least half of all people are into at least one fetish or another, it would be correct to state that it is normal.

This means that instead of being embarrassed by it — or trying to hide it — you should live it and enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to find the dating or hookup platform that will give you the best opportunity for finding other like-minded adults.

In doing so, not only will you be happier sexually, but also emotionally. In the process, you will also be coming into contact with people with whom you can be truly free and honest. Even if your current needs are only casual in nature, exposure to such like-minded people will serve you well when the time comes to find that long-term partner. After all, nobody wants to live a life where they have to hide who they are sexually from their partner.

Remember, enjoying your sexual peccadilloes is normal.