How can I get a refund from

I registered for the three-day trial membership on NaughtyDate. During those three days I explored the site and found it to be useless for what I was looking for. When I received my credit card statement for that month I discovered that not only was there a charge for the three-day trial but also a charge for $34.99. That’s equal to the price for a full month’s membership. To make matters worse, on my most recent credit card statement there is another charge for a second month of membership. I have sent several emails to the site’s customer support team. Initially I received two automated replies indicating that my charge would be reviewed and that I would be notified later about the outcome. Subsequent to that I received an email informing me that I should review the terms of service that I agreed to when I registered on the site. Am I getting the runaround? Did they cheat me out of my money? Is there anything I can do? refund

Unfortunately, at this stage, there is nothing much that you can do under the terms of service of NaughtyDate. They stipulate on their terms of service that if you fail to properly cancel your three-day trial while it is still active, the site will charge you for the cost of a full month’s membership. The TOS also stipulates that this charge would be reoccurring. In other words, you will be charged monthly until you cancel your membership.

What you should do immediately is cancel your membership. Do this by sending an email to NaughtyDate’s customer support team stating that you want to cancel your membership. You should address your email to You can also call them at 1-800-489-6091. Unfortunately, this phone number often times goes unanswered or indicates that it is not in operation.

In the event that the charges continue, send a copy of the cancellation email to your bank and start the chargeback process. This, however, would only offer you protection for charges occurring after the requested cancellation.

Usually, you will be able to cancel your account by using the first method described above. The money that has already been charged to your account, sadly, will not be recoverable. This is why we strongly urge all dating site users to carefully read the terms of service before paying for a membership. Pay close attention to the clauses pertaining to payment and cancellation policies. You can read our full NaughtyDate review for more information on this site.