7 Sex Toys Every Couple Should Own

sex toys every couple should own

As kids, we were told by our parents that we should share our toys. Well, there is no reason to break old habits simply because you are now an adult. Yes, we are talking about sex toys.

While some people associate sex toys as a single person’s tool designed to make masturbation more interesting, the reality is that they are for couples too. Think about it, if it is that much fun to play with yourself imagine how much more fun it can be when you get your partner involved.

While some sex toys you’ll want to keep as part of your own “private reserve,” there are a few that you should add to the communal toy chest. Here is a list of seven sex toys every couple should own.

1. Restraints

sex toys for couples restraints

For those moments when one of you wants to assume a more dominant and controlling position, nothing fits the role better than some restraints. These can come in many varieties. For you traditionalists, there are stainless steel handcuffs and good old-fashioned rope. These are easy to source online, at security shops and even your neighborhood hardware store.

For those of you that want something a bit more stylish, there are fuzzy handcuffs and silk restraints. Remember, there is no rule that you should only have one set of restraints. Having a variety is always handy. After all, restraining your partner is not limited to tying their arms to the bedpost — remember, you can also restrain their ankles.

2. Womanizer 2GO Clit Stimulator


This handy little device can be used by couples as well as ladies when they are alone. Designed to look like a standard tube of lipstick, it is entirely inconspicuous. That means that it is the perfect sex toy for couples when they are on the go.

When the top is removed, what appears to be the tip of the lipstick is actually a powerful little vibrator. It makes it perfect when you decided to take a little side trip to the wild side while you are out. Imagine your next makeout session as he “applies” some “lipstick” on you.

All kidding aside, it is a great way to provide additional clitoral stimulation and it is easy to carry with you wherever you go without drawing any attention to yourself.

3. Frisky Ripples Finger Bang

sextoy for couples frisky finger

This unique sex toy takes the concept of the old-fashioned thimble and combines it with modern sex toy technology. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, it is a device that fits over your finger. It is cordless and rechargeable, meaning that there are no wires or batteries to worry about. When you turn it on, it turns your finger into a vibrating digit of pleasure. Ideal for vaginal as well as anal insertion, it is a great tool to heat up foreplay or to intensify oral sex.

4. Edible Underwear

sex toys for couples edible underewear

This is an oldie but a goodie. When you’re in the mood for some old-fashioned type of kinkiness, it’s never a bad idea to have a pair of edible undies around. Available in flavors ranging from chocolate to cherry, they are easily found online for both men and women. Yes, they may be a little cliche, but as long as you only use them on occasion they should spice up your sex night.

5. Kiiroo’s Pearl and Onyx Couple’s Vibrator

sex toy for couples kiiro

This device is the ideal solution when two lovebirds have to spend time apart. Yes, you no longer have to rely solely on sexting or webcamming to get your mutual jollies off. This sex toy comes as a set designed specifically with couples in mind.

One part consists of a vibrator for her. The other part consists of a “Fleshlight” for him. If you do not know what a Fleshlight is — think of it as an inverse vibrator made for a man. Another way to look at it is as a flashlight in which you insert much more than just batteries. Get the picture?

While you might say to yourself, “well, we already have vibrators and fleshlights lying around, what makes this set so special?” Allow us to add some further details.

The beauty of this sex toy set is that the vibrator and the fleshlight are synchronized. Yes, you read correctly — they are synchronized to your individual smartphones. Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, when synced, the intensity felt by one partner is equally felt by the other — even when they are miles apart. Yet another reason to be grateful for modern cellular phone technology.

6. Adult Board Games

sex toys for couples adult board games

Taking a huge pendulum swing from high-tech sex toys to low-tech, let us now talk about old-fashioned adult board games. They come in a variety of titles ranging from adult monopoly-style games, to nude twister, strip poker, strip bingo — a stroll through the internet or your local adult sex shop are certain to turn up a huge selection of titles.

These adult board games are an excellent way to add a little spice and variety to your sex life. They are also ideal if you are into a more open-minded lifestyle and wish to incorporate additional people into your adult fun. They sure make for one hell of a “game night.”

7. Supersex Bullet Ring

sex toy for couples bulletring

The Super Sex Bullet Ring is a sex toy hybrid. It takes the concept of a penile ring and combines it with a small bullet vibrator. The device is attached to the base of the man’s penis. Not only does it allow for longer-lasting and firmer erections, but since the top of the device houses a dual-headed vibrator, good golly Miss Molly, the results are amazing! Not only do the speed-variable vibrations make for fantastic clitoral stimulation, but the effects felt by the man during intercourse also intensify the experience for him. This should definitely be on your list of must-have couple sex toys.

— Some Parting Words —

Hopefully, this list got your imagination going. If you read this post alone, share it with your partner later on today. You will be amazed at the fun that you can have by incorporating a few sex toys into your relationship. It will give a whole new meaning to the phrase “play date.”

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