SeekingArrangement Review — Sugar Daddies for Sugar Babies

SeekingArrangement is honest about its purpose. It does not attempt to apply a veneer over what it does. Of course, SeekingArrangement is not the only sugar daddy site that is online. For that reason, it is important to determine how effective it is. We conducted a review of SeekingArrangement precisely to give men and women interested in such a site an idea of how it works and what to expect. Are the men registered on the site truly of means? Are the women on the site real? Check out our review and you will be able to see for yourself if passes your sniff test.

SeekingArrangement Review

SeekingArrangement Review Results
  • Popularity - 68
  • Value - 71
  • Features - 84
  • Quality of Members - 92
  • Safety - 94
  • Customer Satisfaction - 88

Final Word on Seeking Arrangement

SeekingArrangement is definitely one of the most effective sugar daddy sites that are currently online. From both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby perspective, the site offers a lot of advantages. Men can expect to find a large number of sugar babies on the site, and women can feel confident that the men that they are contacting are of genuine means and that have passed criminal background checks.

Simple but effective, SeekingArrangement, in our opinion, is worth its hefty price tag. If you are serious about finding a mutually beneficial relationship, we would unhesitantly recommend SeekingArrangement. We rate the site as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons


  • 4-to-1 female to male ratio
  • Sugar daddies income is verified
  • Criminal background checks conducted for safety


  • Paid version is priced above other dating sites
  • Free version offers extremely limited functionality
  • Income verification can take days to complete

— In-Depth SeekingArrangement Review —


The mutually beneficial relationship — not to be confused with a no-strings-attached relationship — is something that those with a carefree lifestyle will often seek.

The most common of these relationships is that between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. Essentially, it’s a financially successful man getting together with a younger and attractive woman under terms that are agreeable to both. The man normally receives physical affection and the woman receives material reward.

Obviously, this type of relationship is not going to be for everybody. However, if you are interested in becoming a sugar daddy or sugar baby, where do you go to find potential matches?

The dating site,, is designed specifically for that purpose. It is for open-minded adults seeking to come to an “arrangement.”

— The Basics —

In order to properly review SeekingArrangement, as well as to allow our readers a better understanding of how it works, we must first lay out some of the basics about the site.

First, it is important to understand that unlike other dating or hookup sites, SeekingArrangement eliminates all of the BS. Instead of dragging everybody through a prolonged path of searching for, talking up, and trying to convince other users to meet up, SeekingArrangement cuts to the chase from the beginning.

Using the site can be described as a simple three-step process. First, you have to join, of course. Second, you must define the terms of the relationship that you are looking for as well as your expectations. Lastly, comes the arrangement. This is where sugar daddy and sugar baby formalize what both are going to get out of the relationship. Everything is direct and upfront.

SeekingArrangement claims that the average member, be they a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, will find an ideal arrangement in five days.

The expectations in terms of what each member is seeking in an arrangement are clearly posted on their profile. That means that from the beginning, everybody knows what everybody is seeking. This saves a lot of time for all users on the site.

— What to Expect —

There is a stereotypical image that people have of sugar daddies and sugar babies. The former are seen as older rich gentlemen, while the latter are seen as young, attractive, and eager to get physical provided that they receive the material benefit that they feel they deserve. While such simplistic examples do exist, the real nature of a mutually beneficial relationship is more arcane.

This is clearly evident on SeekingArrangement. For example, not all sugar daddies are older. There are many male members on SeekingArrangement who are in their early thirties — a few even in their twenties. Also, not all sugar babies are young women, some are older and are coveted by sugar daddies for their elegance and maturity. As a matter of fact, sugar babies don’t even have to be women. SeekingArrangement is an inclusive and open-minded site. For sugar daddies who are gay, there are male sugar babies registered on the site as well.

— The User Experience —

What matters most to someone when they join a dating site is the user experience. On SeekingArrangement, we would describe the user experience for male and female members, while uniquely different, as both being quite good.

Male members benefit from a site with a gender ratio that consists of roughly four women for every man. That is almost unheard of on any other dating site. In practical terms, that means that there is never a shortage of attractive females on the site.

Female members are given the peace of mind of knowing that the premium male members on the site have undergone a background criminal check and have had their financial claims verified. This adds to the level of sincerity and genuineness offered by the site. It also alleviates some of the personal security concerns that women might have when joining a sugar daddy site.

Since SeekingArrangement lays everything out in the open from the beginning, the features offered on the platform need not be as complex or glitzy as on other dating sites. In fact, the platform, while elegantly designed, consists primarily of a search function and an online chat module. While this may seem like a lean feature-set, in reality, for what you want to accomplish on the site, it is all you need.

— Cost —

Both men and women can join the site for free. This will allow you to access the platform, but it will not allow you to send or reply to messages. In order to get the full use of the site, as a man, you must pay for a premium version.

For men, SeekingArrangement may seem expensive compared to other dating sites. A one-month membership has a cost of $79.99. Even when you pay for multiple months in advance, such as three months for $209.85, or six months for $359.70, it could still seem expensive. However, when you think about the type of man that would be able to pass the financial screening and for whom the site is designed, that type of pricing should not be a concern.

seekingarrangement cost

There is even a diamond level membership for men seeking greater status. This has the lofty price of $1,200 per month. For the men who pay for this serious upgrade, their profiles will be displayed accordingly on the site. It should be no surprise that the few men who pay for this luxury are the ones who receive the most messages from interested sugar babies.