Raleigh Hookups – North Carolina’s Finest

Raleigh, NC — the city named after Sir Walter Raleigh himself — has been one of the jewels of the South since 1792. Well, a lot has happened since our city was first founded in the late 18th century. We now number just over one million inhabitants in our urban area and over 1.3 million in the whole of the metro area. This makes finding Raleigh hookups a breeze if you’re on the right platform.

Raleigh Hookups

Being both the state capital of the state of North Carolina and the county seat of Wake County, we are always in the thick of decision making for our region of the world. This has helped to develop the personality that characterizes the residents of our great city — we are bold but friendly, charming but determined, gracious but firm.

It is that sense of community-wide personality that also makes Raleigh one hell of a town for hooking up and to enjoy the casual encounter lifestyle. We are proud to be considered a contemporaneous southern city. We hold on to the best of the past while simultaneously embracing the best of the new.

If you have not been able to leverage Raleigh’s energy to hook up and have fun with like-minded adults then one of two things must be at play. Either you are in a happy monogamous relationship and have no need for casual encounters; or else you are missing out on a key component for hooking up and each day that goes by you become increasingly frustrated.

If you fall into the latter camp, help has finally arrived.

— Understanding the Numbers —

Maybe the whole personality-driven part of the Raleigh casual encounter equation does not impress you. Maybe you have been spending so many Friday nights alone that you have become discouraged with that whole part of the argument.

That’s understandable. With repeated disappointment is bound to come resignation that things will never change — that they cannot change.

Well, boys and girls, if that sounds like you, hold on to your Zazzle hats! Something that you cannot discount so easily is numbers — stats to be more precise. As you may know, in Raleigh we have over 1.3 million inhabitants. Of those, over 51 percent are between the ages of 18 to 44. For every 100 females, there are roughly 98 males. Also, a full third of residents self-identify as being single. What do all of those numbers mean? That Raleigh is, in fact, crawling with plenty of people in the prime of the casual encounter phase of their lives.

— For a Large City, We Are Well Laid Out —

Another advantage that Raleigh has over other cities is that our cityscape is logically and well laid out. This means that it is easier for people to travel slightly longer distances to meet than is the case elsewhere. For example, most of you would not give it a second thought to meet up with someone from inside the beltline even if you are coming from West Raleigh or East Raleigh. The same holds true for most of the other neighborhoods and sectors of the city. This means that your pool of potential partners becomes that much larger.

— Where to Meet Potential Casual Partners in Raleigh —

Okay, so the overall charm and personality of our residents are conducive for hooking up. The demographics and city layout is also beneficial to the cause. Why then have you been having such rotten luck in the casual encounter game?

The answer usually rests with seeking to meet people in the wrong places. To be more exact, failing to search for potential partners where the majority of the people of Raleigh do so every day. We are referring to online hookup sites.

Yes, the people of Raleigh prefer to meet someone for a hookup online than through more traditional means, such as clubs or other physical locations. You know what that means, right? If you have failed to jump on the online bandwagon, that is why you have been missing out on all of the action.

Before you bounce off this post and start joining the first online hookup platform that you can find, take a breath, relax. If you’ve waited this long, a few more minutes is not going to hurt you.

In order to be successful at hooking up in Raleigh, you need to join the appropriate hookup platforms — the ones that are the most popular with the locals.

— Raleigh Hookup Sites for Some Real Action —

#1 Raleigh Hookup Site – AdultFriendFinder (AFF)

Raleigh Hookup Site 1 - AFF

AdultFriendFinder is a brand that many will recognize even if they are not looking to hook up. That should tell you something about how successful and powerful AdultFriendFinder is.

More commonly referred to as AFF, this hookup platform has been in continuous operation for over two decades. It has helped to mold and craft the online dating industry into the behemoth that it is today.

AdultFriendFinder has accomplished this by providing their users with a quality platform that delivers results. In other words, AFF really does help its users find compatible partners for in-person hookups.

In Raleigh, AFF is used by young adults, couples, mature men and women — literally, every ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation is represented on the platform.

Part of the reason for this popularity is that AdultFriendFinder has consistently provided results to its members for over two decades. In Raleigh, AFF has been on the “top three best hookup sites list” for 17 consecutive years and counting.


The magic of AFF comes from combining powerful search and matchmaking technology with a community touch. The AdultFriendFinder search engine allows users to filter their search results to an incredible level of detail. This means that users will find compatible partners in larger numbers and with far greater frequency than on other platforms.

You can search for like-minded adults based on age range, sexual kinks and fetishes, location, ethnicity, personality, etc. Some AFF users in Raleigh claim that a suggested match found on the platform is ten times more likely to result in a real-world encounter than those found on other sites.

