Meetville App Review — Too Good to Be True?

If you have been using a dating app for some time, chances are that you have noticed something lacking in most of them. While some offer large user bases and others offer impressive feature sets, it seems as if most of them require a great deal of patience and tolerance from their members in order to help them find a suitable match.

Even the most popular of dating apps will inevitably serve you match suggestions that simply are not your cup of tea. Even the potential match that looked so promising on their profile page can sometimes turn out to be a lost cause when you meet in person.

Meetville is an app that attempts to change all of this. By focusing on matching people based on similar values and common interests, Meetville claims it can help you find a long-term partner sooner, rather than later.

How does Meetville go about accomplishing this? Do people really find relationship success with this app? We examined and reviewed the Meetville app precisely to find the answers to these questions. Read our review and discover whether Meetville is what it claims to be and not just another road to Losersville.

Meetville App Review

MeetVille App Review Results
  • Popularity - 44
  • Value - 39
  • Features - 52
  • Quality of Members - 38
  • Safety - 67
  • Customer Satisfaction - 42

Final Word on MeetVille

In the world of online dating apps, it is not uncommon for an app's marketing profile to outpace the reality of what it can deliver. This is the case with Meetville. While what they purport to be is one thing, the reality is entirely different. The user experience they offer is meek and empty.

We would rate Meetville as VERY POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Available for IOS and Android
  • Familiar and intuitive user interface
  • Free to join


  • Real functionality requires paid membership
  • Costly
  • Few real profiles
  • Simplistic and ineffective matchmaking formula

— In-Depth MeetVille App Review —

meetville app

Similar interests, common values, like demeanor — that is the secret recipe for successful long-term matches according to Meetville. While it is difficult to argue with that basic formula, we dare say it is not the ingredients that sour the recipe, but rather the way that they are brought together.

We took a look at Meetville with unbiased eyes. Based on the marketing material we had seen, we expected a more personalized approach toward finding a mate. Unfortunately, Meetville did not live up to our expectations.

— First Impression —

Most people will come across Meetville one of two ways — by downloading it directly to their iOS or Android device, or by first visiting its information website at Its information site is well designed and inspires confidence in the app. It provides potential new users with general information about the app and what users can expect on Meetville. It is all champagne and caviar if you believe what is presented.

By the time you download and install the app, most people will be psyched believing that they may have finally found the true solution for finding long-term romance. Sadly, in our opinion, the happiest you will feel about Meetville is at this stage. Everything that comes afterward only serves to sour you on the user experience that they offer.

— Features —

The way that Meetville markets its app, you’d expect to find an innovative collection of features to help you find a soul mate. What struck us was how common and ordinary the Meetville features are. Quite honestly, there is nothing unique about the Meetville feature set.

Starting with your individual dating profile — while it may be considered “thorough” by some — it is built by asking you for information about your personal attributes, lifestyle preferences, and other personal details, but it is not analytical in nature. Most of the subject matter for your profile can be left blank if you so choose. The free text areas of your profile allow you to express a little bit more about yourself, but again, it serves only for declarative purposes. The app does not have an algorithm that takes your answers, analyzes them, and then uses the data to formulate a match. All suggested matches are realized by simplistic match formulas relying on shared indexed data. This is a fancy way of saying that Meetville does not have a magical secret formula to find matches. It relies on what other simplistic dating apps do — matching basic profile parameters.

The remaining features on Meetville are what you would expect to find in any other dating app. There is an online chat feature. This requires two members to like each other in order to activate. Additionally, in order to use the chat feature, you must have a premium membership. More on that later.

You can also send winks to other members to let them know you are interested. The app serves you between five to ten suggested matches per day. You can, however, conduct manual searches beyond that number.

— Cost —

Meetville App Cost

Meetville requires a premium membership in order to derive any sort of communication functionality out of it. This has a cost of $9.99 per week if you pay for one month in advance, $4.99 per week if you pay for three months in advance, and $2.99 per week if you pay for one year in advance. Why they use a weekly pricing structure when the shortest subscription you can purchase is one month seems silly to us. Either they enjoy confusing their new users or it’s to absorb the sticker shock of saying that it costs almost $40 for one month.

— User Experience —

If the user experience provided by Meetville would have been positive and useful, we may have overlooked its steep pricing and plain vanilla features. Unfortunately, the user experience was shallow. First, even though Meetville claims to have over 8 million registered members, there were never more than a few thousand actively online. That means that the active membership base is small. As you can imagine, finding an ideal match from such a small group of people is impossible. Much more so if many of those profiles belong to inactive or fake profiles.

Mind you, Meetville does not actively use fake profiles to create an artificial expectation of success, but fake profiles are present. It is likely these were created by ordinary users with nothing better to do than to be catfish. Nevertheless, these fake and stale profiles do not enhance the user experience.

Over a four day period, our three testers were only able to scrounge up two conversations with “potential matches.” These two instances eventually petered out before the conversation ever got to the subject of meeting in person because the people lived too far away.

Obviously, this is not what most people would sign up or pay good money for — at least, that is our opinion.