9 Household Items You Can Use in the Bedroom — Sexy Repurposing

Household Items that Can Be Used In the Bedroom

You have decided that the time is right to experiment with something new in the bedroom. We congratulate you — it was about time. However, you are now at a loss as to what to do — or rather, what to use — to make things spicier and more interesting in the bedroom.

Under normal circumstances, we would say to visit a sex shop or their online equivalent and purchase a few innovative items — take them for a spin, if you will. We understand that sometimes, however, that may not be practical — your partner might be too timid, you may not want your roommate to speculate what’s in that plainly wrapped box the FedEx guy just delivered, etc. Fortunately, common everyday household items can have sordid and steamy secret lives — secondary uses that their manufacturers never indented (or did they?) Yes, at this very moment — all around you — otherwise innocent looking everyday items can hold the secret to wild, kinky, naughty fun.

Here are nine common household items you can use in the bedroom — or “sexy repurposing” as we call it.

1. Ice

Water — there would be no life without water. Ice — water in its solid state — helps preserve our food, keep our overpriced cocktails cool and can also serve as an excellent sex tool. Think about it, by taking a short stroll to your freezer, you can have in your hands some very powerful and kinky stuff — ice cubes. Whether you use them on your partner to create contrasting sensations between hot and cold, or if you put them in your mouth prior to giving your partner oral sex — ice is a great little helper to play the “cool sensation” game.

2. Candles

You are told to always have some candles on hand in the event of a prolonged blackout. What you are not told, however, is that you should also keep candles on hand as improvised dildos. Made of wax, so they’re naturally smooth, candles make for perfect vaginal and anal stimulative devices. The fact that wax is also pliable and moldable, allows a common everyday candle to become a customized dildo. You can slowly and gently mold it — or wear it down through use — to your unique needs. Just one word of advice, remove the wick beforehand, it can cause unwanted irritation when in use.

3. Clothespins

Yes, there is nothing like the clean and refreshing scent that comes from clothes allowed to dry in the open air. At least that’s what you can tell people that ask you why you are buying so many clothespins at Walmart. Clothespins make for excellent substitutes to nipple clamps. They can also substitute for scrotum and labia clamps (yes, such things do exist). You can experiment with your BDSM side with nobody being the wiser.

4. Spoon

The backside of a stainless steel spoon should be part of your kinky household item kit. The properties of the metal allow it to retain hot or cold temperatures. This means that you can dip it in ice water for a few minutes and use the rear rounded part of the spoon to stimulate the clitoris or the head of the penis. You can do the same thing after soaking it in warm water. Ideally, you would use two spoons, so that you have a cold one ready and in use, as the other one is warming up and vice versa. Sure gives a new meaning to “spooning” in the bedroom.

5. Hairbrush

Looking good before sex is always a good idea, so running a hairbrush through your hair just before getting nasty is smart. Our suggested use for a hairbrush in the bedroom, however, is a tad bit different. It is rumored that hairbrush manufacturers have known of the “secondary use” that people give to hairbrushes for decades. That may explain the oddly and interestingly designed shapes that they give to hairbrushes. Seriously, take a stroll through your hairbrush aisle — you’ll find handle designs that seem to take into account much more than just hand and wrist ergonomics. Anyway, a hairbrush handle can make for a convenient and easy to disguise dildo.

6. Neckties

Maybe you want to try a little BDSM, but you have no idea where to get handcuffs. Neckties are the ideal restraining system for those seeking to be discreet. Silk ties work best as they are gentle on the wrists and ankles. Ties can also be used as blindfolds. Suddenly, giving or receiving neckties as gifts doesn’t seem as boring anymore, does it?

7. Bananas, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Carrots… You Get the Idea

Whether you get your produce from organically grown farmers markets, or neatly wrapped in cellophane at your local supermarket, fresh produce can be very good for you in more ways than just diet and nutrition. Bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis and carrots are some of the most common organic items used in the bedroom. Long and tubular, their use should be obvious. They can be used as improvised — and edible — dildos. Kinky fun and nutrition rolled into one.

On the safety side of things, just as you should always wash your fruits and veggies before eating them, you should do the same before “playing” with them. Also, when insertion is involved, keep the stem end on the outside.

8. Electric Toothbrush

Think about it, electric toothbrushes are easy to hold, cordless and create a wonderfully delicious rhythmic vibration. We personally see them as sex toys that just happen to be effective at removing tartar from your teeth. By using the non-bristle side of the brush, it can provide pleasurable sensation to the clitoris. Some males and females also claim that the bristle end of the electric toothbrush offers great stimulation for the areas immediate to the genitals, thus making it a great foreplay aide.

9. Spatula

Experimenting with BDSM requires a lot of “accessories.” Chief among them are whips and paddles. The humble spatula makes for an ideal substitute for either one of these. Plastic spatulas are best for the newbies, metal spatulas can come into play when you’re ready for something a little rougher.

— Fun Possibilities Surround You Everywhere —

With an open mind and kinky imagination, you and your partner can find many more items around the house that can serve to tease, stimulate and satisfy your naughty side. So, if you’re ready for something different you have no excuse to put it off — go for it, today!