AdultFriendFinder incorporates user-created elements that add to the community feel of the site. Users can create their own forums and chat rooms. In Raleigh, these features are used by those who want to engage in group conversations revolving around a specific topic. Most of these topics are related to sexual kinks and fetishes as well as hooking up.

The value that you obtain from an AdultFriendFinder membership is definitely worth its cost. It will not only help you to hook up in Raleigh but also in any other city that you happen to visit.

#2 Raleigh Hookup Site – SocialSex

Raleigh Hookup Site 2 - SocialSex

SocialSex offers a decent set of features to the people of Raleigh. These include a search and discovery engine that although not as robust as that of AFF, still stands above most other Raleigh hookup platforms.

For many users, the SocialSex search engine combines the perfect level of detailed filtering with ease of use. You can swiftly modify your search criteria on the fly. One moment you can be searching for twentysomething blondes into leather, while the next you could be searching for couples into S&M. That level of search versatility is very handy when you are open-minded and seeking variety in your encounters. It is a great way to experiment. Hey, you only live once, right?

SocialSex offers webcam connectivity in their chatrooms. This is an excellent way to get to know a potential match more thoroughly. As you know, one of the essential elements for going from an online platform’s chat room to the bedroom is getting to know the other person better — to gauge whether sexual chemistry exists between the both of you. Nothing does that better — other than meeting face-to-face — than a webcam-enabled chat.

By chatting with potential matches in this manner users of SocialSex report that they feel safer when meeting in person. Not only that but the chances of having a casual sex encounter when they do meet up in person is far greater if they chatted via webcam beforehand. Also, some SocialSex members keep the entire “casual encounter” online. After all, things can get pretty intense when two likeminded adults come together via webcam. (No, that was not intended as a pun.)

#3 Raleigh Hookup Site – SwingTowns

Raleigh Hookup Site 3 - SwingTowns

SwingTowns is not your run-of-the-mill hookup site. Its entire purpose revolves around the world of polyamory. In Raleigh, surveys conducted on local adults regarding their sexual lifestyle indicate that 23 percent of the population is open to polyamorous encounters and that 11 percent have engaged or are currently engaging in the practice.

Yes, that sort of information may not be the topic of conversation for your next family reunion or when you gather around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, but it is definitely interesting. It also helps to explain why a site such as SwingTowns is so popular in Raleigh.

SwingTowns provides its members with a platform to seek polyamorous encounters in an environment that is safe and extremely discreet. One thing which those same surveys discovered was that those in Raleigh who practice or are curious about polyamory value and demand absolute discretion for that part of their lives. That is fully understandable and SwingTowns complies.

The Users

In order to keep the user base genuine, SwingTowns offers their users the option to become “validated.” User validation is obtained by having another validated member vouch for you — essentially extending their site credibility to you by virtue of the fact that they know you personally and vouch that you are authentic. The other way to get validated is to attend one of the SwingTowns live events.

By being able to know who is a validated member, you can choose to interact solely with them. If you were to decide to extend your reach further and engage with non-validated members, you are at least aware of their status and can, therefore, be more cautious about how you interact with them.


The SwingTowns live events are social mixers held at public venues in order to allow members to gather, mingle, and meet up in person. These events take place in Raleigh a few times each year and offer a great opportunity for experienced and novice polyamorists to get to know each other. The environment is always laid back and fun. You never feel like you are under any pressure to do anything that you do not want to do.

The SwingTowns platform is modern and very intuitive to use. It may remind you more of interacting on a social network site rather than a hookup site. The site is designed to help you find people for casual threesomes and group sex, individuals for casual sex, and those who are seeking long-term polyamorous unions. It covers the gamut of the polyamorous lifestyle.

When you find a potential partner on SwingTowns you can communicate with them via online messaging or video chat. There are also forums which provide a more passive means of communication and are also great resources of information regarding the lifestyle. This is perfect if you are new or just curious.

While SwingTowns will not be for everybody, for those of you who are into polyamory or want to be part of the lifestyle, this platform will offer you what you need.

— Now That You Know, Start Hooking Up —

As we have already stated, Raleigh is tailor-made to be a perfect city for hooking up and having the sort of casual encounter vibe that so many dream about in other parts of the country. Since you are fortunate enough to live here, you should not let that good fortune go to waste.

Now that you know the “why” and the “how” of Raleigh’s casual encounter scene you have no excuse to spend another night alone. Go ahead, try out the platforms we listed above. Dedicate a bit of time to them each day, become involved with the communities, start engaging other members. Before you know it, you will be hooking up and getting the action that you have always known you deserved.