Getting on Top of the Boise Casual Encounters Scene

Greetings fellow single Boisean. If you are reading this it most likely means that you fall into one of many camps.

1- You are single and living in Boise

2- You are single living in Boise and are getting jack-squat in terms of “action”

3- You see other singles you know hooking up yet, there you are, alone

4- You’re new to Boise and haven’t quite mastered the local casual dating vibe

5- You are in a relationship but seek some “extracurricular” activities

6- You live in Boise, you’re horny, and want to get laid — end of story

If you fall into any of those camps, this casual dating and hooking up guide for Boise is for you.

Boise Casual Encounters

— STEP 1: Understand the Lay of the Land (No Pun Intended) —

Living in Boise — hell, living anywhere in Idaho — you will realize that we are fortunate to live in an area of the country that is prosperous, safe, and still in tune with nature. We still have fresh air, we enjoy life to the fullest — both professionally and leisurely.

This means that most Boiseans are going to be energetic, free-spirited, healthy, and fun. Those commonly held attributes give our community a great vibe all around. It also makes it ideal for having a healthy and vibrant casual dating scene.

Sure, if you ask someone from Los Angeles, New York or Chicago about what they think of Boise’s prospects for hooking up, they may sneer or make some snarky remark. Don’t let that get to you. What do they know? They are just big city “know-it-alls” who cannot fathom the possibility of there being great hookup possibilities outside of their concrete jungles.

The reality is that our population is happier and healthier than most. As a result, the urge to meet other singles for casual fun is going to be stronger in Boise than many other cities — even the big ones.

Our core population in Boise is over 225,000. When you include the whole urban area it rises to over 350,000. Include the area designated as the complete metropolitan area — which includes areas such as Eagle and parts of Owyhee County — and that’s more than 700,000 people. In other words, over 42 percent of Idaho’s population lives in the greater Boise metropolitan area. That is a population size that is well and above the minimum for sustaining a very active hookup scene.

— STEP 2: Understand the People and the Competition

Boise People Looking for Encounters

We Boiseans come together well as a strong and proud community, but at the same time we all hold on to our individuality. This can be seen in the different types of leisure activities that are enjoyed in Boise. From nature activities, like hiking, to more artsy pursuits, such as enjoying our jazz and music festivals or our many museums.

Many large companies have their headquarters in Boise in industries ranging from lumber to the world of tech. This means that we have people from many backgrounds and skill sets living in our great city. That brings about a diversity of personalities — yet another contributing factor to a vibrant casual dating atmosphere. There is always a fresh chance to meet someone new and different.

Long story short, Boiseans do not shy away from hookups — they seek them out.

— STEP 3: Know How and Where Boiseans Meet to “Play” —

Where to Find Hookups in Boise Indiana

Without a doubt, this is the most important step to master in order to become a hookup expert in Boise. You need to know how and where to meet all of the eager singles who are seeking the same type of casual fun that you are.

In Boise, the majority of those seeking a no-strings-attached encounter are going to use an online hookup site to find potential matches. Forget about bars and clubs — online is where it is at.

This also affects the “how.” Instead of preparing goofy pickup lines to deliver in person over the booming sound system of a night club, you should think more along the lines of how to be more charismatic via text chat. Also, have a picture of yourself that captures your best physical attributes while also hinting at your personality. This you would use for your profile picture on these sites. This pic is what potential matches will see first and many will use to evaluate your potential.

With that said, all that’s missing is informing you on which hookup sites have the reputation for being the most effective in Boise.

1- Fling

Hookups Sites in Boise - #1 FLING

Fling has been in operation since 2004. In that time, it has always had a steady following among the singles of Boise. Starting in 2017, however, its loyal but modest following in Boise started to grow at a rate never seen before. It is as if the singles of Boise were leading a Fling renaissance.

The Fling platform has remained steady for most of its existence. The platform and user interface is basic and no-nonsense. It is very intuitive to use. It sticks to the basic purpose of bringing two people together for flings. Hmm, we wonder if that had anything to do with its branding?


The Fling search engine focuses on using the attributes most important for determining a good hookup as opposed to cluttering the system with additional factors that may be relevant if you were looking for a long-term relationship but not so much for casual encounters. Remember, you are seeking a hookup, not a future life partner.

By focusing on attributes related to physical appearance, personality, and location, Fling is able to deliver suggested matches who have a high probability of being interested in you. It also fosters a user base that is very open-minded. The users of Fling know why everyone is on the platform — to get laid. This makes sizing up potential matches much easier. Everyone can get to the point faster. This way, if there is no chemistry, boom, you can move on to the next potential match.

