Men, Are You Date-Worthy?

For whatever reason, you have a hard time getting a date. Even those few times when you do meet somebody and start going out, for a variety of reasons the relationship never seems to take hold. What could be going wrong? Is it you? Are you “date-worthy?”

Men Are You Date-Worthy

Before we begin to tackle this problem in detail, it is important to first establish that everybody has the ability to find a compatible partner and sustain a relationship of their choosing. So, please, at no moment should you feel that we are trying to abuse or bully anybody. We are merely trying to make you conduct the sort of introspection that any successful dater has to go through to achieve his dating goals. In other words, in the grand scheme of life, everyone is worthy. Now let’s get back to the task of making you date-worthy.

To do this type of personal introspection you need to be able to answer the following three questions.

1. What Are My Dating Goals?

We are always surprised by the number of men who fail to establish any goals when it comes to dating. It is as if by simply casting themselves adrift upon the dating scene they are going to click with a woman with whom they are compatible.

The reality of the situation requires men to set some basic goals before they start placing themselves in situations to meet women. These goals do not have to be complex nor far-reaching. We are not suggesting that you plan out a five-year plan that includes when you want to get married and how many children you wish to have.

We are referring to more pragmatic goals. In other words, what type of woman would you like to meet? Are you seeking no strings attached fun or are you open to something a little bit more serious? The answer to those two questions should set up the foundation for your dating goals.

For those of you who enjoy detailing things out further, you are free to add additional details to your dating goals. Some men may want to simply have as many casual encounters as they possibly can during a particular period of their life — that would be a goal. Others may want to start meeting women within certain social circles — yet another goal. Others may set up goals regarding the age of the women who they want to date — either older or younger. As you can see, setting up a few dating goals is easy.

By having these dating goals set, you will be better able to spend the time that you need in the proper places and on the proper online dating sites to meet the type of woman who you are seeking.

2. How Much Time Do I Have for Dating?

It does not matter whether you are seeking short-term casual encounters or a long-term relationship, the process of reaching your dating goals are going to require an investment of time on your part. We know, you may have a lot of responsibilities coming from work, your private business, physical conditioning — whatever you happen to be into.

Due to that, you must be realistic about the time that you can allocate for dating. It may be that realistically you only have time to mingle, meet and date one or two nights a week. It is possible that your nights may not even be available and that you would have to conduct all of your dating activity during the daytime and afternoon. Some of you may be fortunate enough to have a complete freedom of schedule that you can have a date at any time.

Knowing the time that you have available to date is essential because that way you will be able to focus and schedule a time to actually go out, mingle, spend time on online dating platforms, and everything else that is involved in meeting the right woman. If you just lounge around during your free moments in hopes that the perfect woman is going to drop out of the sky and fall on your lap, you are kidding yourself.

Likewise, if you happen to meet a woman whose personality is a bit demanding on your time and you can only see her one or two days a week, chances are that such a relationship is going to fail quickly. By the same token, if you meet a woman who has an equally as demanding schedule as your own and the both of you cannot properly coordinate yourselves, that relationship will also be short-lived.

You see, time — more so your availability of it — really matters for successful dating.

3. What’s My Dating Budget?

We realize that for some, money is never an issue. However, for the vast majority of you, dating and its monetary cost is something that does go through your mind.

This is why you should know how much you are comfortable in spending on the dating scene. You must take into consideration the cost of drinks, meals, movies, shows, etc. You may also have to factor in costs related to hotel or motel rooms, especially if you are seeking the company of women who happen to be married or otherwise involved.

If you are only seeking casual encounters, you may be able to limit your expenditures to the cost of a few drinks or coffee for the initial meet and maybe the cost of an Uber or a cab ride home. If, however, you are seeking to impress a woman for a long-term relationship, you will likely have to spend more money over a longer period of time in order to impress her and win her favor.

Knowing how much you can spend without affecting your routine financial responsibilities will allow you to enjoy yourself on the date. There is nothing worse than a man who, as he hears his date ordering lobster from the menu, starts to worry about how he’s going to pay for the bill. It will affect your demeanor and your focus throughout the entire date. Therefore, if you have a tight budget make sure to plan a date accordingly. Just because you do not spend a king’s ransom on a date does not mean that you cannot show your date a good time.

— It’s Just That Easy —

If you answered these three easy questions, you will be in a far better position to meet the type of women you are seeking. You will be able to actually enjoy the dating process and in so doing you will have much better results. If you are just looking for a few one-night stands, you’ll be impressed at how much more frequently you will be getting laid. If you are looking for something more serious, you will be amazed at how your relationships suddenly start blossoming.

As we said at the beginning, every man is worthy — you just have to make sure that you make yourself a “date-worthy” man.