CitySex Review — Hmmm, This Looks Familiar

Do you have a hankering for some “city sex?” Hell, who doesn’t, right? Whether you live in a huge metropolis or a small town, nothing like the glitz and glamour of big city sex.

Whether you live in Las Vegas, NV (population 1.9 million), or Las Vegas, NM (population 13,000) — a hookup site known as is poised to help you find a like-minded partner for some hot action “big city style.”

“What’s the difference between city sex and sex anywhere else?” you ask. Never you mind. Surely, sex — like anything else — is always better when it’s done “city-style.”

Does CitySex work then? Well, we conducted a review of the site to determine what the CitySex experience is like for its members. If you want to know if it’s worth your time, make sure to read our full review. It should be an eye-opening experience.

CitySex Review

CitySex Review Results
  • Popularity - 29
  • Value - 7
  • Features - 38
  • Quality of Members - 8
  • Safety - 12
  • Customer Satisfaction - 11

Final Word on CitySex

By the time we finished our hellish time on CitySex we realized something. We had in fact seen this exact same type of site, down to the design templates, on a few previous occasions. They were all from hookup sites operated by the same operator of CitySex. Coincidence?

If there were a heaven and hell for online dating and hookup sites, CitySex and its brethren should all fry deep in the bowels of Hades.

In case you cannot deduce our final opinion of CitySex, allow us to be crystal clear — it is utterly and undeniably AWFUL.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Perfect example of a hookup site to avoid


  • No real female members
  • Full of fake profiles and pesky chatbots
  • Loaded with “creative” methods to get users to accept the paid version

— In-Depth CitySex Review —


What can we say? When we first saw the welcome page for CitySex we had an eery feeling of deja vu. It was as if we had seen it before. Of course, we hadn’t, but it still looked so familiar to all of us.

As we perused through the main page we came across multiple references to the site being “100% Free.” There was a “search” box above the fold making it seem like finding a match was just a few clicks away.

CitySex Homepage Search

As we scrolled down, we were shown profile pics of supposed female members of the site who were currently online. These included those who supposedly had their live cams on at that moment. In terms of building up the anticipation of new users, CitySex does one hell of a good job.

Even so, a feeling of dread and hesitation still hung over us.

— The Disturbing Registration Process —

Doing our best to replicate the expected behavior of a new user visiting CitySex, we decided to click on the “Join Free” button. Upon doing so we were redirected to a standard-looking registration form requesting our choice of display name, password, valid email, date of birth, our gender, and the gender of the match that we were seeking.

CitySex Registration 1

On the second page of the registration form, we had to provide our location down to the zip code level, marital status, body type, race, and height. Additionally, we had to come up with a headline for our profile as well as provide a few words for our “About Me” section. There is an optional section where you elaborate on the type of arrangement/relationship that you are searching to find on the site.

CitySex Registration 2

Up to that stage, everything seemed commonplace. What came next, however, made the hairs on the back of our necks and some other parts of our anatomy stand on end.

The third page of the registration form was requesting our credit card information. What? Wasn’t CitySex supposed to be free? Well, this part of the registration form indicated that, indeed, there was no charge for lifetime memberships. However, a valid credit card is required for “age verification” purposes. Isn’t it nice to see a hookup site go the extra mile to safeguard our kids? (Yes, we are being sarcastic.)

Hidden in a text box on the right-hand panel of the page, written in a very small font, there is a disclaimer. It consists of a checkbox that is selected by default indicating that upon activating your “free” lifetime package you will receive a “free” two-day trial of their premium gold package. They are further kind enough to inform you that after those two days are up, you will be charged $39.95 for a full month’s membership.


Wait, it gets “better.” Also, pre-selected by default is the option to upgrade your paid membership to the VIP package. Guess what, that adds another $49.61 per month to your bill. As long as they have gone that far, why stop, right? CitySex adds yet another item by default. This is access to a third-party sex cam site for $49.87 per month. You can easily rack up $139.43 in reoccurring monthly charges if you’re not careful.

In order to join solely under the free package, you must be certain to uncheck the fields listed above and click on the button hidden in the upper right corner of the page that reads, “No Thanks — Remind Me Later.”

— The Platform and User Experience —

If you manage to successfully evade the payment traps set for you during the registration process, you will land on the CitySex platform. Once there, you will be accosted relentlessly by the dredge of the online hookup industry. Yes, we are referring to fake profiles and chatbots.

The platform is utterly useless — not due to any technical failures with its features, rather due to the presence of these bots and fake profiles. Add to that the literal lack of any real female profiles and you get the makings of an absolute hookup hellhole.

If you are new to online dating, please, stay away. Do not click on any of your incoming messages. They are designed purely to get you to upgrade to a paid membership. If you have experience in the online dating world, by now you probably would have determined for yourself that CitySex is a site to be avoided.