This dynamic also makes Fling one the favorite platforms for meeting hookups on short notice. Many Boiseans use Fling for same-day hookups. In other words, you hop on the platform, see who matches up with your search parameters, chat it up with those matches who are online or leave a message for those who are offline and, in short course, have some action lined up for that same day. Now that is the art of the hookup if ever we heard of it.

2- AdultFriendFinder (AFF)

Hookups Sites in Boise - #2 AFF

Even if you are new to the hookup scene, the name AdultFriendFinder (AFF for short) may be familiar to you. Its presence and effectiveness go beyond Boise. It has an active user base of over 85 million people from around the world. That means that in Boise, as in many cities, it is among the top platforms for hooking up locally.

The fact that AFF is one of the pioneers of the online dating industry makes it so effective at what it does. Its search and discovery features used for matchmaking are at a level that is unsurpassed. If you want to have granular control over your search for potential matches, AdultFriendFinder cannot be beaten.


As an AFF user, the list of attributes that you can apply filters for is too long to list. Suffice it to say that many users only use a fraction of the filters that they have available.

This degree of fine tuning when looking for hookup partners on AdultFriendFinder is what makes the site so attractive for the singles of Boise. It is a great platform to play the field and meet different types of people. If you ever wanted to experiment and have an encounter with someone older, younger, of a certain ethnicity, body type or personality — AFF gives you the most flexibility. You can even search by specific sexual fetishes and desires.

What People in Boise are Saying

Something that Boise singles mention about using AFF is that it provides the best community-feel of all of the hookup sites popular in the area. Aside from its powerful search engine, AdultFriendFinder also offers other ways to meet potential matches. Chatrooms and forums, many created by the users themselves, provied alternate avenues for meeting people.

AFF offers a user experience that adapts itself to anyone. If you are new to casual dating, it provides you with a powerful community that is welcoming, like-minded, and helpful. If you have already been around the block, it allows you to take your search for partners to another level — to maximize your encounters and to explore new experiences.

3- SwingTowns

Hookups Sites in Boise - #3 SwingTowns

SwingTowns is a hookup platform that is very specialized in what it does. It focuses on the concept of “open dating.”

What is open dating?

Open dating covers polyamorists, swingers, and fetishists. If you are into the wilder and kinkier side of things, you are into open dating. Both AFF and Fling are useful for the open dating lifestyle, but if you want a platform that was designed by a community intimately familiar with the topic, then SwingTowns is a good bet.

The Members

The number of users on SwingTowns at the local level is not as large as the other top platforms. However, those who are members are very loyal to the site and are sincere about what they are seeking.

If you are involved in swinging or polyamory, chances are that you want to be sure that your privacy is always safeguarded. All major hookup sites offer excellent privacy and security features, but SwingTowns goes one step higher. The site uses peer authentication to make the site that much safer and more private.

Peer authentication makes it so that the more you interact on the site, the more your fellow members will trust you. In turn, the better your chances of hooking up. This does involve a little bit more work on the front-end of your experience on the platform, but it is worth it. Soon you can be meeting swinging couples, locals planning group sex parties, etc.

The wild nature of SwingTowns coupled with the peace of mind it provides its members have made it one of the most well-balanced sites in terms of gender ratio and other demographics. The number of men and women on the site is practically 50/50. In terms of age, you will find people across all age groups — from 18 to 75. In Boise, roughly 65 percent of the profiles are from individual singles, the remaining 35 percent belong to couples.

If your hopes for a hookup take the form of open dating, then SwingTowns will provide you with the best way to meet like-minded adults in Boise.

— One Last Step —

They say that knowledge is power. What is often overlooked in that saying is that power left unused is just wasted effort and energy.

Now that you have the full knowledge of how the Boise hookup scene is laid out, how it operates — not taking action would not only be sad, it would also be wasteful.

You started reading this article because you wanted more action in Boise. For whatever reason, you were stuck in a rut and were unable to enter the hookup pool with the fervor you wanted. Now you have the confidence of knowing that Boise is one of the best hookup cities in the country. You now know that due to our Boisean mindset, singles in the area are very keen on hooking up. You also know which hookup sites locals use to meet and hookup.

If you were serious about wanting to hookup more frequently, about making the casual encounter scene really pay off for you, everything you need to know to make it happen is now in your hands. The next step is entirely on your shoulders. You actually have to get started. Choose one, two or all of the sites listed above and register for membership.

You’ll see, within days, maybe even within hours, you will be on top of the casual dating scene in Boise.