The Inside Scoop on Lincoln Hookups

If you’re looking for some steamy hookups in Lincoln, Nebraska, with no strings attached, try one of the three sites revealed in this post. We’ve tested hundreds of hookups sites and these 3 are the ones that will get pretty much anyone laid in Lincoln.

Lincoln Hookups

As the capital of the state of Nebraska, Lincoln has a very prominent regional presence. If you live here, you know that. Even though our core population is approximately 290,000 people, our importance at the state level and at the county level — being also the county seat of Lancaster county — makes us a well-rounded and well-mannered community.

This level of passivity, however, should not be mistaken for being boring. Lincoln has a lot of things going for it to make it exciting. The University of Nebraska for one. It injects a powerful youthful presence into the community. The school draws in approximately 27,000 college-aged men and women, the majority of whom are single, into Lincoln who would otherwise not be here. When you combine the gentility of the people of Lincoln with the high powered positive energy of the student body from the University of Nebraska, you end up with fertile ground for a rocking casual encounter dating scene.

— Why Am I Without a Date? —

If you live in Lincoln and you are going through a dry spell as far as hooking up and casual encounters are concerned, you may be wondering why it is that you are having such bad luck if the city is prime ground for that type of activity.

Living in the state of Nebraska — even if you are not involved in any way with the agricultural industry — you should be familiar with analogies related to the soil. No matter how healthy and fertile the soil may be, if you fail to till, seed, and care for it properly, you are not going to have a harvest.

This holds true in the world of casual dating just as much as it does in farming. Even though Lincoln is a great place for hooking up, if you are unfamiliar with where and how to meet like-minded singles, you are going to have a very poor harvest.

— Hooking Up the Right Way in Lincoln —

If you are going through a casual dating dry spell in Lincoln, the solution to your problem can be divided into two parts. The first part requires you to understand why there are so many dating possibilities in Lincoln. The reasons that we provided to you above should clarify the ample opportunities that this city has for you.

If you ever have any doubts as to the diversity of the people who live in our community, just take a look around you. Undoubtedly, you will see the influence of the agricultural industry, the railroad and transportation sector, the presence of headquarters for major corporations, and of course the University of Nebraska. Never lose sight of the fact that with our city’s core population and that of its immediate surroundings, that’s over 300,000 people living in our piece of the Midwest. You can’t tell us seriously that there aren’t plenty of opportunities to be had.

Lincoln has plenty of casual dating opportunities regardless of your age, level of education, profession, or personality. So, step one is not to fall for the “we’re too small” crap that some people like to put up as an excuse for not hooking up.

Step two involves knowing where to meet other Lincoln singles for casual encounters. This does not involve lists of the latest trendy night spots. In fact, it’s much simpler. All that is required to meet like-minded adults in Lincoln for hooking up is going online.

We are referring to using online hookup platforms. It is the most efficient way possible to meet and hook up. It also makes it easier to have multiple hookups every week or every month — depending on what your schedule allows.

— The most effective hookup sites in Lincoln —

1- AdultFriendFinder (AFF) – Top Site for Lincoln Hookups

Top Lincoln Hookups Site - 1 - AFF

AdultFriendFinder is a gem of a hookup site that is well known around the world. Here in Lincoln, its presence among the local singles is immense.

In a world that likes to toss around the label “influencer” with incredible ease, it is not difficult for it to lose its true significance. When it comes to AdultFriendFinder, however, the word “influencer” becomes highly appropriate.

You see, AFF (how most locals refer to AdultFriendFinder) is one of the largest and best-known hookup sites because it has carefully developed a platform that brings results to its users. In other words, AdultFriendFinder helps its members meet, hookup, and get laid.

This is no exaggeration. AFF is this effective because it is one of the pioneers of the online hookup industry. For over two decades, AFF has been developing and advancing the technologies and features that are seen as standard — even mandatory — today.

AFF’s Search Engine in Lincoln

Take for instance the all-important search engine and matchmaking algorithm. A hookup site could not exist without those two things in place. Well, AFF not only established the norms for search and matchmaking that the majority of hookup sites now use, but AFF also offers the most powerful and effective search technology found today.

In Lincoln, AFF provides its users with an extremely precise method of finding like-minded adults who are in search of similar no-strings-attached thrills as you are.

The technology involved with the backend of AdultFriendFinder to make this possible is impressive. However, it is even more astonishing how user-friendly and intuitive AFF has made it for its users to get the full benefit of this search technology.

Unlike other matchmaking platforms, AFF does not require an extensive learning curve. A new user can register on the site and in a matter of minutes be meeting potential matches to hook up with that same day.

The Members

The singles of Lincoln, much as the 85 million other active users of AFF throughout the world, really appreciate the level of customization that the AdultFriendFinder search engine affords them. For a city such as our own, this makes finding the perfect match for a casual encounter fast, safe, and repeatable.

