Kasidie Review — A Place for Uninhibited Fun

Kasidie.com has been around since 2006 and has started to develop a small, yet loyal group of followers. We reviewed Kasidie in order to provide you with the insight you need to determine if it is right for you. Can it take on the big boys?

Kasidie Review

Kasidie Review Results
  • Popularity - 62
  • Value - 68
  • Features - 65
  • Quality of Members - 71
  • Safety - 74
  • Customer Satisfaction - 70

Final Word on Kasidie

Kasidie is not a bad site. It stays focused on its main audience — swingers and the polyamorous. We found its members to be active and engaged on the platform. As a discovery tool for eager swingers, we would rate it as GOOD.

However, when we compare it to larger sites that also have offerings for swingers, such as AdulFriendFinder.com or ALT.com, Kasidie seems to lack depth.

This makes us give Kasidie an overall rating of FAIR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Engaged user base
  • Good for finding local and long-distance matches
  • Registration questionnaire is fun


  • Free version is very limited
  • Platform has a cluttered look
  • No stand-out feature

— In-Depth Kasidie Review —


Let’s face it, the internet is loaded with hookup sites dedicated to the swinging community. From well-known and established names to smaller niche sites, places to find uninhibited adult fun abound. However, most of these sites leave something to be desired. Some have very small membership bases making finding interesting partners difficult. Others always leave you in doubt with regards to the level of privacy and discretion that they offer.

For this reason, the majority of swingers prefer to stick with two or three well-known adult dating sites that have been in continuous operation for over two decades. While there is nothing wrong with this choice, there are still a great number of people that may be interested in other options. Kasidie.com is a hookup site that caters exclusively to swingers and adults seeking casual uninhibited encounters. Its aim is to become a viable option for swingers.

— What Is Kasidie About? —

As we have already stated, Kasidie is a site dedicated to helping swingers meet other swingers. However, those who are actively involved in the swinging community — as well as those who are curious about it — know that swinger sites come in a variety of flavors.

Kasidie is designed for those who seek to find active partners as well as for those who, as the site puts it, “simply enjoy associating with uninhibited and open-minded people.”

From our time on the site, we found that its members cover the field of the swinging community. You have active couples, individuals seeking to explore their bisexuality, people engaged in polyamorous relationships, as well as those who are into specific fetishes. We found that Kasidie is a good place to find willing partners as well as swinger parties and other erotic events.

— Privacy and Security —

When it comes to any dating site, but especially when you are dealing with hookup sites for swingers, privacy and discretion are topics of supreme importance. Kasidie describes its privacy and security protocols as being above average.

When we probed the specifics of these privacy and security protocols we found them to be on par with industry standards. However, you should be aware that Kasidie retains the right to include links on its platform that belong to third-party sites. When you click on them you will be redirected to another service on another site. That site’s privacy policy would be completely independent of Kasidie’s. Also, Kasidie does state in its terms of service that it collects and stores non-personal information from its users. They reportedly do so for marketing, fraud prevention, and service improvement purposes. This data does not include personally identifiable information about you. It only monitors how you interact with the platform.

— Registration —

kasidie registration

The registration process to a hookup site can tell us a lot about it. In the case of Kasidie, it’s simple, yet not skeletal. This means that the complete registration process will not consume massive amounts of time, but it will require approximately 10 minutes.

It starts on the welcome page. There you must select a username and password that you will use to access the platform. You must also provide a valid email address and indicate whether you are a man, woman, or couple. Also, if you are recommended by an existing user of Kasidie, there is an optional field box where you may include their username.

From there, you are redirected to a page where you must enter your current location, age, and upload a profile photo. When our testers entered their location they experienced some minor issues related to the way that their answer must be formatted. We found that it is best to enter the first few letters of your city and wait for a drop-down menu to offer you a list of specific city and state combinations. Otherwise, entering your location manually may result in repeated failed attempts.

— Profile Image —

Uploading a profile picture on Kasidie is mandatory. This image must be of you, your partner, or the both of you. Avatars, pets, landscapes, art, etc. are not permitted. The site does allow your face to be blurred or cropped for privacy. Also, no nudity is allowed for the profile pic.

Once you upload your profile image you can advance to filling out the new member questionnaire. Don’t worry, this isn’t some convoluted personality quiz that consists of a million questions. As a matter of fact, it’s quite fun. It consists of approximately 30 questions which include rating certain sex acts on a scale from 0-5. If you ever wanted the opportunity to tell the world how you felt about handjobs, here is your chance. Honestly, we found this a fun and creative way to provide the Kasidie algorithm with the information it needs to suggest matches without making the process tedious for the user.

— Platform —

The Kasidie platform is a bit cluttered. With time, however, you get used to it. The primary features offered by the site consist of “Rendezvous.” This is a hybrid discovery and chat feature that allows you to find other members for local hookups. A similar feature is called “Travel.” This feature is designed to facilitate hookups when — you guessed it — you are visiting another city. The “Parties” feature allows you to find group events and sex parties organized by fellow members in the area of your choice. Some of the events posted in this section provide a rating indicating whether they are for hard-core individuals, beginners, the curious, etc.

The search engine for Kasidie, as well as its internal messaging system, are generic. If you have ever used any type of dating site in the past five years you will be very familiar with their operation. The search engine offers a decent level of customization when you are searching for other members.

— Cost —

Kasidie cost

Registering for an account on Kasidie is free. You can browse the entirety of the platform as a free user. You will, however, be limited in accessing all of its features. We found the free version to serve solely to evaluate the look of the platform, not to interact with other members.

A paid membership has a cost of $19.95 per month. The monthly cost can be lowered by paying $29.95 for a year in advance. You also have the option of paying $99.95 for a lifetime membership.