LuvByrd Review— The Dating Platform for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you prefer the indoors but enjoy the company of outdoor enthusiasts? Okay, do you at least enjoy buying cool winter fashions and spending your time in the cozy comfort of a ski lodge? For anyone who has any sort of interest in the thrilling world of outdoor activities, the dating app called LuvByrd wants you to know that they exist.

“Haven’t heard of them,” you say? Well, LuvByrd has been around since 2014 and the developers claim that it is the place where adventurous love begins. In their own words, “LuvByrd is a free site connecting your adventures with others who share a similar endeavor.”

Hmm, a free dating site that can help you find that special someone who will be able to keep pace with you in every way imaginable? Well, hot diggity, how do you sign up?

Before you sign up, however, maybe it’s best to catch your breath, adjust your wearable fitness tracker, and read our review of LuvByrd first. Think of it as a conditioning exercise — a little stretching before the main event.

Luvbyrd Review

Luvbyrd Review Results
  • Popularity - 64
  • Value - 67
  • Features - 65
  • Quality of Members - 73
  • Safety - 70
  • Customer Satisfaction - 72

Final Word on Luvbyrd

If you are a genuine lover of the outdoors, we can see how LuvByrd can provide you with some value. We found that the user base may not be as large as we would like in order to get a large sampling of potential matches in every region of the country, but if you are looking for someone with a particular outdoor interest, it can certainly help.

If your outdoor interests are more moderate or passive, LuvByrd may not be for you. The hands-on work required to search for potential matches — made more labor-intensive due to the minimalistic search filters — wouldn't be worth your time.

Overall, we would rate LuvByrd as FAIR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Free version is powerful enough to get a real feel for the platform
  • Majority of members are genuine
  • Available for desktop, Android, and iOS devices
  • Fast and easy registration process


  • Paid version does not offer multi-month discounts
  • Presence of advertisements on the platform
  • Leans toward favoriting winter outdoor activities
  • Search filters are limited

— Concept Behind LuvByrd —

All kidding aside, LuvByrd, is designed to bring people together who share a passion for the outdoors. This can be a shared love for camping, skiing, canoeing, cycling, etc.

It is open to all lifestyles, gay and straight. It can be used to help you find someone to hook up with and share a weekend adventure on the slopes or to find a more profound connection for something long-term. In that way, LuvByrd appears to be rather versatile.

— Availability —

LuvByrd is available in a desktop and mobile version. The former can be accessed via your computer’s web browser. The latter requires you to download and install a native mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

The existence of a mobile app for LuvByrd should have been taken as a given. After all, imagine how silly a dating platform for outdoor enthusiasts would look if people could not access it while on the go. Unfortunately, the performance of both versions of the mobile app leaves something to be desired. While we were satisfied with the design, layout and overall feel of the LuvByrd mobile app, its performance was buggy. The app would freeze suddenly or certain features, such as messaging, would stop working. It should be noted, however, that after each incident, resetting the app cleared the problem, Nevertheless, when that happens repeatedly, it is bothersome.

The desktop version did not share the technical bugs that our testers encountered with the mobile version.

— Coverage and Types of Users —

While you can register for an account from anywhere in the world, the majority of its membership base appears to reside in the United States.

Our testers did not detect chronic levels of fake or inactive profiles. It is safe to say that the majority of the users on the platform are genuine, although some are seasonal. While LuvByrd is supposed to focus on all types of outdoor enthusiasts, you cannot escape a distinct feeling that skiers are favored. There are more profiles from skiers and other winter enthusiasts than from those for summer or “snowless” activities — even in August.

— Registration Process —

The LuvByrd registration process is straightforward. The only personal information that you need to reveal initially is your gender, that of the partner you are seeking, your date of birth, and location. That’s enough to get you on the LuvByrd rolls.

The initial registration process can be streamlined further by linking either your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

In order to make full use of the platform, however, you will need to provide some additional information. This includes uploading a profile image for your account, providing your height, and choosing from a long list of options what your favorite winter and summer activities are. You must also select what your favorite skiing location is. There is no way to skip the latter, even if you don’t ski. (We told you that LuvByrd seems to have a “thing” for skiers.)

Luvbyrd Registration 1

Luvbyrd Registration 2

You are also given the option to submit additional information regarding your craziest outdoor adventure, why your favorite activity is your favorite, and to list some items on your bucket list of adventures.

— Features and Cost —

Luvbyrd Cost

The feature set found on LuvByrd is simple but functional. There is the expected search and browsing feature which allows you to find potential matches. Filtering your search results is limited compared to other dating platforms but it does allow you to filter by age range, gender, location, and favorite seasonal activities.

Communicating with other members can be done using the platform’s internal messaging feature.

LuvByrd is free to register for an account. You will notice the presence of advertisements while you navigate through the platform. For the most part, they are not obtrusive.

You can also pay for bonus features, such as discovering who has favorited, liked or seen your profile. The privilege for each of those add-ons is $5 per month each. A much better deal is choosing to pay $10 per month. That will give you the three add-ons and also allow you to have unlimited messaging.

During our testing using the free version, our testers did not encounter any limitation notifications during their messaging activity. Mind you, our testing period only covered a five-day span.