HornyMatches Review — Sex Personals and Beyond?

Some hookup sites catch our attention due to their design. Others come to light due to the buzz from the public. There is also another group of hookup sites that peak our interest simply with their name. As you can imagine, HornyMatches.com is one of those sites.

The site has been around since 2009 and claims to have over 7 million users. When you combine those stats with its name we had to take a closer look. In so doing, we were able to prepare a full review of what HornyMatches actually offers.

If like us the site’s name intrigues you, we strongly suggest that you give our review a thorough read. It will provide you with the insight that you need to determine if the user experience that HornyMatches provides is what you are looking for.

hornymatches review

Hornymatches Review Results
  • Popularity - 63
  • Value - 41
  • Features - 58
  • Quality of Members - 35
  • Safety - 40
  • Customer Satisfaction - 36

Final Word on Hornymatches

What can we say about HornyMatches? It is a hookup site with a large userbase, yes, but it is also a site with a large percentage of fake and inactive profiles that requires a paid membership to have access to very basic features. The user experience that this results in is one which is lacking in results.

We would have to rate HornyMatches as POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast registration process
  • Simple and easy to navigate design
  • Large worldwide userbase


  • Majority of profiles are fake or inactive
  • Profiles are barebones
  • Full functionality requires a paid membership
  • Lack of a dedicated chat module

— Target Audience —

Hornymatches com

HornyMatches is designed to be a site with worldwide reach. The majority of the English-speaking audience resides in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The platform is meant to be used by adults of all ages and sexual orientations.

— Available Platforms —

HornyMatches is accessed through your computer’s browser via its website found on HornyMatches.com. It does not have any native mobile apps available. The platform, however, can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet by using the device’s mobile browser.

In terms of which user interface offers the best experience, the full desktop version performs best in speed, visibility, and navigation. On a mobile browser the fact that it relies on a simplified responsive technology, the amount of real estate that is available for displaying information — especially lists of profiles — is very limited and requires a lot of scrolling to get the full magnitude of the search results. Unlike native mobile hookup apps, the mobile experience on HornyMatches is not optimized to make the best use of its screen space.

— Design and Feel of Hornymatches—

The overall look and feel of HornyMatches are very dated. Aesthetically it appears as if the site has not been modernized since it was first launched in 2009. Even by 2009 standards, the site looks old.

The antiquated look does not affect the speed or ease of navigation found on its full desktop version.

— Registration Process —

The registration process for HornyMatches is incredibly simple. New users are not required to provide any verifiable information beyond a genuine email address. This means that you can register for an account in less than one minute.

hornymatches registration

While such a speedy registration process is convenient, it is also a magnet for abuse. Of the 7 million users on HornyMatches, a significant percentage — over 80 percent by our estimation — consist of fake profiles and inactive accounts.

— Building a Profile —

Building a profile on HornyMatches starts by identifying your country and zip code. This information is used by the site to serve you suggested matches consisting of members located near you. Additionally, you must provide your gender and the gender of the partner that you are seeking. You also need to post your preferred type of sexual relationship. Your options include one-on-one sex, group sex, bondage, cross-dressing, exhibition, voyeurism, S&M, miscellaneous fetishes, and “alternative” activities.

hornymacthes categories

Your profile requires a title that consists of a minimum of three words and a description consisting of a minimum of five words. We would advise making your description longer than this in order to stand out from the fake profiles that have very short descriptions. Our testers found that one of the best ways to filter the real from the fake accounts on HornyMatches was by seeking out those containing descriptions with more than 25 words. For the most part, the longer the description, the more likely that the profile belonged to a real person.

— Features on Hornymatches —


HornyMatches has a basic and advanced search feature. The basic search is automated. It relies on the basic information provided by each user on their profile to generate a list of suggested matches. The advanced search feature allows you to conduct personalized searches filtering for different attributes and locations.


The HornyMatches platform allows you to send winks and emails to other members. There is no dedicated private chat feature as is common on the majority of other hookups sites.

— Types of Memberships —

HornyMatches has three membership tiers. Free, silver, and gold. The free version allows users to receive an unlimited number of email messages from other users but does not allow them to respond or to initiate messages. Free users are also limited in the number of profile images that they can see on other members’ profiles. The advanced search feature is not available to free users.

Silver Membership

Hornymatches - Cost - Silver Membership

Silver membership has a cost of $29.95 per month or $59.95 if you choose to pay for three months in advance.

The silver membership provides users with access to all communication features, access to all profile images, and advanced search.

Gold Membership

Hornymatches - Cost - Gold Membership

Gold membership has a cost of $34.95 per month or $69.95 if you choose to pay for three months in advance.

The gold package offers all of the benefits of the silver membership and includes a four-month hookup guarantee and preferred placement of your profile on other users search results pages.