Mate1 Review — Helping You “Find Someone”

We conducted a review of Mate1 in order to compare the reputation it has with the real world experience that we obtained by using their service. Is it truly useful for casual as well as long-term dating? Does is it allow you to fine-tune your search without making you feel like you are excluding potentially good matches? Read our Mate1 review and find out.

mate1 review

Mate1 Review Results
  • Popularity - 81
  • Value - 82
  • Features - 77
  • Quality of Members - 75
  • Safety - 76
  • Customer Satisfaction - 78

Final Word on Mate1

We found Mate1 to live up to the expectations that it sets up for itself. It is a very good all-purpose dating site. There is an active and engaging user base. You can search for people under broad or highly detailed search parameters. We feel that it is suitable for those seeking casual as well as long-term partners.

We would rate Mate1 as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Large active user base of over 30 million
  • More women than men on the site
  • Voice profiles available
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Search engine that can be as broad or as detailed as you choose


  • Single-month membership is a bit high
  • Platform aesthetics could be improved

— In-Depth Mate1 Review —


The online dating scene sometimes seems like it is composed of a mosaic of specialized niche dating sites. While that can be very convenient when you know exactly what it is that you are looking for in a partner, where does it leave all of those people who simply want to have a broad range of people to choose from?

Yes, there are general audience dating sites — but even those can sometimes feel a little restricting. is an online dating site that takes into account key elements of your personality and helps you find a potential match while never making you feel like you are being blocked in a specific box. At least, that is how the site frames itself and how users of the service have described their user experience.

— The Basics —

Mate1 has been in continuous operation since 2003. As of November 2017, it has over 31 million registered members. While it has users throughout the world, the majority — over 80 percent — of its user base resides in the United States and Canada. In terms of gender ratio, 41 percent of its members are male with 59 percent being female.

One of the reasons for there being more women than men on the site is the fact that female members receive full membership for free — men have to pay. This, however, creates a lively and engaging environment.

Mate1 is inclusive of all lifestyles. There are specific categories for heterosexual and homosexual members. It also has members from a wide variety of ethnicities and faiths. In terms of diversity and inclusivity, Mate1 rates very highly.

Based on online dating industry statistics, Mate1 receives over 2.5 million unique visitors per month. Its overall monthly traffic figures hover around 4 million.

In terms of usage statistics and the broadness of its demographics, Mate1 has all of the basic characteristics of a healthy and powerful all-purpose dating site.

— Mate1 Features —

The feature set on Mate1 includes all of the basic tools that you would expect to find on a modern dating site. It also includes a couple of unique features that make the user experience more delightful.

We found its search engine and matchmaking algorithm to be on par with many higher-end dating sites. You can filter your search parameters to include such detailed items as favorite snack foods, favorite clothing brands, sports teams, local hangouts, just to name a few. Of course, the beauty of Mate1 is that you can make your discovery path as loose or as detailed as you want.

Its other basic features include online chat and messaging, “Flirts,” and a neat way to organize your previous searches in “hotlists.”

One of Mate1’s unique features is the “voice profile.” This allows members to record a voice introduction for themselves. This is done by dialing a toll-free number and entering a code that is provided to you on your screen.


You can modify your recording until it sounds right to you. We found this feature to be a nice compliment to static images on a profile. There is something about hearing the human voice — especially when it’s from someone you are considering meeting — that adds more depth to their personality. We found the voice profile even more useful than profile videos. Usually, on videos people tend to act for the camera. On audio, more of the inner essence of the person comes out — they are more genuine.

— Security —

Mate1 incorporates all of the industry standards when it comes to safeguarding the personal information of its members. It also adds additional personal safety features such as only showing profiles in search results from members that have profile pictures. This eliminates many of the trolls that are often found on large audience sites. Fortunately, uploading images to Mate1 is easy. You can do so from your computer. Alternatively, if you synced your Facebook account when you registered on Mate1, you can import images from there.

— The Platform —

mate1 platform

To access your profile and all of the site’s features, Mate1 provides its users with a clean user interface. It is somewhat generic in appearance, but it is easy to navigate. The default page on the platform displays a search refinement module on top with tiled images of the profile images of suggested matches immediately below that.

On the left-hand column, you will find a quick search box as well as access to your account settings. Mate1’s user interface will not win awards for design and aesthetics, but it does merit praise for ease of use.

Mate1 also has native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

— Cost —

As we have already stated, Mate1 offers free full membership to women. Men are able to access the platform for free but are highly limited in what they can do. Most of the communication functionality is off limits.

mate1 cost

A one-month membership for Mate1 costs $44.95 per month. A three-month membership costs $74.97, and a six-month membership costs $119.94.

The one-month membership is on the high end compared to other dating sites, but when you consider that Mate1 offers a solid user experience it is easy to rationalize the price. If you want to experience the benefits of full membership before committing, there is a three-day trial membership available for $1.95.