HiSlut.com Review — Is It Too Good to Be True?

Thinking of using HiSlut to meet genuine local sluts? Think again. Our HiSlut.com review is sure to benefit you in your “search for sluts”.

HiSlut.com Review

HiSlut Review Results
  • Popularity - 54
  • Value - 41
  • Features - 58
  • Quality of Members - 32
  • Safety - 48
  • Customer Satisfaction - 36


HiSlut is not the answer you've been looking for in your search for sluts. Don't despair, there are lots of hookup sites that are full of real women looking for actual local encounters.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast registration process
  • Sexy fake profile pics (hey, sometimes all you need is a great profile pic, right?)


  • Saturated with fake profiles
  • Expensive
  • Buggy Android app

— The Final Word  —

We live in a free society where hope is eternal. If you feel that HiSlut is a gateway to finding hot and willing sluts in your area, give them a try. If you find our experience of any value to you, then avoid the site like the plague. Trust us, there are much better and effective sites for casual hookups.

— Full HiSlut Review —

When you come across a casual hookup site with a name like HiSlut.com, you know that you have come across one of two things. A.) The absolutely best way to meet authentic and genuine sluts — or, B.) A waste of time designed to efficiently separate you from your money.

In order to establish once and for all what you should expect from HiSlut, we undertook an evaluation and review of the site. Here are the results of our HiSlut review.

— First Impression of HiSlut —

HiSlut.com homepage

The first thing that you will see when visiting HiSlut is a very simple landing page with a naked woman with exposed breasts (no word as to whether or not this woman is, in fact, a slut). Additionally, there is a large text header that reads “HiSlut May Contains Erotic Pictures of Someone You Know!” (Apparently, proper verb conjugation is not essential when it comes to slut searching).

There is then some additional text informing visitors that there are several dozen female members (presumably sluts) waiting to meet you within ten miles of your area. During our test, we tried this with different proxy locations and incredibly all of these areas always had 56 women just waiting for us to sign up. We can only conclude that sluts like to travel in packs of 56.

— Registration —

In order to register, you are made to answer three yes/no questions that are written to sound important but are in fact just filler. We found that you could respond either “yes” or “no” and still advance to the next round of questioning to join the site. These consist of four yes/no questions written to determine your sexual tastes and preferences. One interesting thing to note is that by that stage you are no longer on HiSlut — at some stage, you get redirected to a domain named c-date.com. Yep, HiSlut is just a landing page for some C-Date affiliate.

— User Experience —

We wish that we could provide you with some positive news in your hunt for “local sluts,” however, HiSlut or C-Date, however you wish to refer to them, doesn’t offer much to support finding real encounters. The first thing that you will notice when entering is a large number of female profiles — most with stunning profile pics. Next, you will notice that in your first few seconds online you start receiving message requests from these slutty divas. Our momma always told us that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Well, such is the case here. Upon reading the terms and conditions it is revealed that this site utilizes “fictitious” profiles and generates automated messages for “entertainment” purposes. Hey, it’s not fraudulent if they post it and you agree to it.

In the event that you wanted to respond to one of these messages — guess what? You have to register for a paid membership. This will cost you $49.90 per month with a three-month commitment.

In case such a site is still within your level of acceptance and you are saying to yourself, “Boy, I wish they had mobile apps.” You are in luck, HiSlut/C-Date has both Android and iPhone apps. When we tested the Android app, however, it kept shutting down after a few seconds of usage.