LoveStruck Review — Multiple Ways for Finding a Match

It is important to evaluate LoveStruck’s performance on all fronts — the standard matchmaking process as well as its enhanced offerings. We conducted a full review in order to offer you a clearer picture of the experience that they provide. review

LoveStruck Review Results
  • Popularity - 41
  • Value - 74
  • Features - 81
  • Quality of Members - 85
  • Safety - 86
  • Customer Satisfaction - 76

Final Word on

We found LoveStruck to be a compelling online dating platform. In both its mobile and desktop incarnation, it provides a rich and fulfilling user experience. The fact that it combines the algorithmic method of matchmaking along with the more dynamic and impulsive elements of its Date Idea feature and hosted events, makes it a rich and thorough site. Our only concern would be that this type of dating site may not perform as well in areas that have thinner populations. However, in large and medium cities, LoveStruck seems like an ideal solution for finding a fulfilling relationship.

We would rate LoveStruck as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Well-vetted membership base
  • Available for desktop as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • PayPal is a payment option


  • Pictures, profile changes, and initial registration need to be reviewed and approved
  • Full functionality requires a paid membership

— In-Depth LoveStruck Review —


There are some dating sites that provide more than simply an internet-based matchmaking platform. Some, such as LoveStruck, offer their members not only the ability to find potential matches, but also a fuller dating experience.

By this, we mean that sites such as LoveStruck go the extra mile to provide an enhanced level of service to their members. In the case of Lovestruck, in addition to what you would expect to find on an online dating site dedicated to those seeking long-term relationships, it also hosts and promotes events where members can meet in person — among other perks.

Of course, the fact alone that LoveStruck involves itself more directly with its users compared to other sites does not necessarily make it better.

— Where to Find LoveStruck —

Lovestruck is available for use on your computer’s web browser or via their IOS and Android mobile apps. All three of these platforms offer the full set of features that LoveStruck provides.

The mobile apps are available for download from the App Store and Google Play. During our testing, we did not encounter any technical issues with the download, installation, or use of either of the apps. The navigation was fast and smooth and we never encountered any screen freezes or sudden closures.

The browser-based app is equally as fast and smooth. It employs a sleek and clean design which makes navigation simple and intuitive.

— Registration Process —

Lovestruck Registration

Registering on LoveStruck is fast and easy. The basic information that you are required to provide upfront consists of the usual — your choice of username and password, a valid email, your gender and the gender of the person that you are seeking to meet, and how you heard about the service. The entire initial registration process takes less than a minute.

Unlike other dating apps, however, after you finish your initial registration, LoveStruck goes the extra mile to safeguard the genuineness of its membership base.

It does this by first verifying that all who register are in fact, real individuals. It does this through a process known as social cross-checking. This requires you to provide LoveStruck with at least one of your social media IDs. These could be Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You do not have to add or follow LoveStruck in any way. What they do with your social media information is to have a human member of their team visually check your profiles to make sure that everything squares away with the profile information that you used on your LoveStruck account.

Lovestruck Verification

This level of human review also extends to your profile pictures and any of the content contained within your expanded profile. LoveStruck will not allow images that are considered lewd or that contain nudity. Likewise, even though they encourage you to be open and imaginative regarding the write-up of your profile, they will not allow vulgar or offensive language.

In our opinion, this level of human-based filtering is something which many other online dating sites could benefit from. It adds a level of authenticity to the site and provides an added layer of security for its members. Also, the fact that the filtering does not rely heavily on automated systems — rather, a real human is involved — helps to avoid needless delays in the review process. Yes, it may take as long as 24 hours for these hands-on reviews to take place, but it is well worth the wait in order to experience a quality user base. During our testing, the average wait time for these reviews was four hours.

— Special Features —

LoveStruck offers the features that most people have grown accustomed to finding on an online dating site. It has a fast and detailed search engine that allows you to search for potential matches based on your specific search parameters.

LoveStruck Search Filters

What makes LoveStruck unique, however, are two key features above and beyond its search algorithm. One is a feature called “Date Ideas.” The other consists of hosting live social events for its members.

— Date Ideas —


Date Ideas allows you to literally invent a fun date idea. This could be anything that strikes your fancy. From having croissants and warm cocoa on a hot air balloon; to taking a helicopter tour of a major city. It is limited only to your imagination.

You can post these date ideas and they will be added to LoveStruck’s dating idea database. From there, other members are able to look through and search for unique date ideas that they find interesting. You too can search through this massive list of innovative dating ideas.

The point is for members to discover each other based on these interesting date ideas. If you come across a dating idea that you like, you can respond to the member by asking them out. If they accept, you’ve got a date. Likewise, other members can ask you out based on the date idea that you posted.

When you add this discovery feature on top of its already robust search engine, LoveStruck becomes quite powerful. Not only does it use personality- and behavioral-based metrics processed by a matchmaking algorithm to find potential matches, but it also incorporates the dynamic essence of impulsive creativity through it’s a Dating Idea feature.

— Hosting Events —

Adding yet a third layer of discovery and connectivity for its members, in select cities in the United States and the United Kingdom, LoveStruck hosts live events. These are essentially social mixers which members can attend in order to interact in person. This adds the face-to-face element of discovering potential matches to the LoveStruck mix.

LoveStruck Events

— Cost —

LoveStruck has a tiered membership system. There is a free and premium membership package. The free version allows you to set up a profile but limits you in accessing the Date Idea feature and also limits communication functions with other members. The premium package provides you with the full power of the site.

A one-month membership costs $19.99. You can also choose to pay for a three-month package for $29.99, or a six-month package for $49.99. LoveStruck accepts credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.