Curvy App Review — A Modern and Sleeker Way to Find BBWs

We recently conducted a thorough test of the Curvy app. We were able to develop a detailed picture of what the user experience is like on Curvy as well as what a user can expect in terms of results. Interested in finding out what we discovered about Curvy? If so, we recommend that you give our Curvy app review a thorough read. Has Curvy truly revolutionized the BBW dating app?

Curvy App Review Results
  • Popularity - 62
  • Value - 68
  • Features - 64
  • Quality of Members - 70
  • Safety - 74
  • Customer Satisfaction - 72

Final Word on Curvy

We found that Curvy offers a pleasurable and positive user experience for both men and women. The community of members is genuine and is not plagued by fake profiles or bots. It creates an atmosphere that is reassuring to both its male and female audience.

We would rate Curvy as Average.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Free version allows users to respond to messages


  • Full functionality requires a paid membership
  • Auto-renewal is set by default
  • Lack of a “night mode” can cause eye strain after prolonged use

— In-Depth Curvy App Review —

Curvy Dating App

There are many dating sites and apps already in circulation dedicated to helping men who seek the company of BBWs and plus-sized women. To be perfectly honest, the BBW niche is one of the fastest growing within the online dating industry. If you take a moment to reflect on the majority of these BBW dating sites you will notice one thing — they seem to be designed primarily from the man’s perspective.

Curvy is a relatively new dating app that is focused on helping plus-sized women and the men who adore them find each other. What makes curvy unique, at least according to its own marketing material, is the fact that it approaches this task in a way that is designed to provide the best user experience possible for both men and women.

Ladies, if you have ever felt that a BBW dating site felt more like a marketplace with you being the main commodity, then Curvy might make you more comfortable with its more sensible style and approach. Men, if you want to derive the benefits that come from meeting plus-sized women on a platform that creates an engaging and positive user experience, then you too should be interested in Curvy.

Of course, promises are one thing, what a dating app can actually deliver is another.

— Availability —

Curvy App on iOS and Android

Curvy is a mobile-only dating app that is available for Android and iOS devices. It can be found on both the App Store and Google Play.

Since it was first launched in 2016, the app has received continuous updates approximately every two to three months. It is backward compatible down to Android version 4.1. That means that those of you with older smartphones should still be able to use Curvy.

During our testing, the Curvy app performed flawlessly from a technical perspective.

— Target vs Actual Audience —

When it comes to niche dating apps, the audience that they target is as important as the features that they offer. With Curvy, the target audience consists of plus-sized women and the men who want to meet them for casual as well as long-term relationships.

The actual audience for Curvy consists of approximately 30 percent female with the majority of them being between the ages of 24 and 40. The smallest female age demographic represented in its membership base is that of women under the age of 24. By our calculation, women under the age of 24 only make up one out of every ten women on the platform.

Male members on Curvy make up 70 percent of the users. Their age range is broader than that of the female members. You can easily find men on Curvy as young as their very early twenties to as old as their late sixties.

— Curvy User Interface —

Our testers found the user interface for Curvy to be well designed, uncluttered, and responsive. It relies on a design that uses a white background with a royal blue for its trimming and banners. This design is easy on the eyes but our testers did comment that a “night mode” would have had been appreciated when using the app for extended periods of time in dimly lit environments.

Navigation follows a standard style and is intuitive even for those who have not used a dating app in the past. Even on smartphones with smaller screens — 4.5-inches and smaller — navigating around Curvy is smooth and stress-free.

— Features —

The features on Curvy are basic by contemporary standards for dating apps. It has a search feature which allows users to search for other Curvy members based on specific attributes and search parameters.

This is very useful when you are seeking a partner of a specific age group, body weight, ethnicity or location.

Curvy also has a “discovery” feature that uses the swipe-based interface that was popularized by apps such as Tinder to search for a compatible partner.

Curvy Spark

Swipe left to pass, swipe right to “like” and hopefully get the person to like you back to open a channel of communication.

Speaking of communication, Curvy uses a traditional messaging and live text chat module for communication between members.


It is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done effectively.

— Interacting with Members —

One of the things that we enjoy about Curvy is that it allows members to respond to messages received from other members for free. That means that you can get a better feel for Curvy while using its free version. That being said, however, it should also be noted that free users cannot initiate messages on the Curvy platform.

In terms of the quality of the interactions that our testers experienced while on Curvy, they were predominantly positive. During the three days of testing, our three testers sent out close to 200 invitations to speak with female members. Of those, 67 replies were received resulting in 52 actively engaged conversations. In case you are wondering, those can be considered as impressive results by online dating standards.

— Cost —

While the free version of Curvy offers more usability than the free version of other dating apps, it is still limited. In order to enjoy the full functionality of Curvy you must pay for a monthly membership.

Curvy app Cost

One month will cost you $11.99. If you pay for three months in advance the total cost is $27.99 If you pay for six months in advance the total cost is $48.99.

Curvy has automatic renewal set by default. This means that your membership will automatically renew within 24 hours of its expiration unless you cancel it beforehand.