Chappy App Review — Find “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Right Now”

Chappy is a gay dating app that takes a look at the gay dating scene in a more realistic and pragmatic way. It is designed to help both those who are seeking to find “Mr. Right” for a long-term relationship, as well as those seeking “Mr. Right Now” for some casual no-strings-attached fun. As the developers of Chappy phrase it, they wanted to create “A safe, high-quality platform, Chappy is all about gay guys making connections on their own terms, whatever they are looking for.”

The concept behind Chappy is refreshing, but is it effective? We reviewed the app over a period of days to determine what sort of user experience it offers to its users. Is it really as versatile as it claims to be?

Chappy App Review

Chappy App Review Results
  • Popularity - 54
  • Value - 74
  • Features - 72
  • Quality of Members - 84
  • Safety - 82
  • Customer Satisfaction - 83


We found Chappy to be an extraordinarily fine dating app for the gay community. It takes an approach that is open and inclusive while at the same time providing structure and order. It creates an atmosphere that is safe, engaging and fun. Many have called it the "new must-have dating app for the 21st-century gay man." We would be inclined to agree.

We rate Chappy as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons


  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Elegantly designed user interface
  • Free to use
  • Ideal for finding both long-term and casual partners


  • Leans more towards those under 35
  • Must sync your Facebook account to register

— In-Depth Chappy App Review —

Chappy App

Gay dating apps make up one of the fastest growing segments of the online dating industry. Unfortunately, most of the gay dating apps on the market are clones of each other. The majority focus on finding quick hookups and leave gay men seeking serious relationships as an afterthought.

In order to understand Chappy and to be able to properly evaluate it, you must first accept that it is not offering anything new in terms of features. Chappy is not innovative in the technological or developmental aspects that it brings to the online dating table. Instead, Chappy innovates by staying true to the core elements that make dating fun.

You will not be deluged with unsolicited d*ck pics. You will not see faceless images in profiles, nor will you see sexualized poses and nudity. Chappy has created a platform that respects the fact that each man will have his own dating style. It does not impose a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it fosters a community where all can join, abide by the rules, and find the sort of person that they are seeking. Chappy does not judge and does not allow others to unwantedly judge. It provides its value by serving as the benign and thoughtful backdrop used by gay men to meet.

— Platform —

Chappy is a mobile-only dating app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. On the App Store, it has an aggregate rating of 4-stars, as of late 2017. On Google Play, during the same time period, it only has a 2.9-star rating.

Digging through the reviews on Google Play, the vast difference in rating over its iOS version appears to be related to an unusually large number of reviews harking on Chappy’s reliance on Facebook for authentication of new accounts and personal data importation. Complaints regarding technical issues were few and far between. During our review process, our testers did not encounter any technical bugs with the app. Navigation was always smooth and consistent.

— The Chappy Scale —

The Chappy app on the surface might strike you as an elegantly designed but quite ordinary swiping app. While Chappy does rely on the tried and true interface of swiping right to like a member’s profile and left to pass, it adds its own unique element into the mix — the “Chappy Scale.”


On the top of every profile and search screen, you will find a slider-based scale. By sliding the scale to the right, you adjust the search results to return profiles of men who would fall under the category of Mr. Right — in other words, those looking for something more serious. By sliding the scale to the left, your search results will deliver Mr. Right Nows — those more interested in something fast and casual. You can adjust the scale to an intermediate point in order to apply a gradience to your results. Chappy affectionately refers to this selection as “Mr. Who Knows.”

In our opinion, it is the Chappy Scale that makes this app unique. It is also what allows for Chappy to come off as warmer and more welcoming than other dating apps in its sector. It removes the stigma attached to other gay dating apps of being too focused on the hookup culture. Chappy is able to be a comprehensive dating platform. One that is welcoming and useful to those seeking casual flings and long-term romance alike.

— Some Chappy Ground Rules —

In order to keep the platform safe and welcoming, Chappy does impose a short but strict set of rules for its community. First, you can only register for an account my syncing your Facebook credentials. The app imports your first tier of personal data and images from your Facebook account. This is done, according to Chappy, to authenticate that you are a real person and avoid users having multiple accounts.

Another critical rule governs images. Chappy only allows images to be posted on your profile page that clearly show your face. Also, the app prohibits images that are sexualized or show nudity. Some critics of the app complain about these limitations. We, however, view this move as a positive for Chappy. It enhances its reputation as being a safe site for all kinds of dating, not just hookups.

— The Community —

When we tested Chappy we found the members to be genuine. From our experience, we gathered that the majority of members — perhaps as high as 75 percent — lean more toward the side of searching for Mr. Right as opposed to Mr. Right Now. Another thing that was evident was that most members were under the age of 35. By our estimation over half the members are between the ages of 18 and 30.

Our two testers did not have any trouble finding and engaging in conversations with other members less than two days after first registering. In the opinion of our testers, the men that they were matched with were well-suited for them. Chappy does an excellent job of avoiding the awkwardness that comes when you are matched with people whom you have no chemistry with or are seeking different things.