Review — Flirting With Fake Profiles? is an online dating site that markets itself as a place where “you can meet thousands of naughty singles and reveal your incredible flirty side.” In other words, Flirt is a site dedicated to hookups and casual encounters. After an in-depth look, here is our review. review Review Results
  • Popularity - 54
  • Value - 56
  • Features - 52
  • Quality of Members - 34
  • Safety - 54
  • Customer Satisfaction - 32

Final Word on

The short answer to this after our review is, no. It does not offer any innovation in terms of features. Its membership roll is loaded with fake profiles. The entire site seems geared toward getting you to pay for membership. Casual hookup sites are never the most sincere when it comes to transparency in member profiles, but most of the other big names in the niche offer a better possibility of meeting someone than Flirt.

Our rating for Flirt is BELOW AVERAGE.

— Pros and Cons of —


  • Women get free premium membership
  •  Accessible via browser and mobile apps (iPhone and Android)


  • Forced reoccurring billing
  • Buggy registration interface
  • Swamped with fake profiles
  • Short-term memberships are pricey

— Registration Process —

The registration process is pretty straightforward on Flirt. It requires you to enter your name, gender, age, and geographic location. Additional information, such as that helpful in describing your psychical appearance – body type, height, eye, and hair color — can be added later from the “my profile section.” From there, you may also amplify your biographical information, upload pictures of yourself and flesh out your profile page. profile

The normal registration process, not inclusive of fine-tuning your profile page, is touted as taking as little as 30 seconds. Our experience, however, was different. It took us close to half an hour to conclude with our initial registration process. Flirt uses a double-verification system whenever new users register via their landing page. This requires a verification email to be sent to the address that you registered. In our case, it took over 20 minutes to receive this email and the verification link did not function properly. It kept directing us to an error page. We subsequently requested that the verification email be resent. This second email arrived in approximately five minutes and we were then able to complete the registration.

Flirt allows for users to register by using their Facebook credentials, thus bypassing the double-verification email system. The list of permissions required for this, however, may allow Flirt to post on your timeline, as well as to learn who you are friends with and what pages you have liked. The purpose for this data mining from your associated Facebook account is supposedly to get more insight on you and to be able to offer you better matches. Personally, we stuck with the traditional registration method.

— Women Get Premium Access for Free — (Interesting)

Like most online dating sites, Flirt has both a free and paid version. The free version allows you to engage the member search functionality of the site, but it limits you on the communication side. You can receive internal messages and even be invited to an instant message conversation, but you cannot reply to them. You are limited to receiving the notifications only.

In order to access all of the features of the site, a paid membership is required. Flirt offers the opportunity for women to access all of the premium features of the site for free. It requires for the woman to verify her identity. A woman can accomplish this by submitting her mobile number and receiving a verification code via SMS. Alternatively, she can supply any telephone number (land or mobile) and select to receive her confirmation code via a telephone call. The third option is to enter her credit card information. The card will not be charged, but it will be verified for authenticity.

When we tested this free premium option we again suffered from delays similar to our initial registration process. When we tried to verify our identity via SMS, we never received the confirmation code. We didn’t feel comfortable using the credit card option, so we tried the phone call option. This worked fine on the first attempt. An automated call came in within the first minute informing us of our confirmation code. Upon entering this code on the site, we were notified onscreen that we had lifetime access to the premium communication features.

An added bonus of verifying your identity is that you get a sticker that reads ‘trusted” on your profile page. The only way men can get this is by paying for a membership.

— Cost — cost

Flirt offers a three-day premium access pass for $4.47. A monthly membership costs $34.99. They do offer multi-month membership plans that require the user to pay for multiple months in advance in exchange for lowering the average monthly cost. A three-month membership costs $59.95 ($19.99 average per month), and a six-month membership costs $95.94 ($15.99 average per month).

— Forced Reoccurring Billing — (You Have to Hate This)

We noticed that Flirt by default bills the form of payment that you used to purchase your original membership when it expires. There is a way to disable this feature, but it requires navigating through five different screens before you can disable it. This is really irritating as Flirt’s refund process is archaic and time-consuming.

The process involves first soliciting a cancellation code via the billing history section of your account page. This code is sent to you via email. You then must submit this code through your account page in order to formally request the cancellation/refund. After a review process on the part of Flirt to verify that you have not used any premium feature during that time period, they will issue you the refund. The whole process can easily take two to three weeks.

— User Experience — (FULL of Fake Profiles, Ugh)

Our user experience on Flirt was negative. The moment that you log on as a free member you are blasted with incoming messages and chat requests. All of these by some strange coincidence require the purchase of a full membership in order to reply. It is almost miraculous how a brand new member that hasn’t even had a chance to properly flesh out their profile can easily receive 42, yes 42, communication requests in less than an hour.

Before you go running off to enroll on Flirt thinking that it is packed with eager singles waiting to hook up, be forewarned that the majority of these communication requests are coming from fake profiles. In the terms and conditions of Flirt, they clearly disclose that they use computer-generated and sub-contracted profiles to engage users on the site. They claim this is for entertainment purposes and to stimulate real interaction on the site.

Say what they will, to us it is just irritating and leaves a bad impression in our eyes.