In cities with a population that is as well-mannered as Lincoln, AFF’s feature which allows for user-created chat rooms and forums is very well received. It adds another level of dimensionality to the matchmaking process. It allows users to meet like-minded adults in a setting that is more conducive to mutual interaction than the search engine alone. A full third of AFF users from Lincoln use these user-created areas as a way to supplement the already powerful search-driven method of meeting potential partners on the site.

If you are single and desirous of some action in Lincoln, AFF offers you the strongest and largest hookup platform to make your fantasies a reality.

2- InstaBang – Excellent for the younger Crowd Seeking Lincoln Hookups

The 40-and-under crowd in Lincoln heeps a multitude of praise on the hookup site known as InstaBang. When gauged solely on popularity, among the 18 to 25 age demographic, it is the most widely used hookup site in Lincoln. Among the 26 to 39 crowd, it places second only behind AdultFriendFinder.

Why InstaBang

There are many reasons for this level of allegiance to a hookup site from the younger demographic. First, it is a relative newcomer compared to other sites. This degree of freshness to the scene combined with a modern-looking user interface have contributed to the site’s speedy growth.

Of course, aesthetics can only take a site so far. If there is one thing that can be said about the residents of Lincoln — young and old — it is that they are not stupid. This means that while being the trendy “new kid on the block” of hookup sites definitely continues to draw in new users every day, the strongest reason that InstaBang has managed to achieve month-over-month retention rates of over 80 percent is that the site delivers results.

In other words, when you join InstaBang you can do so with the confidence that you will have an excellent shot at meeting someone for a hookup. Nationally, InstaBang has one of the highest figures for successful hookups and repeat encounters. Bluntly stated, InstaBang is a “hooking up machine.”

Usable for Older Singles?

What if you are over 39? Does that mean that you will not be able to partake of all of the opportunities that InstaBang has to offer in Lincoln?

Honestly, you can make effective use of InstaBang at any age. As long as you are 18 or over, of course.

While InstaBang is closely associated with the younger singles of Lincoln, that does not mean that those older than 39 are marginalized. As a matter of fact, nearly one-quarter of the site’s user base in the Lincoln area is aged 40 to 59.

This is because the users of InstaBang are very open-minded. You will find straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members. You will even find couples seeking fun.

Having an eclectic community means that a greater portion of the younger demographic is going to be interested in hooking up with someone older.

As long as you are open-minded and seriously looking for a no-strings-attached encounter, InstaBang is going to be a powerful tool for you in Lincoln.

3- Ashley Madison – The Right Choice for Discreet Affairs in Lincoln, Nebrask

Top Lincoln Hookups Site - 3 - ASHLEYMADISON

When a wild casual encounter comes to mind, what can be wilder than hooking up with someone who is already involved in a relationship?

Whether you are the cheater or the one who someone is cheating with, this type of hookup definitely leans toward the daring and exciting.

Ashley Madison’s Purpose

These types of encounters are usually accompanied by a greater need for privacy and discretion. Don’t get us wrong, all of the major hookup sites in Lincoln offer top-level privacy and security. What we are referring to is the fact that Ashley Madison is designed specifically for the cheating demographic.

While other hookup sites are geared toward providing the best user experience for a broad and general audience, Ashley Madison has the luxury of tailoring its platform to those who want to keep things as secret as possible.


On Ashley Madison, it is very easy to throttle your profile status from active to inactive. You can even program specific date and time ranges when you want your profile to be available. This benefits you by only circulating your profile among the Ashley Madison users when you are truly available and seeking a hookup.

As a result, the user experience for the rest of the Ashley Madison community is much more fruitful and enjoyable. Think about it — on most hookup sites, even the better ones, users are rarely able to specify when they are available for hooking up. Since Ashley Madison does afford you this luxury, this means that you are going to be far more likely to hook up faster than other platforms.

The Members

While Ashley Madison is known as a cheating site, you will also find members who are not involved in a relationship. There are also married couples who are seeking to enjoy the wild side together. The site is open to men, women, and people of all sexual orientations. As far as the breakdown by age is concerned, the largest age group for females on the site is that between the ages of 25 to 36. For males, it is 31 to 45. it is important to note, however, that you will find people of all ages on the platform.

Female members of Ashley Madison are able to get full use of the platform for free. When they register, the process is such that it allows for speedy processing while also filtering potential fake profiles from congesting the site. In this regard, Ashley Madison has been very effective. It has a very low incidence rate for fake profiles.

Men can pay for membership based on the time that they actually use the services of Ashley Madison. In other words, if they have marked themselves as inactive or unavailable, that time is not deducted from their balance. It’s like paying only for what goes on the meter.

Ashley Madison may not be for everyone, but for those in Lincoln who are actively seeking the open-dating and extra-relationship lifestyle, it offers the safest and best user experience for that segment of the audience.

— Midwestern Common Sense —

There you have it. All that is required to hook up in Lincoln with the level of frequency that you’ve always dreamed of is to apply some basic Midwestern common sense. One, recognize that there are plenty of opportunities. Two, use the most powerful and effective tool available to swing those opportunities your way. Yes, we are referring to the hookup sites.