Meecha App Review — Meet “The One” Nearby?

We conducted a full review of the Meecha app in order to provide our readers with a clear idea of what to expect when joining the platform. Before you download and install Meecha we suggest that you give our review a read. That way, you will know if Meecha is “the one” for you or not.

Meecha App Review

Meecha App Review Results
  • Popularity - 51
  • Value - 43
  • Features - 55
  • Quality of Members - 36
  • Safety - 63
  • Customer Satisfaction - 41

Final Word on Meecha

Being perfectly honest, we think that it would be highly unlikely for anybody to meet "the one" on Meecha. Its membership base is simply too spread out throughout the world. While that makes it an interesting app for meeting people strictly for online engagement, when it comes to dating or hookups, it's ineffective.

The only feature that we would join Meecha for would be its random video chat. That can be interesting on many levels. You know what we are talking about, you can sometimes find an interesting match to spend a few spicy online minutes.

Overall, we would have to rate the Meecha app as BELOW AVERAGE as a real-world dating app.

 — Pros and Cons —


  • Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Familiar and intuitive user interface
  • Random video chat feature is entertaining


  • Facebook registration option is buggy
  • Speed and performance issues when installed on Android 5.0
  • Majority of members are in Asia, few members in the United States or other English-speaking countries
  • Paid membership required to make use of its search and communication features
  • Many profiles are inactive on abandoned

— In-Depth Meecha App Review —

Meecha App

“The one” — when you are single that is the person that everyone wants to meet. You try clubs, singles bars, social mixers — hell, when you’re desperate enough you even accept going on a few blind dates suggested by family and friends.

When those methods don’t work, you begin to realize that one of the best ways to meet “the one” is through online dating. Meecha is a dating app that promotes itself as the ideal platform for meeting “the one.”

Along the way, Meecha also makes mention of how it is an app for meeting all kinds of people in general. So, whether you’re looking for “the one” or just someone to have a little fun with, Meecha claims to be able to help you. However, there is nothing like getting an impartial opinion before jumping into unknown waters.

— Availability —

Meecha App on iOS and android

Meecha is available only as a mobile app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. In terms of technical performance, our testers detected a slight downturn in performance when Meecha was installed on Android 5.0 devices. The app did not crash, it remained fluid and operational, but it did have a noticeable lag and slowed down other tasks that were open on the phone. This problem did not manifest itself in the iOS version nor did it appear in Android 6.0 and higher.

— Registration Process —

Meecha supposedly allows you to register by linking to your Facebook or Google Plus account. However, three of our four testers encountered complications when trying to use the Facebook method. The familiar pop-up that normally opens in which Facebook asks you to verify that you want to link your account to Meecha did not open. We believe that the problem resided on the Meecha side. We base this on the fact that when our testers encountered this problem they attempted to register via Facebook on other dating apps and they did not encounter any issues.

The manual registration method requires you to provide and verify an email address. After answering a short questionnaire, you must click on a link sent to you in an email in order to successfully complete the registration process.

Meecha app Registration 1

Meecha app Registration 2

Meecha App Registration 3

Meecha app Registration 4

Meecha app Registration 5

Meecha app Registration 6

— User Interface —

We found the Meecha user interface to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Its features are easy to access from an icon menu that appears at the bottom of each screen. Similarly, when you are within a specific feature, a simple tap on your screen will make navigational icons appear.

—  Meecha App Features —

Selfie and Video Feeds

The selfie and video feed features give Meecha a social media feel. Users can upload selfies or videos which will be shown on the news feeds of other users. People who have liked your profile will be able to see your selfie and video feeds on a regular basis. Also, by default, users within your immediate geographic area will be able to see them as well. If you only want those who have liked your profile to see your feed, you can change this in your user settings. Likewise, if someone has liked you but you do not wish for them to have access to your feeds, you can block their profiles.

Random Video Chat

From the point of view of our testers, this was the most effective feature on Meecha. If you’re familiar with Chatroulette or Omegle, this feature functions on a similar concept. When you open up the random video chat feature you will be presented with other users who are broadcasting their video feed at that moment. You can either choose to pass on them or engage them in a mutual video conversation.

There is a steady stream of members that use this feature. You will find a steady flow of people 24/7. However, our testers indicated that you will find roughly 20 men for every woman using random video chat.

Messaging and Instant Chat

No modern dating app would be complete without a messaging and instant chat feature. In the case of Meecha, these features are well-designed and offer several options. Not only can you engage in text-based instant chat, but you can also switch to video chat and you can send images, audio clips, video clips and emojis as attachments.

Search and People Discovery

The search feature on Meecha is somewhat primitive. It does not offer too many choices when it comes to filtering your search results. You can search by age range, gender, and location —but it is difficult to customize your search results further. For a site that has a worldwide following, it makes finding potential matches in your specific neck of the woods difficult.

Based on the experience obtained by our testers with the Meecha search function, it would seem that over 75 percent of the membership base resides in Asia. Also, over half of the profiles are inactive on abandoned. This creates a hollow user experience when you want to meet people for real-world encounters.

— Cost —

Meechat APP VIP Cost

Even though it is free to set up an account on Meecha, in order to get any use of its communication or discovery functions you will need to pay. Users are given the option of paying for a three-month membership for $11.99 or one full year for $39.99. You can also purchase a lifetime membership for $99,

The Meecha app also has an option in which you can purchase digital coins.

Meecha App Coins

You can use these coins to send other members virtual gifts.

Meecha App Gifts

You can also pay for individual features on a pay-as-you-go basis in the event that you choose not to pay for a membership.