Lisa18 Review — Hooking Up With the Next Generation?

Lisa18 promotes itself as a site where adults can “enjoy real erotic adventures.” With a tagline like that and a name like “Lisa18,” it definitely fills you with a lot of expectations.

lisa18 review

Lisa18 Review Results
  • Popularity - 51
  • Value - 35
  • Features - 72
  • Quality of Members - 72
  • Safety - 71
  • Customer Satisfaction - 65

Final Word of Lisa18

Lisa18 did not live up to our expectations, but it did not completely disappoint us either. We found it to be a promising hookup site with potential. The main issue with Lisa18 is that its pricey monthly fee is not justified by the anemic match results that can be expected.

At this stage, we would rate Lisa18 as DECENT to BELOW AVERAGE.

— Pros and Cons of Lisa18—


  • Easy to join
  • Women receive full membership for free
  • No chatbots or fake profiles


  • For men, paid membership is required to have any real functionality
  • “Contact guarantee” has little practical value
  • Many inactive female profiles

— In-Depth Lisa18 Review —

In the world of online hookup sites, one will find many sites dedicated to finding mature women. You know, the type of women for whom age increases sexual drive and passion as much as wisdom. Call them MILFs or cougars — they are out there and there are plenty of hookup sites dedicated to helping you find them. Being with a sexually passionate mature woman is definitely a treat — if you have ever been with one, we are certain that you will attest to that point.

That being said, however, it still cannot be denied that hooking up with a vivacious, wickedly curious, slightly freaky, young cutie is not equally as thrilling. Finding a young hottie for a casual hookup is no easy feat. If you have tried the bar or club scene you are well aware of how difficult it is. Quite frankly, there is too much competition. If your physique or wallet are not up to par with the others in the field, you are usually out of luck. Fortunately, just as there are hookup sites for mature women, so too are there for the younger set. is just such a site. Recently, we joined and tested Lisa 18 for a three-day period. We were curious to discover how effective it was in the hookup scene. This is our Lisa18 review.

— First Impression —

lisa18 homepage

The first peek we got of Lisa18 was when we visited its welcome page. The first thing we noticed was that it did not look dated. The aesthetic of the page was simple, but professional. We probably would have lingered longer and gone as far as analyzing the color palette of the page, but our visual attention was diverted to a seemingly nude, blue-eyed Nordic goddess that was used as the background image for the page.

A few minutes of staring at her image and you are — as if by magic — moved to take action on the circular registration module that is placed on top of her image; precisely on top of where her bare breast would otherwise be exposed. Yes, starting the Lisa18 registration process is a real pleasure.

— Lisa18 Registration —

The registration process is, in fact, streamlined and time efficient. You are guided by a six-step graphical series of slides. At each step, you must input some basic information. The most interesting of which is when you arrive at the “what are you looking for” section. There you can choose as many categories as you feel are appropriate for your situation. You can choose from meeting for sex, threesomes, group sex, sex games, or watching. One hell of a list, right?

lisa18 registration 1

The remaining registration questions pertain to basic profile information, such as your age, location, and basic physical attributes.

lisa18 registration 2 lisa18 registration 3 lisa18 registration 4 lisa18 registration 5

You must also enter a valid email address. This is where you will receive a confirmation email with a validation link that you must click on to finalize your registration. The complete registration process took us under ten minutes.

lisa18 registration 6

— User Experience —

Upon entering the membership area for Lisa18, one thing became clear to us. The two female testers in our group received full membership for free. The male testers only received free limited memberships. There is a tremendous difference between a full and limited membership on Lisa18. The full membership allows users to send and receive private messages and send invites for private online chats. The search function for those with full membership allows for a vast array of search criteria to be applied to each search. This allows you to fine tune your list of potential hookup matches down to location, age, body type and sexual proclivity. Not even Google can do that for you.

lisa18 search 1

lisa18 ideal match   lisa18 search preferences

While those with full membership get to live high off the hog, those with free memberships are left with the table scraps. About all that you can do with a free membership is conduct broad searches. You can receive messages, but you cannot respond to them.

Some of you — especially if you’re men — may find it unfair that women get full membership for free. We, however, think it is a net positive. By offering free membership, Lisa18 is able to draw more women to the site. Let’s face it guys — could you imagine the stampede if they offered full features for free to men? The whole site would become one big digital sausagefest.

— The Reality —

As we explored Lisa18, we were able to determine that approximately 60 percent of the users are male with the remaining 40 percent female. For a hookup site, that gender ratio is quite good. Also, we did not encounter any chatbots or blatantly fake profiles. All in all, the lay of the land looked promising.

We did hit a stumbling block when we began to analyze the profiles of the female members. While they seemed genuine, we noticed that nearly three out of every four were abandoned or inactive for nearly a year. That means that the effective active gender ratio is one woman for every ten men.

lisa18 member ratio

— Engagement —

When our two male testers attempted to engage with women on Lisa18, they did receive replies. However, they were not as numerous as we would have hoped. Out of a total of 100 messages that were sent to women, only 14 replies were received. Hey, a reply is a reply — that’s how you engage and before you know it you have a hookup, right? While that is true, in the case of Lisa18, considering that it would cost you $39.95 for a one-month membership, the results are somewhat underwhelming.

Lisa18 does offer a “contact guarantee.” It stipulates that if you do not have a minimum of five contacts in a continuous three-month period with a paid membership, your fees would be refunded. The only problem is that the terms and conditions of Lisa18 define a “contact” as something as simple as responding to your message.