How should I give the money to my date?

I took the plunge and joined Honestly, I found the site to be quite refreshing. Everybody that’s on it, men and women, know what they are there for. After a couple of weeks of just looking around, I started bidding for a date. I came to an agreement with one woman and we are due to have our first date this weekend. I am a little nervous about how I should pay her for the date. I realize the site leaves that final transaction to me, but I wish that I could get some pointers. Would it be offensive to her if I just hand her the money the moment we meet? Should I wait until after the date is over? I would sincerely appreciate some help.

How to Give Money to Whatsyourprice Date tends to surprise people when they actually join it. When we reviewed Whatsyourprice we discovered that it’s not what most people think of when somebody mentions a pay-to-date site. You can actually find some very interesting people on that site.

That being said, we understand where you’re coming from regarding what technique to use when handing over your payment. Even though the site has a decent FAQ and blog section, it’s very difficult to find any direct advice regarding that issue on the site itself. What we have been able to gather from other people who have used the service is that the best method involves splitting your payment into two halves. Give half at the start of the date and the other half at the conclusion of the date.

Also, it is recommended that you give her the money with a certain degree of charm. In other words, don’t just hand her the money as if though you were tipping the valet attendant. Try placing the money in a nice envelope. You may even consider attaching a handwritten note. You might also consider attaching the money to flowers or candy that you present to her as a token of your affection.

It is also not out of line to talk about the payment beforehand. As you are chatting with the woman online before you go on the first date, inform her that you intend to pay her in two portions — at the start of the date and at the conclusion of the date. This can save you awkward moments of confusion during the date itself. Remember, a date should be enjoyed as just that, a date. You shouldn’t be overthinking the process of the payment.